Best Teen & Young Adult Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks in 2022

Teen & Young Adult Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks

If you enjoy fantasy novels, you can try a range of different genres from Games of Thrones to the Arabian Nights. Teen & Young Adult Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks can appeal to readers of any age and level of reading comprehension. Read on for some suggestions to get you started. This eBook is about a girl named Cinder who has a great talent for mechanics. Cinder is also interested in the handsome Prince Kai, but she's not so sure she's cut out for his kind.


The Mortal Instruments is an acclaimed series of fantasy novels by Cassandra Clare. With a global following of teenage fans, Clare has received a record-breaking book deal worth more than PS1 million. Her Sword Catcher series will tell the story of a young man raised as a body double for an unworthy prince and a young woman who is destined to change the world. Pan Macmillan bought two books for seven figures each, and Del Rey acquired the North American rights for undisclosed sums.

In the first book, "City of Bones," Clary Fray is sixteen years old. She attends a New York club called Pandemonium, and witnesses the murder of a teenage boy by three other teenagers. Though she is frightened by the crime, she refuses to let it get to her, and is soon caught up in the world of Shadowhunters. In the second book, "City of Heavenly Fire," she becomes Simon's girlfriend.

"Shadowhunters" is a series about a young princess who discovers her heroic destiny after being married off and pursued by enemies. She struggles with her Graces and must team up with another young fighter to save her land. The book is available on Amazon, cloudLibrary, and hoopla. In addition to Amazon, these eBooks can also be found on libby.

Games of Thrones meets Arabian Nights

A Games of Thrones meets Arabian Nights crossover can be a great way to bring the story of the legendary sailor Ali Baba to life for today's youth. There are several stories set in a variety of locations, including Baghdad, Basrah, Cairo, Damascus, Greece, and North Africa. Each story is captivating in its own way.

Laia and Elias

"Laia and Elias" is a thrilling YA fantasy novel about two best friends who grow closer over time. Laia is on the verge of becoming the powerful soldier known as the Mask, a highly feared warrior in the Martial army. But in order to accomplish her dream, she must first become the commandant's slave. To accomplish this, she must go against the will of her mother, who left her baby brother to die in the desert. She must find a way to rescue him and protect him from the Empire, but she is not alone.

After rescuing her brother, Laia must make a choice: should she be a spy for the rebels, or risk her life as a slave? When Laia is in the military academy, she meets a young man named Elias, who also wants to escape from the oppressive Martial Empire. Laia and Elias discover that their fates are intertwined, and their choices will change the future of the Empire.

The story takes place over one week, and it starts with an attack on the rival group. The "Socs" are rich kids from the other side of town. The story is an epic adventure filled with romance and action. While Laia and Elias' lives are threatened by the gang's actions, their friendship is tested as the two characters struggle to come to terms with their conflicting personalities.


In Illusions in Teen & Young YA Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks, Elle Preston creates an unusually beautiful world full of fantastic creatures and strange creatures. In this enchanting tale, a mysterious raven cult and a supernatural addiction entwined with a missing boy lead to the mysterious world of Illusions. The mysterious creature and its dangerous cult leader, Talon Renwyck, are crying out for help, and Evie Willow must decide if they are real or just illusions.

In one such story, a teenager gains superpowers and must learn to control them. A girl has superhuman abilities, which include the ability to lift cars or travel to other worlds. The magic often comes with a dark catch. While a young person's world can be confusing, a superpower-filled fantasy can make the everyday struggles of adolescence a little more bearable.

In this coming-of-age story, a poor farmhand named Eragon finds a mysterious stone hidden in the mountains, hoping that it might have some value. He raises it in secret, but the strange polished stone hatches and transforms his life. As he struggles to raise the child, a pair of dark Ra'zac come seeking the stone.

With Malice

With Malice, a new novel by John Gwynne, combines subtlety with mystery and intrigue in a YA fantasy. The characters begin in similar circumstances, but evolve in different ways. It's never clear who is on the good side and who is on the evil side. Similarly, the plot begins simple, but as it builds tension, twists and turns become unexpected. As the story progresses, readers are kept turning the pages at a rapid pace.

With Malice by John Gwynne is the first book in the Faithful and Fallen fantasy series. It takes place in a world where giants and humans have been exiled after the God War. Humans have fled to the Banished Lands, which is divided into several kingdoms. High King Aquilus oversees the Banished Lands. The storyline is simple, but it crosses over into other stories.


If you've read Seraphina, you've likely enjoyed the award-winning debut novel by Rachel Hartman. This YA fantasy novel about a girl who is half human and half dragon will captivate and intrigue you. This story follows Seraphina's adventures as she tries to find her true identity in a world where dragons are the norm, and where humans are in danger of becoming dragons. This is an adventurous YA coming of age fantasy novel that is sure to be a teen favorite.

Set in an alternate world where the human and dragon worlds collide, Seraphina discovers the origins of religion and her connection with a saint. She also learns about the differences between different earths, and she encounters dragons of means and mind. The story is full of twists and turns, and it is a definite must-read for fans of this genre.

The protagonist of this YA fantasy novel, Nannerl, is the real-life sister of Amadeus Mozart. Once she reaches marriageable age, she will lose her career as a prodigious pianist. As a result, she must accept a costly deal from a mysterious stranger. The author reveals how the two worlds can come together. The story is sad and exciting, with characters that readers will enjoy.

With Malice by Eileen Cook

With Malice by Eileen Cook is a great mystery novel for young adult readers. The book is similar to The Dangerous Girls, in which the main character has amnesia and believes she did not crash the car on purpose. However, after she is accused of killing her best friend Simone, she must decide whether or not she is guilty. This novel explores issues that are important to young adults, including the nature of memory, power, wealth, and friendship.

The plot is suspenseful and addictive, and readers will find themselves drawn into the world of the suspects. As the book progresses, the author always offers a fresh perspective and a new clue about the truth. The book's protagonist, Jill, is a complex character, who isn't easily influenced by love. She possesses an unbreakable will to know what's going on in her world, and it makes the story even better.

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