Best Teen & Young Adult Horror Short Stories eBooks in 2022

Top Collections of Teen & Young Adult Horror Short Stories eBooks

You can find many excellent collections of Teen & Young Adult Horror Short Stories eBook titles. However, you must know what to look for when choosing a collection. Here are some suggestions:


If you're looking for short horror stories for your teenaged readers, this anthology is for you. The stories in this collection have everything from demons to blood and guts to psychological thrillers and love triangles. Some stories are just too horrifying to put down, while others are so well written that they will have you turning pages and thinking until the end. This collection is filled with talented authors whose work is sure to keep your young mind guessing, unable to put the book down until the very end.

While YA horror was initially a genre aimed at children, today's stories focus on themes that appeal to teens, bringing children's tales into the realm of adults. Many of the stories feature themes such as lust, jealousy, and repression, and the characters' experiences often involve horror movies. These tales often involve a psychopath stalking a young girl or terrorising a group of friends.

Another popular anthology of YA horror fiction is Defy the Dark, a collection of YA fantasy short stories written by renowned YA authors. It contains a collection of seventeen new stories by queer YA writers. The short stories are a diverse mix of horror, from vampires crashing a prom to aliens escaping the government. In this book, you'll find stories about vampires, selkies, and even an Ares' sword.

There's nothing like reading an anthology to inspire your own horror fiction. A young Black girl, for example, finds evidence of a lynching while exploring the woods around her home. If your teenager is sensitive, she'll likely ask questions about racism and the history of lynching in the U.S., but the story is an excellent model text for writing horror fiction.

Hungry Hearts, another YA anthology, features short stories from some of today's best new authors. The collection includes stories by Emily XR Pan, Nova Ren Suma, and other notable YA authors. You can access the anthology online and read up on the stories from the best YA authors. Remember to share your experiences with this anthology and vote for your favorite one!


The genre of horror has experienced a resurgence in recent years, and an entire generation of teenagers has taken up writing these stories. The newest wave of YA horror authors is bringing the genre back to life. The horror genre has long been popular, with many Stephen King novels resulting in blockbuster films. However, YA horror short stories lack the depth that adult horror short stories do. As a result, finding an anthology of short stories for young readers can be challenging.

For readers who prefer a darker approach to the genre, the author of "Nocturnes" has compiled nine YA horror short stories from his bestselling collection. The stories range from psychological thrillers to body count horror. Some of these stories are adaptations of the author's "Children Stories Made Horrific" series, which also features dark, whimsical fairy tales. The stories in this collection contain elements of feminism, emotional clarity, and feminist mischief.

Another publisher of YA horror books is Rainfall Books. This British publisher specializes in horror and fantasy stories. They split royalties 50/50 with authors. Read their guidelines for submissions. Alternatively, you can contact the editors of Rainfall Books directly. The editors of the magazine are always on the lookout for horror short stories, so check out their website today! You may even discover a new favorite author in the process!

Then, there are several ebook publishers looking for dark, serious urban fantasy novels and short stories. Be prepared to submit a novella or short story collection, but be aware that the acceptance criteria is very specific. You must ensure that your manuscript is not too similar to any of their titles. If you do not meet their requirements, you can try submitting it to the Dark Hall Press, which accepts both print and Kindle submissions.


There are dozens of publishers of teen and young adult horror short stories, but there are only sixteen that are accepted by traditional publishers. There are also several newer publishers that accept submissions, and you can always query one before submitting your book. Some of these publishers are more established than others, so you'll want to research them before submitting your work. If you're an unpublished author, however, you can still get your story published without an agent.

Some of these eBooks are available from a variety of genres, so there's bound to be one that's perfect for you! Some of the best-selling authors of YA fiction include Rosaline Saul and Lynette Ferreira, and they all feature a spooky twist to their stories. If you're a young adult horror fan, you'll definitely want to consider checking out one of these books to keep your horror reading experience on par with your peers.

Another great way to make your book more popular is to tie it in with a popular film or television series. Popular YA books can be tied to an upcoming movie or television show, which will drive more audiences to your eBook. The same holds true for young adult fiction, and writers can benefit from these tie-ins by leveraging the popularity of their book. And if you write something that can be adapted into a television show or movie, publishers will be interested.

If you want to submit a short story without an agent, you can contact Tor/Forge. These publishers don't require email submissions but will accept manuscripts by post. However, once you've submitted your manuscript to one of these publishers, you'll probably want to query them once every six months. Then again, you can also visit Tor Teen for more information. The submission guidelines for Tor/Forge are particularly helpful, as they are geared towards those who don't have agents.

Book reviews

If you're a fan of the macabre and the supernatural, you'll be pleased to discover the many short horror stories available in this eBook collection. Among these stories are "Nocturnes," a collection of nine horror stories with elements of macabre and reality. It's a collection of fairy tales based on real-life horrors and dark folklore, and the stories are a mixture of frights and emotional clarity. The themes are varied, and readers will find tales of domestic violence, hunger, and the perils of nature.

The book is an excellent introduction to the genre. It features a classic ghost story and would appeal to YA horror fans. Other stories to look for include "Katana," a novel described as Kill Bill meets Buffy. The premise is that a skater teen with a gay best friend is the reincarnation of a 500-year-old samurai. While it might not be for every reader, it is still a remarkably creepy read.

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