Best Teen & Young Adult Ghost Stories eBooks in 2022

Teen & Young Adult Ghost Stories eBooks

If you're looking for a fun way to pass the time, there are many great Teen & Young Adult Ghost Stories eBooks to choose from. Choose from historical horror, or look for a contemporary story that's not too far from the traditional ghost stories. Mary's Ghost by Barbara Winters is set in 1918, when many people sought help from spiritualists after losing a loved one. The boy who was killed in the war reaches out to Mary, challenging her beliefs.

Barri Flowers

R. Barri Flowers is a bestselling author of crime fiction, thriller fiction, and young adult novels. She has written more than 70 books and edited two mystery anthologies. Her work has also been featured on television, including the Biography Channel's Crime Stories and Investigation Discovery's Wicked Attraction series. She holds an M.A. in criminology and has received several awards, including the Wall of Fame Award from the School of Criminal Justice.

COUNT DRACULA'S TEENAGE DAUGHTER is the first in a series of exciting teen vampire mysteries, and fans of the popular YA vampire series will enjoy this first book. COUNT DRACULA'S TEENAGE DAUGHTER is the first in this new series featuring an all-new teen vampire character. The haunting house ghost tale from R. Barri Flowers is sure to make readers want to visit its haunted house again.

Mary Winters

In the Mary Winters' Teen & Young Adult series, readers will find a wide variety of YA fiction and urban fantasy tropes. The stories are intense, thrilling, and compelling, and the characters are relatable and believable. Readers will feel a sense of dread when the supernatural begins to interfere with the everyday life of teens. There is nothing more disturbing than a child's nightmare, but these stories will also keep the reader entertained and glued to the page.


Ghost House is a haunted house story, part traditional novel, part graphic novel. When a young girl named Denise returns to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, she plans to rent out an old house, not realizing that the building is haunted. The story highlights the effects of gentrification, and features art. It's an engrossing read for teens, young adults, and adults alike.

In The Otherside, the story takes a turn for the supernatural in this YA novel. Pemba, a fifteen-year-old aboriginal, sees an apparition in the darkness. She has lost her father, and now lives with her mother in Connecticut. Her journal tells the story of how she met Phyllis, and her friendship with her new ghost is transformed. "This is a story of love and loss, of life and death, and of friendship and rebirth," narrator Michael Yovanoff writes in his YA novel, Teen & Young Adult Ghost Stories eBooks

Yovanoff has written several books for young girls, including "Hannah's Ghost." In this book, Hannah is a teenager, a student at a local school, and her town is struggling with the Valentine Killer. Her best friend, Lillian, died in the incident, and now her ghost wants to hunt down the killer. A series of ghosts haunts the city, but it's impossible to prevent a ghost from haunting a building.

Another collection of ghost stories for teens and young adults by Yovanoff includes "Ghost Stories" by Natalie C. Parker and "Ghost Stories by Yovanoff," edited by Natalie C. Parker. This collection features stories by top YA authors. It is a must-read for YA fans! However, there's only one catch: this collection contains plenty of violence. You'll need to be a good reader to enjoy this collection.

Mattie Hathaway

In Mattie Hathaway, a YA ghost story, a young woman who tries to blend in with her foster family's oddities attempts to solve mysteries. Despite her appearance and the happiness she shares with her boyfriend, she can't seem to escape the existence of a ghost that stalks her. In order to keep the mystery from consuming her life, she must solve the mysteries through her gifts, which she gets from the spirits.

Although her gift is rare, she is able to communicate with a variety of spooks. In the teen version, she teams up with young policeman Dan, who becomes a friend of Mattie. Together, they must solve the mystery of Sally's disappearance and find the serial killer responsible. It is hard enough to survive as a foster child, but she's determined to protect the people who are deprived of their loved ones.

Winnie Ostow

If you're looking for a thrilling, chilling read that will make you think about the paranormal, Winnie Ostow's debut novel is the right choice for you. Set in New Jersey, Winnie is spending the summer with her aunt Maggie, the creator of the popular reality show FANTASTIC, FEEARSOME. Winnie works as a production assistant for her aunt, and they are both looking for the Jersey Devil.

Winnie is a skeptic who interns with her Aunt Maggie, the producer of a paranormal TV show. Although she's skeptical of ghosts and paranormal activity, Winnie witnesses some paranormal events and eventually discovers the truth behind her mother's suicide. After a traumatic event in her life, Aunt Maggie decides to send Winnie to New Jersey to assist her production of Fantastic, Fearsome: New Jersey, where she must go undercover to find the Jersey Devil.

David Fielder

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