Best Teen & Young Adult Monster & Zombie Fiction eBooks in 2022

Monster & Zombie Fiction eBooks For Teen & Young Adult

If you're looking for a book that will take your mind off the everyday, try the latest zombie novel by an acclaimed author. Generating Dead by Daniel Waters and The Enemy by David Wellington are two of the best-selling zombie books of all time. Brooklyn Brujas by Sheldon Funk is also a must-read for young adults.

Generating Dead by Daniel Waters

This debut novel by Daniel Waters is definitely not a typical zombie book. There are no rotting corpses roaming the streets, and the zombies are not hunting down the living. The zombies that inhabit Generation Dead are more like us, but they're slower in speech and movement. Even though they're zombies, they're still very human. That's the beauty of this novel!

The sexiest of the zombies is Karen DeSonne, who was the first to fall victim to the zombie outbreak. She always wore a disguise, hiding her crippling depression. As a result, she committed suicide, but thankfully, her make-up, hair dye, and blue contacts help her pass as a living person. In addition, she speaks with a natural fluency, and her fluid movements make her one of the more realistic zombies I've encountered.

There are plenty of interesting themes in Generating Dead, and I enjoyed the twisted twists and subversive humour. While this novel is definitely not for everyone, it does offer some interesting ideas about prejudice. For instance, the idea of equal treatment for the biotic and abiotic is a controversial topic in some circles, but this novel explores some of these ideas in a thoroughly human way.

The Enemy by David Wellington

Despite the fact that The Enemy by David Wellington is set in the same world as his previous book, the story is still unique in the way it treats the supernatural. The story revolves around a group of people who must work together to survive the outbreak. This group includes a police officer, a priest, a psychiatrist, and a telepath. In addition, the novel features a series of mysterious deaths and attacks on the city.

The climax of The Enemy takes place in New York City, where zombies are everywhere. The only people that are left are a few pockets of humankind that have high-powered weaponry. The zombies are driven by an insatiable hunger for all things living. This makes it impossible to identify the enemy because each zombie is unique. Fortunately, Wellington has made sure that his novel has a satisfying ending that is both terrifying and exciting.

In The Enemy by David Wellington, the two sides of the same warrior are portrayed. While Keane is a warlord, his wife is a political prisoner, and Keane wants to save her. The two men are incompatible, and Keane needs to find a trustworthy ally with credibility. So Wellington offers Saul the position of national security adviser, where he is able to work his wits instead of his deadly sniper skills. Only when his country is threatened, does he take the position.

The third book in the series, The Enemy by David Wellington, is an excellent read. The main character in Forbidden Suns has already learned what it takes to survive, but he discovers that there are some things no one can afford to lose. Ultimately, the character has to decide whether it's too late to save his loved ones. There are some thrilling moments in the novel, and it's a fast-paced political thriller. It emphasizes the dilemma of veterans coming home to find themselves in a difficult situation.

Brooklyn Brujas book is about witches

This Brooklyn Brujas book is about witchcraft, magic, and teenage girls. The story combines Latinx culture with a magical realm, a family, and queer characters. The youngest Bruja, Rosie, gets her own adventure after her father is taken away to a magical realm. Rosie must fight to prevent her father from rotting, and she is a perfect match for the role!

The third Brooklyn Brujas book is about witchcraft, spells, and magic. The story revolves around three sisters named Alex, Lula, and Rose. The three sisters are also witches. Their initiation into the Brooklyn Brujas is based on the belief that the supernatural world exists in Brooklyn. Among other things, witches are believed to exist, but these beliefs are based on myth and legend.

The Brooklyn Brujas book about witchcraft isn't a classic, but it's certainly worth a try. Snyder, a writer and artist best known for Batman and the American Vampire series, created this book with Jock. It features some of the most impressive witches in comics, and he makes the characters very likable. It's not just the story, though.

This gothic fantasy novel takes place in Bethel, the site of the first Prophet's hunt for four dangerous witches. Immanuelle, a young woman following the Church's Holy Protocol, discovers that her mother's diary is haunted by the ghosts of these four deadly witches. As she learns more about her mother's past, she becomes intrigued and wants to investigate further.

Husk by Sheldon Funk

If you're looking for a zombie novel that isn't all science fiction, Husk by Sheldon Funk is the book for you. It's the first in a zombie-themed series in which alien lifeforms are spreading a zombie-like plague throughout the world. In this novel, Terry and Kendra must escape a zombie-infested world in a rickety bus, while trying to stay alive.

David Wellington's zombie-apocalypse trilogy

Zombie apocalypse novels are not just for the children anymore, and the latest zombie apocalypse series by David Wellington is no exception. The zombie apocalypse trilogy is set in a world where humans have been overrun by flesh-devouring monsters. Its storyline is simple yet incredibly compelling, with a main character destined to become a superhero and save the world. The book is also well-written, with a recurrent theme of fear and dread that makes zombies seem more human than ever.

The third book in the series, Eat, Slay, Love, follows a troubled married couple whose lives are turned upside-down after the outbreak of zombies. Sarah and David are trying to survive in this world while protecting their daughter. In Eat, Slay, Love, a warlord offers them refuge and a fresh start, but they are not the only ones who are running from the zombies.

The zombie apocalypse is not only terrifying but also incredibly realistic. The world is very believable, and there's enough gruesome violence to make even the most hardened zombie scream. The series is filled with gore and blood, as well as descriptions of the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse.

The world of the zombie apocalypse is ravaged by a strange epidemic. People in cities are dying by the tens of thousands, but survivors are taking refuge in rural areas. The first book, The First Days, is set in Texas Hill Country. In it, a young woman named Jenni loses her abusive husband to zombies and her former love, Lydia, to a ravenous monster. Then, she is found by the Milner family, who saves her life.

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