Best Teen & Young Adult Disabilities & Special Needs Fiction eBooks in 2022

Teen & Young Adult Disabilities & Special Needs Fiction eBooks

If you want to read about different kinds of disabilities, you might consider reading books about them. For example, you could start by reading The Last Black Unicorn by Sandra Woffington, which discusses mental illness and other disabilities. You could also start with Miracle's Boys, which deals with diabetes, PTSD, and medical neglect. Other books in this genre include The Great Gilly Hopkins, which has an African American protagonist. Finally, you might want to start with The Real Boy, an African American novel illustrated by Ersu, which deals with a condition similar to autism.

Evil Speaks by Sandra Woffington

"Evil Speaks" by Sandra Woffington is a middle grade fantasy novel that follows a group of teens with special needs on a mythological adventure. Woffington is a middle school teacher and passionate about teaching students to embrace and include people from all walks of life. The book will inspire young readers to think beyond stereotypes and celebrate differences.

Rating Normal by Peta Lyre

In her debut novel, Rating Normal, Anna Whateley explores the experiences of a teenage girl with autism, ADHD, and sensory processing disorder. While unable to follow rules prescribed by her therapist, Peta almost manages to pass as normal. Her romantic relationship with a new girl, Sam Shir-Del, makes her question whether she wants to be normal. Several events in her life lead to her questioning her decision to be normal.

Despite her strict rules, Peta excels in skiing and her studies. She also struggles with relationships. She's unsure about who to trust, but her newfound confidence makes her decide to try new things. Her new-found confidence also leads her to take a ski trip with Sam. The story follows Peta's journey as she attempts to figure out whether her old rules still matter.

Pinned by Peta Lyre

When you're searching for an eBook about a teenager with a disability, it's important to read books about people with disabilities. Pinned by Peta Lyre is an Australian novel about a girl who struggles with autism, ADHD, and sensory processing disorder, but she's nearly normal. As she begins a romance with a new girl at school, Sam Shir-Del, Peta begins to wonder if she wants to be "normal" or not. Then, her best friend is severely beaten by her father and older brother, forcing Peta to think about her own abilities.

While she excels in sports like skiing and surfing, Peta's life is filled with emotional challenges. She has trouble navigating relationships with the people around her, including her boyfriend. The characters are portrayed in an honest and believable teen voice, so that teens can relate to them. The plot is a compelling one, and I hope you enjoy Pinned by Peta Lyre!

Unbroken by Peta Lyre

In this Australian YA novel, unbreakable heroine Peta Lyre is autistic, but she has sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and ADHD. As a result, she struggles to follow rules that her therapist sets for her. However, despite her disability, she often passes for "normal" and develops a romantic relationship with new girl Sam Shir-Del. During this time, she wonders whether she truly wants to become normal and if she should just follow the rules she's been given.

After their divorce, Peta and her dad begin to talk about what happened during her childhood. They joke about how her dad used to beat his mother and the neighbors called the police, but they finally make up. But he no longer beats his wife or children. Peta goes to a special college for kids with problems and is a favorite of Jeb's father.


This curated collection of fiction eBooks for teens and young adults explores disability through fictional tales. Each story is written by an author with a disability and features themes like friendship, war, and travel. This collection is sure to make a reader's day. It also contains stories about the first love, disability, and travel. A book that can make a person feel better and more empowered, Unbroken will give readers a better understanding of what disability can do.

Disability Visibility

One out of every five Americans lives with a disability. As such, the disability community is diverse and vibrant, and we need to make sure that our voices are heard. The Disability Community Awareness Book is a great first purchase. It explores the past, present, and future of disability culture. It encourages readers to think about themselves as a member of this community. This book will educate and empower readers to become better advocates for their peers who live with disabilities.

Disabled writers from all walks of life can be heard and read in this collection of first-person stories. This book, adapted from the critically acclaimed adult title, contains seventeen essays by disabled writers. They discuss the challenges and losses of living with disabilities, as well as the triumphs of disabled people. The book is full of quotes and stories that will inspire readers and challenge misconceptions about disability. Disability Visibility eBooks for teens & young adults are an important part of increasing the visibility of disabled people in society.

In addition to the essays, Disability Visibility eBooks for teens & younger adults feature essays by iconic disabled thinkers and artists. There are books featuring Black disabled people, disabled athletes, and artists. The stories will help readers understand the experiences of people with disabilities and the ways they face daily challenges. There are many eBooks and downloadable resources available that can educate and inspire young people. They will feel empowered and confident when they learn that they are not alone.

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