Best Teen & Young Adult Music Nonfiction eBooks in 2022

Teen & Young Adult Music Nonfiction eBooks

When it comes to music, young readers will never run out of topics to explore. From Yoko Ono's life to the biography of the late Queen, there is something for every taste. Read on to discover more about the life and music of your favorite rock star. The genre is so vast and varied that you'll be hard-pressed to find something that will not make you want to jump up and dance.

Yoko Ono biography

Yoko Ono is one of the world's most famous widows, and her life and relationship with John Lennon remain a shadow over her own legacy. This biography by Madeline Bocaro explores the many facets of Ono's life, including her privileged upbringing, as well as her early associations with avant-garde artists and Fluxus activists.

Yoko Ono's life has inspired countless artists and movements, and her biography will inspire readers of all ages. A book on Ono's life will give readers a better understanding of the artist's profound influence on popular culture and history. The memoir "Beautiful Boy" by David Sheff, the author of the acclaimed biography Beautiful Boy, was published in 2008 and later turned into a critically acclaimed movie in 2018. Sheff has also written non-fiction books for numerous publications, including several novels and short stories.

Yoko Ono's life begins in Japan in 1962, where she met and married John Lennon. They later divorced, but not before the artist had her first public performance: the Cut Piece. In the 1970s, she performed at the Sogetsu Art Center, where the audience cut pieces from her draped garment, and she published a book titled "Grapefruit." Yoko Ono also became a filmmaker, completing 16 films between 1964 and 1972. One of her most famous films, "Bottoms," features a close-up of a person's backside.

Ono's works are often interpreted as epigrammatic texts or instructions. For example, her 1955 performance "Lighting Piece," offered an instruction to light a match and watch it until it went out. Later, she collected her epigrammatic texts in the book "Grapefruit," which she compiled in 1964. She later became associated with the Fluxus collective, founded by George Maciunas.

An acclaimed solo performance in Folkestone's Town Hall, Yoko Ono's "Angel" reached number one on the US Dance chart in 2014 and continues to rise. Her art work is also displayed at the public library in Folkestone, England, as part of the city's Triennial. In addition to performing at various concerts, Ono also hosted the "Meltdown" festival, which was attended by the renowned band. The concert featured "Walking on Thin Ice" by Siouxsie Sioux was curated by Ono. OR Books published the sequel to the 1964 album Grapefruit, entitled "Acorn".

The Yoko Ono family first moved to New York City during World War Two. After the war, they sought refuge in a mountain resort. In the early 1960s, they joined the artists' scene in New York. In 1969, they married John Lennon, and they used their honeymoon to organize anti-Vietnam War protests. They remained married until Lennon was murdered in 1980. They had one son, Sean.

Coming-of-age tales

When it comes to classic coming-of-age tales, the classics are always on top. The classic novel Catcher in the Rye follows a privileged boy who is kicked out of prep school. It is regarded as a classic coming-of-age novel and, in recent years, has even become a cliche. Nonetheless, it still stands as a classic of teen angst and a timeless American classic.

The novel begins with a series of events that occur in the town of New Bremen, Minnesota in 1961. A minister father, a doubting mother, a brilliant but quiet older sister, and a quiet, stuttering younger brother are all part of a typical teenage summer. But when mysterious deaths start to pile up in the town, the boy is forced to face the adult world.

An important message in the novel comes from its depiction of human nature. A 16-year-old runaway named Victor is forced to adjust to life without his mother. Thankfully, his mother left him one connection to her past: a painting of her. Despite the tragic loss of his mother, the boy regains his dignity and finds comfort in his painting. While many teenage novels focus on relationships and love, this one is different.

Another kind of coming-of-age story is the bildungsroman. These stories are largely about the moral growth of the main character. Many of them deal with sexual awakening. While the latter is more common among young adults, they are not necessarily the only examples. There are also novels for young adults that explore sexual awakening, such as What Maisie Knew by Henry James. You can also read The Secret Life of Bees by Henry James.

Another common theme in coming-of-age tales for teens and young adults is the coming of age. Young adults are increasingly finding themselves, and many of these stories are set in the present day. Young adults can experience this same emotional and psychological change. Regardless of when their coming-of-age story occurs, they all share common themes: they are searching for identity, a sense of self, and a way to cope with their changing bodies.

One of the most popular coming-of-age stories for young adults is Ballet Shoes, a 1936 bestseller by Noel Streatfield. In this book, the girls have an eccentric explorer as a great uncle, who sends presents from his travels back home. But, when their money runs out, their great uncle suggests that the girls take to the stage. And their journey to stardom is filled with highs and lows, as any young person would experience.

Another timeless coming-of-age novel is The Boston Girl, a fictional novel about Jewish immigrants in Boston in 1900. In this novel, Addie Baum tries to embrace life in America as her parents can't. She dreams of going to college, finding true love, and living her own truth. In this novel, the older woman reflects on her life and the choices she made.

Biographies of rock stars

Biographies of rock stars for young people are a great way to introduce a favorite musician to new readers. From David Lee Roth to Metallica, the band's bios offer a wealth of information for both young and old. From backstage life with Van Halen to the recording studio, they cover everything from their personal drama to the Napster fiasco. In addition to telling the story of the band's formation to their rise to fame and the subsequent death of two members, these biographies are a must-read for fans of the band.

Motley Crue, the band that gave rock fans such a high-octane sound, is a perfect example of a band that inspired a generation of fans. In The Dirt, members of the band detail their 30-year career, taking fans along for the ride. The book includes details about their love lives, celebrity scandals, and drug addiction. The book was made into a Netflix Original Movie.

A recent New York Times Notable Book titled "Sing Backwards and Weep" offers a unique and personal account of the life and career of a rock star. The author, Ronnie Spector, was a prominent member of the 1960s "girl band" Ronettes. The memoir details her rocky relationship with her producer husband Phil Spector, who became reclusive and cruel. Ultimately, she managed to make it as a rock star and become a beloved part of the feminist punk movement. This memoir also spawned the hit TV show Portlandia.

Another popular biography is Keith Richards's autobiography, "Life." This book chronicles the band's life, including its highs and lows. It also offers a unique perspective on the band's history, revealing an otherwise hidden side of the subject. Biographies of rock stars for teens & young adults may appeal to a wide range of readers. A collection of rock star memoirs is an excellent choice for the rock fan's library.

Another biography that will appeal to rock fans is Reggie "Fieldy" Arvizu. A former bassist of the nu-metal band KORN, Arvizu later converted to Christianity. In "My Cross to Bear," Bruce Pegg gives us an unvarnished portrait of the rock n' roll legend. While his career skyrocketed in the 1960s, his personal life plunged when he was convicted of sexually abusing an underage girl. This fascinating book is a must-read for fans of American popular music.

"A Totally True Story" is another one of the most riveting and compelling rock & roll biographies for teens and young adults. The author Jeff Duff is one of the smartest and most articulate personalities in rock. He takes readers on a harrowing journey of the notorious band, the group's early years, and their later rise to fame. He also makes readers see Elvis beyond the myth.

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