Best Teen & Young Adult History eBooks in 2022

Teen & Young Adult History eBooks

There are many different options for finding the perfect Teen & Young Adult history eBook. Some of these include Yen Cabag, Obooko, and AuthorStand. These sites specialize in making books available to young readers. Others have special features such as personalized recommendations. To help you find the perfect eBook, read the reviews below. Ultimately, you'll want to find a series that appeals to you and your reading preferences.

Yen Cabag

For readers of middle grade fiction, this YA novel will inspire and educate them about the world's most significant events. With fourteen distinct voices, this historical novel recreates a pivotal moment in US and world history. Its impacts can still be felt today, even as the authors explore the impact of slavery on US society. The story is a page-turner with humor and poignancy.


If you're looking for free books for teens, consider Obooko. The vast majority of its books are by independent authors, each of whom provides a fresh take on a traditional genre. As a bonus, you can download them in any of three popular digital book formats, including ePUB and PDF. Here's how to use Obooko to find free YA fiction and history books:

One of the best parts of Obooko is its wide selection of free books. Obooko's selection of young adult fiction includes "Annie Oakley's Diary" by J.L. McCabe, "Analystasia," and "The Angels of Russia" by Patricia le Roy. All of these books are free and available on Obooko, the largest collection of free eBooks online.


Teens and young adults alike will find great historical fiction titles in the Holocaust and World War II. You can find more than 20 YA Holocaust novels, written by popular authors. The Chicago Public Library also has Holocaust fiction, compiled by young adult authors. This collection is an excellent resource for students interested in the Holocaust. You can also find books about World War II and the homefront. Teens can also explore the lives of Holocaust survivors.

In addition to the books written for teenagers, there are also adult titles available. A collection of YA historical fiction is available on AuthorStand, which offers several titles by new and unpublished authors. The books are generally available for free download in PDF format. Teens and young adults can also find free novels on Bibliotastic, including 11 in the Teen & Young Adult category. Each of these titles is unique to this site, and some authors are not published elsewhere.

Other libraries offer YA historical fiction titles. The Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore hosts a collection of historical fiction aimed at teenagers. This collection includes 30 titles, ranging from the 1100s England to the 1900s United States. The Wheaton Public Library in Illinois hosts an extensive list of historical fiction for young adults, organized by time period. It also offers links to websites related to the period.

Judy Blume

If you are looking for a great read that will inspire young readers, you've come to the right place. Judy Blume is a celebrated author of children's and young adult novels, including Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. Her books are universally adored, but they've been the target of censorship, too. If you're searching for eBooks about young adult history, consider purchasing Judy Blume books.

YA fiction is a subset of children's literature, which includes both picture books and narratives primarily made of text. These titles often contain challenging vocabulary and address themes geared toward teenagers. YA literature has grown rapidly in recent decades, with popular books from Judy Blume, Rainbow Rowell, and Angie Thomas selling millions of copies. It's no wonder these books are adored by young readers.

Lois Duncan

The Lois Duncan Teen & Young Adult History series is an excellent way to learn more about a famous woman of the past, while enjoying the history of a unique and interesting era. Duncan is the daughter of magazine photographers and spent most of her childhood in Sarasota, Florida. At the young age of ten, Duncan began writing, and by the time she was thirteen, her first published story had appeared in Calling All Girls. During her teenage years, Duncan was a regular contributor to several magazines, and she won the Seventeen short story competition three times. Upon finishing high school, Duncan enrolled in Duke University, but left after one year due to the collegiate atmosphere.

This collection includes early works by Lois Duncan, from "The Fairy in the Woods" to "Home to Mother" (1964). These early works offer a glimpse into the author's growth and provide commentary about the creative process. The author's commentary on her early works is also a valuable source of information. Teenagers today are facing a variety of challenges. For example, the violence in schools is increasing, and many students are disillusioned with school and society.

Robert Cormier

The author, Robert Cormier, died of lung cancer in 2000. He was a lifelong resident of central Massachusetts, where he excelled in human interest stories. His accounts of individuals' struggles with adversity earned him several awards. His works include thirteen novels and over one hundred short stories. In addition to his work for young adult readers, Cormier also penned some of the most acclaimed children's books of all time.

The author's books are a welcome antidote to the shallow, phony realism that is prevalent on TV. His books appeal to young adults by addressing a range of issues that are relevant to them. Teens will find themselves able to connect with the characters, as reading helps them understand their world and develop their tastes. This is especially true for young people, who are increasingly becoming more sophisticated and independent.

The 1980s brought a new era in young adult literature. Classics like The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier and Forever by Judy Blume remain enduring influences on YA writers and readers today. During that time, a greater number of YA authors began to explore the thriller genre and produced such bestsellers as The Face on the Milk Carton, The Memoirs, and Remember Me.

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