Best Teen & Young Adult Law & Crime Fiction eBooks in 2022

Teen Young Adult Law Crime Fiction eBooks

If you like tense thrillers with a strong female lead, you'll enjoy these Teen Young Adult Law Crime Fiction eBooks. The plot of these thrillers involves a stranger kidnapping a child, either the child of the kidnapper or the victim's. In these stories, the female protagonist must solve the case before the perpetrator is caught.

61 Hours by Jack Reacher

"61 Hours" is the fourteenth Jack Reacher thriller, published in the United States and the UK in 2010. Set in a snowy winter, the story follows Reacher, a former military police officer, who agrees to protect an elderly witness in a methamphetamine deal. Threats against the witness escalate, and Reacher and the police are called to a compound where a dangerous drug kingpin is living.

Lee Child is one of the world's most popular authors. He was born and raised in Birmingham, England, and now lives in New York City. His books regularly reach the top of the best-seller lists worldwide. To date, his books have sold over 100 million copies. He was recently awarded the CBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours and received the Author of the Year award from the British Book Awards.

Reacher has a plan to keep moving, but things turn out differently than he had planned. A dangerous new case requires him to uncover the true identity of his attacker. Reacher must find the truth and stop the violence before it gets out of hand.

The story opens with the local police department investigating a gang of methamphetamine dealers operating out of a mysterious abandoned military base in Bolton. However, the local police have no probable cause to search the complex without the testimony of a retired librarian.

61 Hours by Jack Reacher is a Teen Young Adult Law Crime Fiction eBook. The plot is exciting and will keep readers turning pages. Jack Reacher has been a popular fictional hero for many years, and this novel continues to build on the series' popularity.

Tana French's standalone thriller

Tana French is an author of bestselling crime fiction novels that explore the motivations behind murderers. Her style echoes that of Leopold and Loeb and Donna Tartt's The Secret History, with the way French uses language to illuminate the past and present. In a recent interview with O Books editor Leigh Haber, French talked about her inspiration and the writing process.

In The Woods is French's fifth book and a standalone thriller for teens and young adults. The premise is a murder, and the book is set in a gothic forest. The protagonist, Cassie Maddox, is called in as a partner because she suspects a murder victim may be her twin. Cassie's mentor, Frank Mackey, asks her to go undercover as the victim's twin, Lexie. She embeds with the housemates of the murder victim, but in doing so, her sense of self slips away.

In a stand-alone thriller for teens and young adults, Tana French presents a series of characters with varying degrees of complexity. In the first novel, Toby English is a young white man who is brutally beaten and left for dead in an armed home invasion. His uncle, a former police officer, helps him recover, but he has a history of PTSD.

In a standalone thriller for teens and young adults, French combines action, suspense, and a strong, compelling plot. In The Searcher, Cal Hooper tries to escape his troubled past and forget about the arrest that went wrong. French has succeeded in creating an entirely plausible alternative to this true story.

Dexter meets Gone Girl

In "Dexter meets Gone Girl: Teen Young Adult Law Crime Fiction eBooks," bestselling author Dexter returns to the world of crime fiction for teens. A young rock guitarist, Jack Porter, is enthralled by his new girlfriend Maria, a corporate executive who is starting a new job. But after three years of blissful love, his music career begins to fade. Meanwhile, Jay Porter has been investigating a kids-for-cash scandal and has almost lost his life on Echo Lake.

The genre is ripe for domestic thrillers. Paula Hawkins' "The Girl on the Train" is a blockbuster bourgeois nightmare, featuring multiple unreliable narrators. Its protagonist is tortured by her feelings of guilt and remorse, and she isn't sure who she can trust.

Unlike Dexter, Gone Girl is a series for teens that focuses on murder. The characters in these books are incredibly realistic and real, so they won't be easily dismissed as fiction. But if you're a fan of crime fiction, then you'll find this book fascinating. The plot will have you reading it over again, and you'll be hooked on this new genre!

The plot is as compelling as the characters themselves. A charismatic outlaw with a knife-wielding killer, Jack Havoc is a real menace. The police can't stop him, and Albert Campion, a rookie investigator, must find and stop him. "Agatha Christie's shining star," as the author called her protagonist, keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the book.

Roy Grace's first case

The Roy Grace series, featuring the popular detective, is a must-read for fans of crime fiction. The series is comprised of 17 novels, each of which can be purchased separately or in an eBook bundle. The first book in the series features DS Roy Grace investigating the case of a buried alive man. The series continues with DS Roy Grace investigating the deaths of four of his best friends. He also struggles with the grief of losing his wife and digs into the life of a groom-to-be. The Roy Grace series is one of the most popular series of this genre, with books regularly hitting bestseller lists.

Detective Superintendent Roy Grace's first case in the series takes on a case that he's been dreading for a while: the murder of Jamie Ball. The killer has been hiding in an underground car park. Police officers are called to investigate but it seems that there's a much more sinister motive. The case becomes more complicated than Roy Grace originally thought.

Roy Grace's first case is one of the most complex yet intriguing of the series. It features one of his most challenging cases yet - a crime that involves four bodies, a suspect and no evidence. In the wake of the gruesome case, Roy Grace must solve the mystery and save the lives of the victims.

Roy Grace's first case in the Teen Young Adult Law Crime Fiction eBooks is a gripping mystery. Throughout the series, the detective is forced to use unorthodox techniques in solving his cases, including psychics and mediums. He also uses his wits as he deciphers clues.

Denise Mina's standalone thriller

Denise Mina's debut novel "Awaken" is a gripping standalone thriller for teens and young adults. When Maureen O'Donnell's boyfriend Douglas is found dead in their living room, she is the first suspect. As she works to clear her name, she learns of rumors at her boyfriend's psychiatric hospital that may lead her to her killer.

Mina is a Scottish author and lives in Glasgow. She writes graphic novels, short stories, and plays. In her most recent novel, "A Thousand and One Tales," she spins a series of stories through the protagonist, Anna. Her stories span Scotland, England, and Italy, as well as the murky depths of the ocean. The book has a mixture of action-filled, spooky, and humorous stories. Along the way, readers will discover what happened on the ship and who Anna is.

Mina is an award-winning author of several crime and mystery novels, including the popular Paddy Meehan series and the Alex Morrow mysteries. While Conviction is not part of any series, it is a psychologically rich standalone thriller. Mina has also written two other standalone novels, "The Long Drop," which reimagines the career of Scottish serial killer Peter Manuel in the 1950s, and "Deception," which is written in diary form.

Denise Mina's standalone thriller is a gripping read for teens and young adults. Her Alex Morrow books are popular with readers and have made Mina an established author. Mina also has a series of Alex Morrow novels, and her standalone thriller, "The Long Drop," follows an unusual trio of characters in Glasgow in the late 1950s. The novel is based on a true event.

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