Best Teen & Young Adult Diseases, Illnesses & Injuries Fiction eBooks in 2022

Teen Fiction - Diseases Illnesses Injuries Fiction eBooks

If you're looking for a new YA novel, there are several great choices for teen fiction. These books deal with topics ranging from mental illness to racial identity to alcohol and drug use. They're a great way to connect with other young adults who are dealing with these issues in their own lives.

YA novel about mental illness

There's a YA novel out there about mental illness. And while many books about mental illness are aimed at adults, YA novels are more accessible to teenagers and young adults. There are a variety of themes and characters that are appropriate for young adults. In this list, you'll find three that are both fun and realistic.

Sydney's father has schizophrenia, and she's stunned by the diagnosis. She wants to learn more about his illness and how it affects her father's life. But a father-shaped hole has been left in Sydney's life. Her quest to understand her father's illness forces her to learn about the mental illness that has damaged her relationship with her father.

YA novel about racial identity

Racial identity in YA fiction can be an important topic for young readers. This issue is very relevant today, and there are many YA books about race that are available. Here are some books to consider. All are aimed at young readers, and many are written by authors of color.

This is a novel about racism in a YA community. Justyce McAllister is a high school senior, one of eight Black students at a prestigious prep school, and she struggles with her racial identity. Her close friendship with a white off-duty cop, the gang, and the media make her life difficult, but she is determined to overcome her challenges.

Her racial identity is a problem for her, and she has trouble making friends. She believes that her black skin is the root of all her problems, including the problems she has with her family. But as she struggles with her internalized racism and the pressure of her verbally abusive family, she eventually finds reasons to love herself.

Shayla has a fear of trouble and wants to follow the rules. But when she starts junior high, she finds herself at odds with the other students. While some people see her as black, she's not quite black enough. In the meantime, her sister is actively involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, and she decides to support the movement. However, everyone starts taking sides, and she's given a deadline to complete her mission.

The Help is a novel about race, privilege, and family dynamics. It centers on the Richardson family in Shaker Heights. Mia Warren, the daughter of the woman who lives with the family, moves in, and soon, her family is entwined with the Richardson family. The novel also highlights the complicated relationship between race and privilege in a community. It also highlights the need to speak out for those who are disenfranchised.

This is a powerful YA novel about race and identity. The characters, Jade and Chelsea, are young, ambitious, and troubled. They face racism and sexism, and become young activists. They learn about their identities and struggle to succeed in the world. The book is also a powerful read that helps teens deal with the tough issues of their youth.

The book takes a progressive approach to discussing race in a YA novel. It uses four sections: history, identity, action, and solidarity. Each section focuses on different aspects of race and ethnicity. They encourage young readers to think and act against racism. It is a powerful story about racial identity in a multicultural society.

YA novel about alcohol and drug use

In a YA novel about alcohol and drug use, readers will discover the struggle of a troubled teen with addiction. She uses alcohol and drugs to forget awful things in her past and go numb from the pain of her life. Despite her new school and new friends, she does not feel supported by her family or older sister who is in college. Then one day, a mysterious pizza delivery man in cowboy boots finds her on the roof, where he offers her a chance to begin her recovery.

Young adult novels about alcohol and drug use may also be used as a springboard for classroom discussions about the issue. Characters in these books are complex and realistic, which can encourage students to ask difficult questions about their own behavior. These books can also help students understand how peer pressure affects their lives and why some teens turn to drugs.

Girl Walks Out of a Bar, by Lisa Smith, is a powerful YA novel about alcohol and drug use. The author had an addiction and spent a decade in New York City. She writes in a darkly funny memoir about her life, which is both heartbreaking and riveting. She describes her rocky relationship with alcohol and the pressures of her job as a lawyer (20% of lawyers have substance abuse problems).

Alaska is an interesting character, but her alcohol and drug use complicate her life. When Alaska dies, her friends begin to question their attitudes toward alcohol and marijuana. Sutter Keely, meanwhile, is the life of the party and a good guy, but is also a self-destructive alcoholic.

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