Best Teen & Young Adult Equestrian Nonfiction eBooks in 2022

Five Equestrian Nonfiction eBooks for Teens and Young Adults

If you're looking for books for the horse-loving teen in your life, there are many great books out there. From Mary's Song to Blue Ribbon to Astrid, you'll find something to love on your equestrian reading list. Read about these five titles and discover a new passion for horses. Then, pick up one of these books to get started on your journey toward horse-loving adulthood.

Mary's Song

In Mary's Song, a new book for the Christmas season, readers will be reminded that Christmas is a joyous time. With beautiful melodies, rich illustrations, and a message of hope and redemption, this new book will bring the spirit of Christmas home for teens and young adults. Mary's Song is a powerful story that will change their attitudes and mindsets. It's an enchanting Christmas tale by Lee Bennett Hopkins and Stephen Alcorn.

This coming-of-age novel follows a girl named Mary who is disabled and has limited outlets for her creativity. Though she's not able to walk, she loves horses and paints them with great passion. She lives with her overprotective father, who has been spending money on therapies to help her move again. However, Mary is beginning to accept her life in a wheelchair when she meets Laura, a girl who lives next door and discovers a lame foal hobbling around. The two girls fall in love, and Mary gains full control of her legs.

As a teenager, you'll want to experience the joy and wonder that accompany Jesus. Mary's song reflects her baseline trust in God's goodness. It also showcases her ability to frame her story as one of joy. This song encourages readers to believe that even a dark and painful time in their lives can be viewed in a positive light. In the story, God's gaze accepts Mary's lowliness and embraces her lack of sophistication.

This story is a wonderful one for young readers. The protagonist, Lauren Olamina, was born with the ability to feel other people's emotions. Her story makes readers believe that we're all capable of loving and protecting each other. It's also a powerful reminder that the world is not without its problems. While a story like this can be difficult to follow, Mary's Song will keep them inspired to take up a cause that is important to them.

Blue Ribbon

This Blue Ribbon for Teen & Young Adult Equestrianism collection features six out-of-print books about teenage eventer Kate and her friendships with horses and two girls. While the books have realistic characters, it is the relationships between the characters and their horses that drive the plot. The books are narrated by Kate, Jesse, and Dara, and feature lots of stable details.

Many of these books are geared towards ten-year-olds, including the Saddle Club and Thoroughbred series. Heartland also has some series aimed at adult readers, which are perfect for teenagers and young adults alike. If you're looking for books for your horse-loving teen, then check out the Heartland series, which is designed for readers ten years and up.


Astrid's Equestrian Non-Fiction eBooks for teens and young adults is a great choice for young equestrians looking for a great horse story with plenty of adventure and clues about the future. This story features the lovable Quary, who bonds with Astrid and changes her life. While reading this novel, you'll discover the history of horses and their families, as well as the story behind the animals.

Astrid's Equestrian Non-Fiction eBooks for teens and young adults are based on the life of the legendary equestrian, whose journey to become a famous horsewoman inspired the author to write her first novel. This book is a must-read for all equestrian lovers! In this exciting story, Astrid takes a life-changing trip to the equestrian world of the equestrian world, where she meets the equestrian queen Astrid. Astrid is a hero and her story inspires young people to follow in her footsteps.

The first book in the series, Horses Unlimited, is written for young readers and includes information about breed-specific traits, history, culture, and photography. The series is great for equestrian enthusiasts of all ages, and Billy & Blaze are great books for children and young readers alike. These books are a fun and educational introduction to the world of horses and equestrian sports.

Ghost Horse

A powerful horseracing story, The Ghost Horse is a must-read for horse lovers! The character, Brynlei, returns to the elite Foxwoode Academy to try to win the Prize of Upper Rider, but instead he finds an untold mystery from his past. As he battles to direct his horse riding skills, he witnesses a series of freak incidents and strange sleeps, and he becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth behind the ghost horse. The ghost story of the horse is a gripping experience that pulls the reader into an exciting journey of the ghost horses' history.

Billy and Blaze

For young adults and teens looking for a fun story that's both exciting and entertaining, the Billy and Blaze eBooks are perfect for you. The story centers around Billy's adorable Welsh pony, Blaze, and her owner, Billy. Each book has a charming and unique illustration, and you'll love the books' simple plot. You'll love the illustrations, too. Billy and Blaze eBooks for teens & young adults will be sure to please both boys!

The first book in the Billy and Blaze series is a classic. The two main characters, Billy and Blaze, explore the countryside and find adventure at every turn. They even win the silver cup at the Mason Horse Show! This is one of the most popular horse series for young readers, and is written by renowned children's author C.W. Anderson. Billy loved horses more than anything, and he got one for his birthday. Since then, he rarely saw Blaze without him!

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