Best Teen & Young Adult Football Nonfiction eBooks in 2022

Nonfiction Football eBooks For Teens and Young Adults

If you're looking for great non-fiction football eBooks for teens, there are a number of options available. These include The Football Book, Zombie XI, You Are a Champion, and The Football Trials. Each of these books has its own strengths, and there's a lot to be learned from them.

The Football Book

If you're a fan of football and are looking for a fun way to learn more about the sport, The Football Book for teens and young adults is a great choice. This visually rich book focuses on football from different perspectives, and you'll learn more about the game's history and how it has affected the world. With full color photographs and a cool design, this book is sure to appeal to young fans of the sport.

The Football Book for teens and young adults is a great way to get a young reader to understand the history of the game and the legends surrounding it. The stories in the book are inspiring and help young readers develop positive attitudes about sports. For example, one story tells of a young pitcher who makes a name for himself as a baseball player, and he soon discovers a family in his classmates.

Another story centers on the friendship of two wide receivers. The book also teaches kids about the importance of fair play and the importance of playing the game safely. Moreover, the book features an interesting and humorous team who practice safety techniques on their team.

Zombie XI

Zombie XI eBooks for young adults are an excellent choice for those who enjoy zombie books and movies, but are looking for a book with an age-appropriate audience. With a storyline that crosses genres and intertwines several survival factions, Goodhue creates a highly readable, thought-provoking novel. The story focuses on how one person's decisions can affect the lives of others, and shows the value of unity.

The book takes place during the height of the zombie apocalypse. In an attempt to survive, a group of teenagers takes refuge in a high school. There, they fight for survival against ravenous undead. The book is a must-read for a teenager's library.

The writing style of this book is simple and elegant. The paragraphs are short and easy to read, but the suspense builds at every turn. It is an incredible debut for Higson and is sure to become a legend among zombie authors. His writing style is reminiscent of the style of Matheson and Brooks.

There are also several new zombie books available for young adults. The YA genre is booming these days, and zombies aren't the only thing that has changed in recent years. For instance, in one YA book, the main character is a unicorn, and the other is a zombie. However, if you love unicorns, you should check out this book.

You Are a Champion

For teen football fans, You Are a Champion is a must-read novel. It is a fictional autobiography about Frederick Exley, the son of a hero-worshiping high school football player. This is not just a book about football, but also about daily survival.

The Football Trials

The Football Trials is a graphic novel that explores issues of first love, coming out, and sexuality. The story follows two high school students, Callie and Kayden. Both are socially awkward, but both have secrets and traumas from their past. They also witness their fathers being beaten, and both are determined to find out what happened to them.

You Are a Champion by Megan Rapione and Jessica McDonald

In the HBO documentary "LFG," Megan Rapinoe is one of the key voices. The documentary follows her as she sues the US Soccer Federation over unfair practices that favor men. She argues that men receive higher pay and bonuses per game than women, and they are given better training resources and better-quality fields. She continues to be frustrated about these disparities, but she's not giving up on equality.

"You Are a Champion" is a compelling tale of determination and perseverance. Megan Rapione and Jessica McDonald are two of the most inspiring women in sport today. Despite their personal struggles, they were able to triumph in the most unlikely of circumstances. Their incredible journey to the top of the sport and the fight for equal pay has inspired many women.

Megan Rapinoe is a two-time Olympic and World Cup winner. She is a champion of equality in sports and has been a vocal advocate for breaking down sexism and racism. Her book is a must-read for young girls who are interested in women's sports.

Striking Out by Ian Wright

Arsenal legend Ian Wright is about to write a children's book, inspired by his own life. Striking Out follows the journey of a young boy, Jerome, from east London, as he tries to achieve his dream of becoming a world-class footballer. But it is not always smooth sailing. Fortunately, Jerome soon meets an unlikely mentor who offers him advice and encouragement.

Throughout the book, Wright shares stories of his life as a child. When he was eleven, he was waiting for money from his estranged father. He needed it to go on a community trip to the seaside. His father had walked out on his family when he was a baby and didn't see them often.

Booked by Angie Thomas

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas has sparked a conversation in the literary world, and Booked by Angie Thomas is no exception. The New York Times bestselling author is a former teen rapper and has a BFA in creative writing. Born and raised in Mississippi, she has become a highly influential writer. Her upcoming book, Concrete Rose, is set for release in January 2021.

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