Best Teen & Young Adult in Portuguese in 2022

Teen & Young Adult in Portuguese

Portuguese teenagers and young adults may want to consider reading some books in their native language. These articles feature Fernando Pessoa's Book of Disquiet, 'Aventuras de Dona Redonda,' and Luso Livros, which both offer a wide range of titles. They may also want to check out a local bookstore or hop on the hippobus for a quick trip.

Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa

Known as a posthumous masterpiece, The Book of Disquiet is an aphoristic collection of prose poems that was first published after the author's death. Written in Portuguese, it chronicles the author's inner musings. Written largely under the pseudonym Bernardo Soares, this work is the most comprehensive portrait of Pessoa's genius.

Pessoa wrote a variety of fictional identities throughout his life, ranging from a bisexual poet to a lovesick teenage girl. Pessoa's aphoristic style was akin to that of Zenith, the sculptor who portrayed the complexities of life with a trunk. He used his trunk to make the world seem like an inexplicable assemblage of elements and motifs.

This book combines a rich and profound exploration of the human condition. Although Pessoa remained silent about the work after his death, his work eventually received critical acclaim from authors such as Octavio Paz and Roman Jakobson. The Book of Disquiet has spawned four different translations, mirroring Pessoa's own self-multiplication. The book is a testament to the peculiarity of the modern experience.

The Book of Disquiet was originally published in Portuguese in 1982. It was later translated into Italian, German, and French, and was subsequently published in English, Dutch, and Spanish. The first edition was published 47 years after the author's death. The Portuguese and Spanish versions were both considered a bestseller when translated into their respective languages. It was translated by Richard Zenith, Iin Watson, and Alfred MacAdam.

Zenith begins by introducing the reader to Pessoa's family. He comes into his inheritance when he is 21 years old, and spends about a fourth of it on a printing press. He is a talented writer but overly ambitious. The fictitious Englishwoman, Olga Baker, was supposed to be translated in Portuguese. Pessoa's early schooling was in English. He was an exceptional student who was convinced of his own genius.

In The Book of Disquiet, Pessoa is a poet and experimenter who harbored a deep longing for metaphysical insight. Rather than coming from a religious standpoint, this impulse came from his awareness of the diaphanous nature of reality. Pessoa used poetry to tune into this larger reality, and heteronyms helped to create a unique style for this work.

'Aventuras de Dona Redonda' by Fernando Pessoa

Dona Redonda by Fernando Pescoa is one of the most popular works of literature from Latin America. It is a story of love, adventure, and sacrifice that will touch you in many ways. It is set in 19th-century Cuba, where the main character, Dona Redonda, is forced to travel to the American continent as her mother dies in a shipwreck. Pessoa has been considered one of the greatest writers in the world, and is widely considered a master of the literary genre.

Dona Redonda is a classic two-volume story series, which owes a great deal to Lewis Carroll's style. The stories revolve around an old rotund woman who is a former teacher who has a great sense of humor and wisdom. Pessoa's work is an important part of Brazilian literature, and this book is well worth reading.

Hippobus Lisbon

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Another fun activity for teenagers is Jet Skiing. Unlike some other activities, there's no prior experience needed. The Lisbon city has a lot to offer young adults and teenagers alike. Whether you want to experience the city on a jet ski, enjoy the scenic views of the city from the riverside, or get up close to the Portuguese capital, a Hippobus tour of Lisbon will definitely provide plenty of opportunities.

Luso Livros

You can also read books in Portuguese from various online libraries. There are several that offer Brazilian Portuguese books and other language books. Some of the websites that offer free Portuguese books are Dominio Publico BR and Kobo. Just look at the list of titles on the home page and read the descriptions. Some of the websites also offer books in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. You can also download books from these online libraries to read on your own computer or on your tablet.

If you have a passion for reading, you may want to try some of the books available in Portuguese. If you love short stories, try O Principezinho. This is a story in Portuguese that is available for free online. If you're into history, you might enjoy Pereira Maintains, by Jose Saramago. The book is about the dictatorship in Portugal and Spain.

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