Best Teen & Young Adult Mental Illness Fiction eBooks in 2022

Teen & Young Adult Mental Illness Fiction eBooks

There are a lot of fantastic Teen & Young Adult Mental Illness (TMI) Fiction eBooks on the market. We've reviewed Life Inside My Mind by Stephen Chbosky, Bruised by Cynthia Hand, and The Invisible Child by Amy Tan. But how do you find the best one for your situation? Here are some tips to help you decide! And don't forget to check out the SCF Libraries' book descriptions, too!


In addition to writing and producing television shows about teenage depression and suicide, Kelly Dawson also holds a BSc in Digital Animation, where she studied storytelling and mental health. Her dissertation focused on the representation of mental illness in cinema. Through this novel, Kelly hopes to combat the stigma associated with mental illness. Ultimately, she hopes readers will feel better after reading Cuts & Bruises.

The novel Bruised, but Not Broken is based on true events, which have impacted thousands of girls and young adults. While it may seem far-fetched, this story is sadly repeated all over the world and in many neighborhoods. It has devastated families and lives, and only the courage of the victims can put an end to it. Readers will be surprised at the twists and turns the character goes on.

Bruised by Cynthia Hand

Bruised by Cynthia Hand is a heartbreaking novel of love and loss. Sixteen-year-old Lex has been trying to forget the day her brother committed suicide. She's kept her grief in a closet, and now she's haunted by a text her brother sent her. What will happen when she finally opens up to Tyler? What will happen to her life?

The bruising and the bleakness of this novel can leave some readers wondering what is really happening. While some readers may feel that the story isn't true to their own experiences, it's important to remember that mental illnesses don't play out in the traditional way. Reading about mental illness isn't about judging or condemning, it's about understanding, compassion, and language.

Books that explore mental illness are essential reading for teenagers. The recent rise in mental health challenges has increased the need to talk about mental health in our communities. One out of five teenagers suffer from some form of mental illness. YA books about mental illness can help teens better understand their own condition. For example, the characters in these books may be friends of someone who has suffered from a mental illness.

Life Inside My Mind

If you're a teen or young adult who suffers from depression or other mental disorders, you'll love Life Inside My Mind. This groundbreaking book has been a best seller for adults, and its teen version focuses on helping young people navigate the tough teen years. Authors acknowledge the challenges faced by adolescent brains, and offer daily doses of motivation and inspiration. A key theme of the book is overcoming social media, maintaining focus, and navigating relationships.

This YA novel by New York Times bestselling author Sharon M. Draper is set during the onset of puberty, and its themes are especially relevant to that time. Young readers will enjoy the science facts sprinkled throughout, as well as the characters' personal relationships with their parents and peers. This book is geared toward young adults and teens, and includes a reading group guide. The book is designed for grades 5-8 and is written in first person.

For teens, building self-esteem is not an easy task. This book encourages readers to value their own worth, stop comparing themselves to others, and learn to silence critical voices. Written by a clinical psychologist, this book helps young adults develop self-awareness, empathy, and a positive plan of action. Whether you're a teenager or an adult, you'll be able to learn new skills and live happier lives.

Bruised by Stephen Chbosky

The Film of Bruised by Stephen Chbosky is due to be released in September 2012, and the cast includes Logan Lerman as Charlie, Emma Watson as Sam, and Ezra Miller as Patrick. The film also stars Halle Berry, who plays the title character. The novel follows the story of Kaandra, a recently single mixed martial artist who is struggling with personal issues, including an overdose.

Shaun David Hutchinson's memoir

This touching memoir for teens and young adults reveals the dark and difficult years of a queer teenager. Written in an honest and open way, Hutchinson's memoir shares his innermost thoughts and feelings as he battled mental illness and the effects of homophobia. It also features an attempt at suicide, but Hutchinson never becomes self-deprecating. The story unfolds in a realistic manner and Hutchinson's honesty and thoughtfulness make this a book that teenagers and young adults can appreciate.

A powerful memoir for teens and young adults, We Are Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson is a compelling and well-written book about an outcast's journey from a depressed teen to a successful writer. Hutchinson's memoir is an inspirational read, revealing how a self-destructive mindset can ruin a teenager's life.

Despite being a compelling memoir, Shaun David Hutchinson's book is not an easy read. It deals with the difficulties Hutchinson had in middle school as he struggled with his sexuality and self-acceptance. In his memoir, Hutchinson details his experiences dealing with depression and coming out as a gay teen, as well as the stigma that came with it. Hutchinson explores the relationship between gay and straight youth and his family, which has a powerful impact on his own life.

100 must-read YA books about mental illness

Young adult (YA) literature has a rich history of depicting teen protagonists with mental illness. The Catcher in the Rye and The Bell Jar, among others, encapsulate the pain and complexity of adolescent mental illness. Today's YA books, however, reflect new understandings and treatment options of this issue. While no single book can capture the full range of mental illness, the following eight titles will help readers learn about mental illness in realistic ways.

YA novels that explore mental illness can be life-saving for young readers. They can help young readers describe and understand their own experiences, and can give them a new perspective on what it means to be struggling with mental illness. They can also help young readers understand that they're not alone, and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Moreover, mental health representation is important in all kinds of literature, and YA books that tackle this topic get it right can be life-saving.

One of the most compelling YA novels on the subject of mental illness is Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. Its premise is a fictional tale of a high school senior who is unreliable. She struggles to cope with the pain and loss of her mother, her parents, and her friends. She must fight to survive this new reality and to change her own narrative. She explores the timely themes of classism, racism, and mental health, and is worth a read.

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