Best Teen & Young Adult Friendship Fiction eBooks in 2022

Teen Young Adult Friendship Fiction eBooks

When it comes to Teen Young Adult Friendship Fiction eBooks, there are many options available. From Anna and the French Kiss to Geekerella to The Truth About Forever, there's a book for every young adult. These books explore themes ranging from sexuality to first love.

The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever is a young adult novel written by one of the OGs of teen romance. Macy is about to spend the summer working in the library while her boyfriend goes off to Brain Camp. She's sure she loves him, but then she receives an email that informs her that he's dumped her.

Augustus Walters is a handsome boy who is interested in Emily. The two develop a close bond over their shared experiences and fears. Together, they learn about the joys and pains of first love. But when tragedy strikes, their friendship is tested. They both must face the painful consequences of their feelings for each other.

The Truth About Forever Teen is a young adult romance novel written by RuthAnne Snow. The novel starts on prom night, and it's clear that Elin has tried suicide before. But her parents are desperate for her to get back to normal. Meanwhile, Elin's friends are determined to make her night the best one ever. But things don't go quite as planned, and Elin disappears midway through the prom.

The story revolves around two girls who have secrets and a common love of gothic romance novels. Both are successful, but each has something that her neighbor deeply desires. As the story unfolds, they have to solve the mystery to save their friendship. The characters are realistic, complex, and believable.

Anna and the French Kiss

Anna Dawson, a high school senior from Atlanta, is relegated to boarding school in Paris when her parents send her there. She is less than thrilled about the idea, but she has no choice. There, she meets the perfect boy, Etienne St. Clair, who happens to have a serious girlfriend. Their friendship is soon tested, and Anna and Etienne find themselves blurring the line between friendship and romance.

While Anna and the French Kiss is a quick read, Waiting For You is a YA novel that should appeal to the teen set and readers who enjoy romance and a sense of friendship. The story revolves around the trials of youth - a first crush, family drama, a mystery man, the nerdy boy next door, and more.

After a rocky start, the story takes a turn for the better. After a series of romantic entanglements, Anna finds herself with a new friend and the opportunity to move on. Despite the challenges of their relationship, Anna and Sylvain fall in love and make their friendship blossom. However, a messy plot can also be a good thing. It's important to include enough detail to make the story interesting. If the plot is too complicated, the story may end up moving in circles.


Geekerella is a fairy tale for nerds and fans, part romance, part love letter to nerd culture. This hugely adorable story follows a geek girl named Elle Wittimer, who grew up watching Starfield with her late father. When she enters a cosplay contest for the upcoming Starfield movie, she wins a trip to ExcelsiCon convention.

Unlike other books about teenagers in love, Geekerella is a teen friendship novel about a girl who finds true love - a guy. A handsome boy, Augustus Walters, is interested in Emily. As their relationship grows, they find common ground and bond over their fears and experiences. Together, they learn to love and accept one another.

Normal People

Fans of Sally Rooney's novel Normal People are bound to be looking for more books to fill their shelves. While this coming-of-age story focuses on the angst and love of teenagers, it also tackles social issues. The story revolves around the lives of two college students, Marianne and Connell. They are each searching for their own meaning in life. When their lives collide, Marianne spirals into self-destruction, while Connell searches for meaning in another place. As each struggle to find their own personal meaning, they must decide how far they're willing to go to save each other.

The characters are completely different and come from completely different worlds. They're both in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then, a bomb hits London, and they meet and form an unlikely friendship. Their story is told in alternate chapters, allowing readers to discover each side of each character. The characters struggle with issues of friendship, mental health, and terror. However, they ultimately realize that there's a lot more in common than meets the eye.

Darius the Great is Not Okay is a YA novel that is relatable for a teen audience. The character is a teenager who is struggling with clinical depression. He meets his neighbor, Sohrab, and they form an unlikely friendship. Together, Darius and Sohrab discuss mental illness, rarac identity, and the importance of connecting with others.

Dear Martin

Teen readers will love Dear Martin, a New York Times bestseller. This sequel follows a teenage boy named Quan as he navigates the juvenile justice system. Fans of Angie Thomas and Jason Reynolds will love this series as well. It explores the importance of friendship and the bond it forms.

The sequel to Dear Martin, Dear Justyce, also focuses on a young POC teen who never had the opportunity to thrive. This book sheds light on systemic racism and explores issues of traumatic family relationships. It is a powerful read for young adults alike, pushing readers to reflect on issues of prejudice. While it is a sweet book, it does explore some mature themes.

Anne of Green Gables

The classic story of a young orphan who learns to overcome her shyness and become a beloved family member is still popular today. This YA fiction eBook is an adaptation of the classic novel by L. M. Montgomery. The story is a delight for both young and old, and takes on issues of gender roles and friendship. It is a great choice for young adults.

Set in the late nineteenth century, the story follows 11-year-old orphan Anne Shirley and her family. Her parents, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, have been preparing to adopt a boy, but instead find themselves with an orphan. When Anne is taken in by Matthew and his sister, she is thrilled to be with them. She grows to love them both, even though the two were once rivals.

In addition to the original book, there are also several TV adaptations of Anne of Green Gables. The original 1985 miniseries, directed by Kevin Sullivan, starred Megan Follows as Anne. In addition to this, there was a sequel, Road to Avonlea, which aired on CBC. Both the first and the second movies are based on the original novels.

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars is a young adult novel that takes place in a high school. The book centers on a 16-year-old girl named Hazel who is diagnosed with lung cancer. She is reluctant to attend a cancer support group, but quickly realizes that going is for the best. She soon meets a boy named Augustus Waters, who has a rare form of bone cancer.

Augustus Walters is interested in Emily. They form a close relationship and share experiences and fears. Along the way, they discover the joy and pain of first love. The book is available in a variety of formats, including eBook and downloadable audiobook formats.

This novel is a must-read for fans of young adult fiction. It is a compelling novel that explores the complex dynamics of teenage friendship. The characters are realistic and complex. It explores the struggles of teenage friendship and mental health. The book is based on the author's own experiences with mental illness. It is also available as an eBook, downloadable audiobook, and streaming audiobook.

"A" has a life-threatening disease, which makes her unable to live normally. Her mother suffers from Huntington's disease, and her brother, Caleb, suffers from sickle-cell anemia. While both of them are different in their outlook on life, their personalities are similar. The characters struggle to deal with a tragic situation, while navigating the tumultuous days that follow.

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