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LAPL librarians have compiled a list of notable young adult books featuring women and girls. The list includes books like Illusions (Ravens of Darkness Book 1), Go Ask Alice, and Ravens of Winter. Read this article for more information about these books and get started on your reading list. Also, don't forget to check out the LAPL eBook catalogue. They have a large collection of YA fiction books!

Illusions (Ravens of Darkness Book 1) by Elle Preston

"Illusions" is the first book in the series by Elle Preston, and readers will definitely be swept off their feet. As the book opens, we're introduced to the charming telepath Talon Renwyck. Despite his mysterious background, he's connected to a mysterious raven cult and a supernatural addiction, and he desperately needs help. It's up to Evie Willow to decide if this boy is real or just an illusion.

Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice is based on a diary kept by a teenage girl. It is a harrowing and heartbreaking account of the dangers of drug abuse. The story is both heartbreaking and uplifting. Teens will most likely relate to the heroin addict and will be able to relate to her plight. However, there are many aspects of the novel that make it unsuitable for young readers.

Sparks' death in 2012 was one of the many factors that linked her name to the book. While her obituary listed her profession as a writer, she also mentioned that she had earned a doctorate from a university. Nilson, however, questioned Sparks' doctorate and anecdotes about working at a drug rehab center. However, she did share that she was a devout Mormon, and she took it upon herself to educate at-risk youth.

Despite the controversial and often-inauthentic endings of Spark's novels, Go Ask Alice has many admirers. The protagonist, Alice, is a lonely upper-middle class girl with body image issues who turns to drugs in order to escape from her isolation. Although she is often considered a lone wolf, she is a brave and intelligent girl. Despite the controversy, the book's popularity is a testament to the power of storytelling.

Ravens of Darkness

"Ravens of Darkness" is a new series by Elle Preston, which takes readers on a journey to a world ruled by dark shifters. The world is a dangerous place where the Hunters, or people who live among the supernatural, fear the shifters. In this series, young adult readers will meet the lovable and charming Matilde, the estranged niece of Lord Van Arend. She barters with her scheming mother to spend the summer with her. Sadly, she has no idea that her mother is working behind her back and may bring down the Ravensgaard regime.

Ravens of Winter

"Ravens of Winter" by Elle Preston is a captivating novel for young adults. After a tragic accident, sixteen-year-old Kai Roth moves to New Orleans to be with her foster sister, Max. There she meets a mysterious telepath, Talon Renwyck, who is tied to a raven cult and a supernatural addiction. As she struggles to find her way back to the safety of her family, she begins to question her own life.

Ravens of Spring

The first book in the series, "Ravens of Spring," follows a group of teenagers in the town of Henrietta, Virginia. One of the teens, Blue Sargent, is psychic and has a family curse: if she kisses her true love, he will die. But as she continues to explore her psychic powers, she begins to suspect that her true love is still alive. Meanwhile, another young woman, Piper, wakes up a third sleeper, a demon with the power to "unmake," and she and her foster sister and friends must decide whether to confront the past.

When a shipwrecked Blue, she fears she'll kill her true love. She's been raised by her clairvoyant mother to be wary of love, but she still finds herself attracted to Gansey, a Raven Boy from the neighboring private school. But she also has a deep fear of the dark forces that exist beyond the human world.

Ravens of Autumn

After being in an accident that leaves her mother dead, seventeen-year-old Abby Petersen moves to a small island off the coast of Norway, where her grandmother runs a bookshop. She investigates strange happenings in her town and stumbles upon reports of a white wolf wandering through the woods. Along the way, she meets her childhood crush, Tam Lang, who is also a werewolf. Together, they fight to save their animal friends.

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