Best Teen & Young Adult Earth Sciences eBooks in 2022

Popular Teen & Young Adult Earth Sciences eBooks

From The Amazing Space Race to The Big Questions of Science, teens and young adults will enjoy exploring the fascinating earth sciences with these ebooks. Each book offers an innovative way to view big ideas and numbers. Some titles include: If the Moon Could Fly and The Incredible Plate Tectonics. There are also several nonfiction eBooks to keep young readers engaged. Among the most popular eBooks for teenagers are Space Race, The Big Questions of Science, and If the Earth Could Hear a Voice.

Space Race

Destination Moon: A Memoir of the Apollo Moon Landing Mission is a highly engaging middle-school reader. It features clear, vibrant text with engaging sidebars. The book also features stunning full-color photographs. The eBook also includes an author's note, glossary, timeline, index, and support for Common Core State Standards. This middle-grade novel will engage young readers and teach them about the moon's importance.

Space race is an era of great interest to young people and teens. It's no secret that NASA has done a lot of research about the history of space exploration. In these eBooks, author Chet Riley relives the story of the Space Race between the two most powerful nations on Earth. Throughout the story, students will learn about some of the most influential historical figures and events of the era, and develop analytical skills.

Kids love space, and the Space Explorers eBook features a foreword by NASA astronaut Eileen Collins, the first woman to command a space shuttle mission. Real-life astronauts such as Eugene Cernan, Apollo 17's commander, and Virgin Galactic Test Pilot Kelly Latimer provide a unique perspective on space travel. The pages of Space Explorers are packed with interesting facts, jaw-dropping pictures, and fascinating stories.

The second book in the series, Darrow, is an excellent choice for readers who love fast action, adventure, and suspense. The story follows a low-caste Red named Darrow who is recruited into the ruling Gold caste's special training school. Darrow's story is much more thrilling than the Hunger Games, especially if boys are not interested in romance or battle strategy. The Darrow series is filled with mind-blowing moments in every book.

The Incredible Plate Tectonics

The Incredible Plate Tectonics for Teens & Young Adults is a fascinating comic book about a young boy named Geo. He imagines himself as a super hero, complete with a jetboard, super suit, and awesome robot dog. He saves a blind woman from a manhole, and is even able to stop an erupting volcano. The story is engaging and the illustrations are enchanting.

It's much easier to understand plate tectonics on a local scale, where plates break apart, and then sink into the mantle. This process occurs time again. Young people can use the text to understand the processes that caused the continents to form and break apart. The book includes colorful illustrations to show the process. Teens will also enjoy the graphical explanations and helpful diagrams that make understanding plate tectonics easier.

Earth's crust, mantle, and oceans are made up of three layers. The topmost layer of the Earth is the crust, a solid layer that is thinner in the oceans and thicker in mountain ranges. These layers of rock and dirt act as insulation for the center of the Earth. Tectonic plates move a few centimeters a year, causing earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis.

The concept of plate tectonics is not a new one. It's been in existence for over four billion years, but we still don't fully understand how it started. This process involves the entire surface of the planet, and much of its interior. This planetwide surface recycling is extremely efficient, and many scientists believe it started three billion years ago. However, the other third believe it started much earlier.

The Big Questions in Science

The Big Questions in Teen & Young Adult (TYA) Earth Sciences eBooks are the latest books to tackle these burning questions. From the oceans to the core, these YA eBooks are sure to keep teens engaged and interested. Children will love this highly-illustrated, high-tech ride through Earth and space. The Big Questions in Teen & Young Adult Earth Sciences eBooks are sure to appeal to the intrepid young explorers in your life.

For a more thorough study of the fundamentals of science, try a textbook. Basic Physics by Karl F. Kuhn is a good place to start, but if you're not a scientist, you may want to check out The Dancing Wu Li Masters. This novel uses a dance style to illustrate physics concepts, making it easy to read for young readers. Other books in the genre explore the origin of atoms, including Only the Longest Threads by Marcus Choun.

If: A Mind-Blowing New Way of Looking at Big Ideas and Numbers

If: A Mind-Bending New Way of Thinking About Big Ideas and Numbers for Teens / Young Adults is a compelling paperback book from award-winning author David J. Smith. In it, he explores difficult concepts and facts using everyday objects and concepts to jumpstart students' minds. For example, he compares planets to sports balls.

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