Best Teen & Young Adult LGBT Nonfiction eBooks in 2022

Top 5 LGBT Nonfiction eBooks For Teens and Young Adults

If you're looking for books that celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, then read some of the following titles. You'll find stories from the perspective of LGBTQ+ people and activists. These titles range from narrative writing to lists, poetry, and even text messages and correspondence. Each book has its own unique perspective, so be sure to choose the best fit for your reading style and interest level. Read on to discover the best LGBT eBooks for teens and young adults!

All Boys Aren't Blue

As a teenager, you might be eager to learn more about LGBTQ issues and make friends with like-minded peers. But this book is much more than just a primer - it is also a reassuring testimony from a young queer man of color. In this evocative book, teens will learn about gender identity, toxic masculinity, family, consent, and brotherhood. This empowering book is written in a very emotional and straightforward manner, and will leave readers feeling empowered and inspired.

Unbecoming is another great book, which explores the issues surrounding relationships and dysfunctional families. Several LGBT YA books have received the ALA's most controversial list, including The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Unbecoming. Both books are excellent choices, but be aware that some of these are mature in content and are not appropriate for younger readers. If you're looking for an LGBT YA book to read, consider reading one of these books.

For young readers who are just starting to understand what gay and lesbian people are going through, High School by George M. Johnson is a fantastic choice. This award-winning author's memoir reveals a young man's childhood, adolescence, and college years in New Jersey and Virginia. It explores his first sexual relationships and the issues surrounding gender and sexuality.

We Are The Ants

The LGBTQ-themed We Are The Ants is a sci-fi/coming-of-age novel that will have you thinking on your feet for the next few years. When Henry is a teen, he is struggling at home as he is losing his grandmother to Alzheimer's. He is also losing a boyfriend to suicide, and the aliens he's been abducted by are not making him feel very well. But his internal dialogue is hilarious and keeps you turning the pages!

In We Are The Ants, the author explores the teenage years with honesty and poignant detail. She includes diary excerpts to help you understand the turmoil queer teenagers go through. The author also touches on self-harming, and uses the book to send a message to queer teens everywhere: acceptance is possible. And as long as you have the courage to accept yourself, you are worthy of acceptance.

You Should See Me In A Crown

In You Should See Me In a Crown, you will meet a Black girl named Liz, who is running for the prom queen scholarship. She feels unaccepted and different. At the same time, she's trying to fit in at a rich, white college. The prom queen scholarship may be her only chance of attending her dream college, but it's not easy, especially since Liz meets a mysterious new girl at school.

Honor Bound

Honor Bound is the first book of the House of Bellvue series, featuring an ex-soldier and a young noblewoman who are drawn together by destiny and a mysterious magical amulet. Honor and Natasha begin a forbidden love story that culminates in the book's happy ending. The House of Bellvue series also features fantasy elements, as the book takes place in a world where angels rule and humans are forbidden to love.

This One Summer

This One Summer is a groundbreaking book full of original stories about love and sexuality, with three of the tales being about gay men. A fatherless fourteen-year-old boy develops an unlikely friendship with a man he meets near his summer home. The two become fast friends as the boy struggles to prepare for a boarding school entrance exam, but the man has a secret. The novel's plot is reminiscent of the Mel Gibson movie, which omitted the secret.

Another notable YA LGBT novel is This One Summer, illustrated by Jillian Tamaki. It has received the Caldecott and Michael L. Printz Honor Book, and it is one of the most edgy LGBT books for teens and young adults. Alternatively, you can read Skim, a YA novel about a Wiccan goth. The book deals with heavy issues that most teens face, such as coming out and being gay. Although the plot isn't complex, it is suitable for young readers.

This One Summer is an excellent coming-of-age novel, and it is sure to touch the hearts of young readers. While some adult readers may find it too graphic and edgy, the story's message is universal. The story is a romp through the world of gay men, and it will definitely speak to their generation. If you're looking for a compelling read for your teen, This One Summer is the perfect book for you.

Red, White & Royal Blue

In this sexy romance, America's First Son falls in love with the Prince of Wales, but their affair may derail his reelection campaign. This escapist book is a great choice for teens. In addition, Amanda, a new girl in school, has a secret. But will her secret be revealed? And will she be able to save her beloved friend from being deceived?

Mooncakes, written by Amie Kaufman, is one of the best-selling graphic novels for young adults. It features a transgender teenager's love life and explores the complex issues surrounding it. It also features a bisexual main character, who is troubled by her own sexuality. It's also worth mentioning that the story's ending is a bit predictable, with the cynical August dealing with a bisexual woman who wants to make a change.

"High School" by Jasper Sanchez is another great LGBT book for young readers. This slow-burn story looks at relationships and dysfunctional families. It is also one of the most relatable LGBT books for teens and young adults. A non-binary journalist and activist, George M. Johnson, follows his childhood from his birth in Trinidad to America and meets his transgender father. As the two meet, they fall in love, and face obstacles to their sexuality.

While many readers find the style of Song of Achilles a bit too juvenile, others enjoy this book's mlm romance. In this story, a young boy named Patroclus falls in love with an awkward princess. Both are destined to be together, and the book is a fun read. So, if you're looking for a fun and entertaining LGBT nonfiction eBook for teens and young adults, Red, White & Royal Blue should be a good option.

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