Best Teen & Young Adult Greek & Roman Myth eBooks in 2022

Greek and Roman Myth eBooks For Teens and Young Adults

Books on mythology for teens and young adults are a great way to get a taste of the subject matter while having fun. One such book is Nicole Cassidy, a teenage witch who discovers that she is descended from Greek gods. An Olympian Comet gives five people elemental powers, opening a portal to another world. Meanwhile, an ancient monster escapes from prison, and Nicole must solve a prophecy to save her town.

Robert Graves's retelling of the Greek & Roman myths

"The Greek Myths" is the definitive work on Greek and Roman mythology, blending the best of all stories into a book that is engaging, easy to read, and full of wit and humor. Written in a contemporary language, it combines elements of all the myths into a compelling story that will captivate any audience."

The retelling of the classic Greek / Roman myths for teens and young adults by Robert Graves, a renowned scholar and poet, is a wonderful book for young readers. Readers will find all the myths of Greek and Roman mythology, from the Argonauts to the Minotaur, and the Trojan War to the tale of Circe. The retellings are so vivid that even a reluctant reader will be transfixed by them.

"The Minotaur," by Robert Graves, explores the true story of the Greek myths through the perspective of a character from the Odyssey. A blind bearded Homer is a false protagonist in the novel, and Graves believed Nausicaa to be the author of the Odyssey and the Iliad. In Volume 1 of the Robert Graves classical translation of the Greek myths for teens & young adults, the reader will find Myths one through 104, with detailed cross-references and indexes for each chapter.

The Bronze Age Greece in I, Claudius, was a patriarchal society, characterized by a transition from a matriarchal to a patriarchal society. The victorious Greek-speaking tribes imposed a strict hierarchy on the Greek-speaking settlements. Eventually, local kings married the hereditary queen, representing the Triple Goddess. These kings were sacrificed only after six months of evading the wrath of their wives and daughters. Despite the punishments, Livia survived to a ripe old age, and remained in power. As her husband approached his death, she escaped a few months but not before admitting her crimes.

Katharine Beutner's retelling of the Greek & Roman myths

This landmark anthology of Greek and Roman myths for teens and young adults includes such classic stories as Agamemnon, Prometheus Bound, and Bacchae. It also includes translations by Frank Nisetich, Sarah Ruden, and Mary Lefkowitz. These stories are often misunderstood and are sure to spark your interest in ancient history.

The Library of Apollodorus is a unique work of classical antiquity. It's a guide to Greek mythology, and this collection of myths features lyrical text from Donna Jo Napoli and gorgeous illustrations by Christina Balit. Whether you're looking to explore the gods or just want a refreshing look at ancient mythology, you'll find timeless stories of Greek and Roman gods and goddesses in Katharine Beutner's retelling.

Aphrodite and Adonis are two characters who come from different cultures and share some common traits. These characters have different perspectives on the same events, and it's important to remember that there are two different sides to every story. In Achilles's tale, you'll learn that the gods have a role in everything. Aphrodite have their own unique relationships, which are a part of the story as well.

Women have always been important in ancient mythology, and this retelling of the Greek /Roman myths for teens aims to explore their unique roles in the stories. Ancient Greek and Roman gods and goddesses are rewritten from their historical context and present the role of women as protagonists. In this retelling, women have been placed at the center of the greatest story in the Western world.

Pat Barker's latest book

The Greek and Roman myths are among the most popular of the classics, but many writers struggle to incorporate them into modern writing. For instance, David Malouf's novel, Ransom, based on the Iliad, uses the famous gesture of Priam toward Achilles as a metaphor. Barker also tries to impose his modern concerns on this ancient material. While Barker may not be at home in the Greek mode, he does inject drama into the myth.

Although it may seem impossible, Barker's retellings of Homeric myths are compelling. In the "Regeneration" trilogy, she adapts the Iliad to modern-day life. Readers will learn about the plight of a captive queen, and will be able to read the story with new eyes. In this way, this classic will stay relevant in YA literature for years to come.

In addition to her new book, Barker also has a series of novels based on ancient myths. One of her most recent works is The Goddess and Medea, a contemporary retelling of The Iliad and the Trojan War. T.L. Higley has also written the "Pyramid of Secrets" series, which focuses on the Egyptian pyramids.

"The Greek Myths" by Robert Graves is a literary reference to Greek mythology. It combines beautiful graphics with easy-to-understand explanations. It features 700 major and minor Greek myths. The book is illustrated by Jim Tierney and Annette Giesecke, who has a Ph.D. in Classics.

Artemis as a dog-walker

Artemis is a famous goddess who was born as the daughter of Zeus. She was known for being the goddess of the moon, hunt, and chastity. Later, she was also identified with childbirth. As a goddess of nature, she loved to roam the wild and hunt animals. Today, artifices depict Artemis in the form of dog-walkers have been popularized by various writers and artists.

Being a Greek god was not easy, so Artemis has found a new job as a dog-walker. Other gods like Apollo, Aphrodite, and Dionysus have other jobs as well, but most are living in a small London flat, with too many siblings, hormones, and no hot water. This novel will make you laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of the Greek gods, but will definitely leave you feeling inspired.

In one of the most famous tales in Greek lore, the goddess Artemis rescues her infant sister, Atalanta. After Artemis has saved her life, she sends a bear to nurse the child. Later, Atalanta participates in the Calydonian boar hunt and draws the first blood. She also wins the prize of a boar's hide, which she hangs in her sacred grove of Tegea.

Another myth that portrays Artemis as a dog-walker involves Artemis' revenge on mortals. A mortal named Actaeon accidentally encounters Artemis while bathing. Angry at the sight of her naked body, he transforms into a stag and is chased by the god Zeus' hounds.

Apollo as a TV psychic

TV Psychics are a popular form of entertainment for young people and teenagers. Many shows feature an expert psychic reader, such as Apollo, who focuses on the occult. In the series, the audience gets to see the inner workings of the mind. Unlike a live psychic reader, Apollo will tell you what you want to know without ever actually seeing or hearing it. The show's focus on teens will make the program more entertaining for both audiences.

Dionysus as a DJ

Greek & Roman myth eBooks for teens and young adults often focus on the god Dionysus. This immortal god is associated with wine, fertility, and theater, and was the only god to have a mortal mother. His benevolence to humanity is reflected in the stories about him. He is also known as the liberator of mankind, freeing his followers from the restrictions of society. His followers are predominantly female and include the Maenads and Bacchae. His female counterpart is called Bacchus, and is said to be demented. His followers are also prone to wild behavior and have access to divine madness.

Being a god is not easy in ancient times, but for twelve gods who live in the same apartment, life is not easy. Artemis works as a dog-walker, Apollo is a TV psychic, Aphrodite is a phone sex operator, and Dionysus is a DJ. Their lives aren't always easy. They have to deal with too many siblings, too much hormones, and not enough hot water. Yet they manage to find some happiness in their lives, including friendship and a new perspective on Greek and Roman myth.

If you are a teen or a young adult looking for a great read, you might be interested in the stories about Dionysus. Many mythology eBooks for teens and young adults also feature the god as a DJ. Some of the most popular myths involving Dionysus include The Midas Touch, wherein a mortal man prayed to him to save him from starvation. After his request, Dionysus instructed him to wash in the river Pactolus and the power passed into the sands. Aristophanes also invented the third descent by Dionysus to Hades, and chose Aeschylus in a poetry slam.

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