Best Teen & Young Adult Humor Nonfiction eBooks in 2022

Humor Nonfiction Books For Teenagers

When it comes to books for teenagers, many of these books are aimed at the young crowd. There are a number of funny, thought-provoking titles that can entertain the younger crowd. This list includes books by popular authors such as Shane Burcaw, January Andrews, and Augustus Everett. These titles can be perfect reads for teens who aren't ready to commit to a long-term relationship.

Book Review of Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

The young adult novel, Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie, by David Lubar, has received numerous accolades and awards for its portrayal of high school life as seen through the eyes of a fourteen-year-old boy. ALA members lauded it as one of the best books of 2006, and I'm glad I had a chance to read it. I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I did!

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar is a young adult novel set in modern day Pennsylvania in the high school, Zenger High. The book focuses on a teenage boy named Scott Hudson, who is navigating his way through high school, the internet, and adolescence. It's also set in a hospital, but the setting is not dated. Regardless of the setting, the book will appeal to readers of all ages.

If you're looking for a humorous Young Adult novel, Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie is a great choice. The story centers around a teenage boy, Scott Hudson, as he embarks on his freshman year, and how he tries to make the transition. He has to learn to adjust to high school life and his new role as a big brother, as well as deal with his pregnant mother, a father who doesn't understand him, and a crush on a kindergarten classmate.

While this novel is a coming-of-age story, it also portrays a number of important lessons. The main character, Scott Hudson, is an adolescent, but he proves to be mentally, emotionally, and physically mature throughout the novel. Scott's character grows from a child to a teenager to become a man in his own right. As a result, he becomes a well-rounded person with a heart of gold.

This book follows Scott Hudson through high school, as he tries to attract Julia. As the story progresses, he finds himself balancing a crush, his mother, and writing tips for his unborn sibling. In the process, he discovers that not everyone is what they seem to be, and he begins to question himself and his friends. And as his relationship with Julia evolves, Scott realizes that he may be able to do anything he sets his mind to.

Book Review of Shane Burcaw's Laughing at My Nightmare

Laughing at My Nightmare by Shane Burcaw is a gripping memoir that tells the story of a disabled sportsman who fights through his limitations and overcomes them. Burcaw has spinal cord injury, and his fear of crowds jostling him on stage is a real source of embarrassment. However, with humor and heart, Burcaw portrays these struggles in a way that readers can relate to.

The book opens with a scene where Burcaw's brother Andrew helps him in the bathroom. He is so close to Andrew that he ends up rubbing his ankles. He then goes on to describe how he shouts football color commentary instead of profanity in the doctor's office, and the fear that he will lose his balance and stop breathing. Although the book's plot line may sound a little spooky, the story is genuinely moving and is well worth reading.

While it might be entertaining to read, Shane Burcaw's Laugh at My Nightmare isn't appropriate for kids. The author alienates readers by depicting other disabled students in stereotypical ways. In doing so, he implies that people with disabilities are somehow inferior. Ultimately, Burcaw's book is not a good book for children, but it will appeal to young adults who want to read an enjoyable, heartwarming read about a disabled person's struggles.

Book Review of January Andrews' rom-com novel

'An Unexpected Love' is the bestselling romance novel from January Andrews. When her father suddenly dies, she's crushed and wants a happy ending. Unfortunately, her father's deception has left her a bittersweet mess and she's never believed in love again. When a mysterious woman shows up at her father's funeral, she finds herself in for a wild ride.

January Andrews is a romance writer and she lives in a semi-homeless state. She recently found out that her father had an affair when he was young and now she has to leave the country for a lonely lake cottage with his mistress. Her former boyfriend, Jacques, couldn't handle her grief, so she decides to move in with him. The book is an enlightening read and she will probably want to pick up a copy.

'An Unexpected Love' is a sweeping rom-com about a woman who falls in love with a man who has cheated on her for years. The story is told through January's perspective and we see her embracing her feelings while also learning about her father. This novel has a HEA that lingers for a long time. The author does a fantastic job.

Augustus Everett, a literary fiction author, is January's nemesis at college. He constantly found reasons to criticize her writing. January admits that her competition with him helped her become a better writer. He also wrote dreary, mediocre stories and didn't have any real feelings. But this didn't stop January from completing her book.

The plot reveals a lot about Gus and January Andrews. January and Gus are both remarkably well-developed characters. They have their differences, but they eventually come to share a common ground. They both have unresolved feelings for each other and push each other to grow as people and writers. This is a novel that will appeal to both men and women. A rom-com novel should be entertaining and make you laugh!

Gus is January's school rival and a successful literary writer. He's a new neighbour, and the two quickly ignite the romantic and competitive spark. The only problem is that both of them have deadlines to meet. Gus tries to write a romance novel while January tries to write a non-romance novel. If she succeeds, Gus is sure to be impressed.

Book Review of Augustus Everett's literary fiction novel

This book is a romance with a twist! January Andrews is a successful romance author, but now she finds herself stuck in a creative rut. While she tries to finish her new book, she is accompanied by her old crush Augustus Everett, who is suffering from writer's block. The two writers decide to write a literary fiction novel, each tackling a different genre, and see which one can get published first.

Upon the death of her father, January learns that her father had left her a beach house. She plans to spend the summer in the house and sell it later on for a profit. Unfortunately, she has writer's block and publishers are on her tail. However, she is surprised to discover that her next door neighbor is a literary sensation - her college crush, Augustus Everett!

January finds herself unable to concentrate on finishing her book because she is distracted by her neighbor. She's listening to a song that distracts her from her reading, and she calls her best friend, Shadi, to talk. Her neighbor is Augustus Everett, the author of a best-selling literary fiction novel, who is also her former college rival. She calls her best friend Shadi and tells her to finish her book.

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