Best Teen & Young Adult Horror eBooks in 2022

Teen & Young Adult Horror eBooks

Teen and young adult horror fans can find a wide range of titles available in ebook format, with something for everyone. Depending on your taste, you can find anything from Danielle Vega's The Merciless series to Justina Ireland's Dread Nation. For a more adult-oriented story, you might want to check out the Return to Fear Street series or Leigh Schroeder's Fear Street trilogy.

Danielle Vega's The Merciless

The Merciless by Stephen King is page-to-page terror in a YA horror eBook. "The Merciless is a blend of Mean Girls and The Exorcist," says. "It's like the Exorcist crossed with Mean Girls."

Sofia, who is the narrator of the novel, finds herself in an impossible position. She must decide between following the exorcism of Brooklyn and helping her friend escape. As a sixteen-year-old, she watches in horror as the girls start the so-called exorcism. In reality, it is torture. It's shocking that someone would rope a sixteen-year-old into such a brutal, dangerous ritual.

While the story is based on real events, it is a highly enjoyable horror read. The story begins with a classic horror cliche, a group of teenage girls kidnaps a classmate to "exorcise" her. The story moves from there with a haunted schoolyard to a terrifying supernatural horror. The horror elements of this thriller will leave you screaming for more!

For fans of Stephen King and horror, a YA novel from Danielle Vega is definitely a must-read. The merciless series is a mix of true crime and Stephen King-level terror. Sofia has an unpleasant past and is stuck in a creepy Catholic boarding school. Luckily, she doesn't have to suffer alone. The Merciless Teen & Young Adult Horror eBook is available on Rakuten Kobo.

Justina Ireland's Dread Nation

In her debut novel, Dread Nation, New York Times bestselling author Justina Ireland explores the origins of zombie literature. She reveals her inspiration for heroine Jane McKeene, and explains why representation of minorities in media is important. She focuses on the dark side of teenage life as well as the human spirit. The story continues in the sequel, Deathless Divide.

The follow-up to the New York Times bestseller Dread Nation continues the epic story of revenge and salvation. Jane McKeene thought life would be easier after the fall of Summerland. She planned to move west to California and visit her mother. As a trained bodyguard, she's well-equipped to handle restless dead, but her journey to Nicodemus village throws her life out of balance and forces her to question her place in 1880s America.

Leigh Schroeder's Fear Street series

This Netflix original series, based on R.L. Stine's novels, is a horror masterpiece. Shot simultaneously, it was a massive undertaking, and the series' first part, "1994," is available on Netflix. The trilogy includes Ashley Zukerman as Sheriff Nick Goode, Darrell Britt-Gibson as Martin, and Gillian Jacobs as C. Berman.

The first book in the series is titled The Ghost Gang, and follows a group of teenage YouTube stars who sneak into a rundown hotel in hopes of getting more YouTube subscribers. As they investigate, however, they uncover a murder mystery involving the group. The ghostly specters leave the teen students a message that requires them to escape from this nightmare. This thrilling, fast-paced thriller is sure to leave readers breathless.

The next two episodes introduce the new characters and return to the series' roots, including Max's alien doppelganger Jones. These characters raise questions about Max's origin and his purpose on Earth. The series is a hit with young people and adults alike, and the cast of the new season includes Alyson Levy, Ray Nicholson, and Olivia Welch. The series' companion novella, "Panic," debuted May 28 on Audible and is available on Amazon Prime Video.

R.L. Stine's Return to Fear Street series

In the late 1980s, R.L. Stine's Fear Street series terrified teens with its killer cheerleaders, vampires, and ghosts. In recent years, the series has found new life as a Netflix three-film trilogy. The series' origins date back to a fight between Stine and his editor. He had been told that a series of horror books for teens was not possible. The editor eventually convinced him to change his mind.

The Return to Fear Street series for teens and young adult readers is a continuation of the acclaimed Fear Street novels. Stine is known as the king of teen horror, and this latest novel is entitled "Party Games." Brendan Fear, a senior at Shadyside High School, is having his birthday party at his parents' summer house in Fear Island, and things quickly start going wrong.

The latest installment of the Fear Street trilogy for teens and young adults is much darker than the previous books. This third installment in the series features Jack Black as the protagonist and is set to hit UK cinemas in February. R.L. Stine is still milking the young adult genre, but he's tried to make it more diverse and more adult-friendly by weaving in psychological thrillers and historical gothic themes and making the protagonists more human.

The series has been a popular franchise for young adults since the early '90s. In the books, the protagonists of the Return to Fear Street series struggled against constant surveillance and micromanaging. The series' protagonists also faced a new set of challenges in college. But the danger was real, and Stine makes the threats realistic. The series' sequels continue this trend by focusing on issues of gender and sexuality.

The Return to Fear Street series has been a long-awaited sequel to the original trilogy, which began in 1994. While the original trilogy spanned two centuries, the sequels will focus on a different time period. The first installment is set in 1994, while the second installment is set in 1978. Both books feature the same main characters. Both sequels are based on the same characters and continue the story.

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