Best Teen & Young Adult College Guides in 2022

Teen & Young Adult College Guides

For students who are unsure of what to study in college, there are several Teen & Young Adult College Guides available to help you navigate the complexities of university life. One of these guides is The Boarding School Survival Guide, written by Dr. Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon and now terminally ill. Another guide is "Anatomy of a College Student" by Dr. Meg Jay.


Teen and young adult books can help teens find the right college books and choose the best ones for their learning styles. It has lists of recommended books in different genres and includes brief notes about each one. The lists are arranged chronologically, by subject, and include snapshots of history and evolution. There are even goodreads reviews of these books. A good read will give teens an idea of which college books they should buy and which ones they should skip.


If you're looking for a study guide, PinkMonkey has 460 study guides for teens and young adults in its database. Students can find study tips and strategies, as well as track and rate their own books. Students can also find free study skills tools like literature summaries and study skills training tools, as well as access to online databases. PinkMonkey is the world's largest free library of literature summaries online.


The book review website Goodreads is a great resource for literature students, as it offers recommendations, book clubs, and trivia about the books that have influenced them. The Renaissance Learning site also features free online literature summaries; you can search by title, grade level, or point value. Another great resource is PinkMonkey, which boasts 460 online literature study guides. BookRags also features everything you need to learn about literature.

Justin Muchnick's The Boarding School Survival Guide

A boarding school education is a life-altering commitment. Aside from academic challenges, it also presents financial and emotional challenges. Justin Muchnick, a seventh-grader at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, has written a guide for the incoming boarder that covers all the basics of boarding school. This book is a must-read for any incoming boarder.

Despite the book's straightforward and punchy writing style, Justin Muchnick's boarding school survival guide offers a realistic and morally grounded view of what to expect. Whether your child is attending an independent boarding school or a private boarding school, he or she can find real advice in The Boarding School Survival Guide. This book is a comprehensive guide to the boarding school experience and offers insight from an academically dedicated student and an experienced teacher.

Written by former boarding school students, Justin Muchnick's The Boarding School Survivors' book offers a real-life perspective and perspectives that can help students and parents determine whether or not boarding school is right for them. The book also offers a comprehensive guide to the application process, staff, and funding. While many people may think that they know what to expect at boarding school, The Boarding School Survival Guide has made this a more accessible resource for aspiring boarders.


The purpose of JED's Teen & Young Adult (TYA) College Guides is to help students and adults navigate the challenges of life. These guides can be helpful to parents, friends, and students, and include information about the best resources and support for students and their families. The JED website is a valuable resource for parents, students, and educators. It provides a list of resources for students and young adults who are struggling with emotional issues.

A special report developed by JED and WebMD focuses on the gap between students and parents. It helps parents and students determine if their teen is mentally healthy and ready for independence. The resources in JED's Teen & Young Adult College Guides will help parents and students understand what their students face and how they can best help them succeed. The guides also include a section on navigating the college search process.

The resources in JED's Teen & Young Adult Campus Guides address common challenges students may face as they transition to adulthood. While these guides are comprehensive, they do not cover everything a student might need to be successful at college. A guide to mental health can help students better understand their own situation and how to deal with it. The resources are designed to help students make the transition to adulthood as smooth as possible.

The Jed Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on protecting young adults' mental health and preventing suicide. With their comprehensive approach to mental health promotion and prevention, JED helps create healthier campuses. They also help educators reduce risk. With these resources, students can avoid the emotional and physical risks associated with mental health issues. This initiative is a part of Jed's national mission. These guides aim to help students succeed in college and improve their lives in the process.

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