Best Teen & Young Adult Bullying Nonfiction eBooks in 2022

Nonfiction eBooks For Teen and Young Adult Bullies

If you're looking for an effective way to combat the problem of bullying, consider reading a book. Some excellent examples include The Prodigy by Laurie Halse Anderson and The Survival Guide to Bullying by Aija Mayrock. These books are also excellent choices for young adults. Depending on your needs, you might like to pick up another book in the series or even try a new one altogether.

The Survival Guide to Bullying by Aija Mayrock

The Survival Guide to Teen and Young Adult Bullying by Aija MayRock was written by a teenage victim of bullying who wants to inspire other young people to overcome the repercussions of their experiences. Aija gives practical advice for surviving the tough days, including cyberbullying, how to cope with fear, and how to live the life you've always dreamed of. In addition to offering useful information, The Survival Guide to Bullying also contains quick quizzes that can help readers assess their understanding of bullying and how to deal with it.

The Survival Guide to Bullying is written by Aija Mayrock, a poet and bestselling author. Her previous works include Dear Girl, a collection of poems about bullying, and The Survival Guide to Teen and Young Adult Bullying. Aija Mayrock has also performed her poems at venues such as the United Nations, Madison Square Garden, and Microsoft Theatre. She earned a PhD in creative writing from New York University.

Aija's advice is written in different fonts, and each piece is bolded in blue. She also included her rap poems at the beginning of each chapter, which discuss her experiences as a victim of bullying. Overall, the book is a great guide for both bullies and bystanders. The book is available in stores now. Please consider buying a copy.

The Prodigy by Laurie Halse Anderson

The Prodigy by Laurie Halse... a New York Times bestselling author whose books tackle difficult topics with sensitivity and humor. The author is a frequent speaker on sexual violence and has been nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award seven times. She has also received recognition from the American Library Association and the National Coalition Against Censorship. The book is an excellent choice for teens who are looking for a book to help them explore their sexuality.

The Prodigy by Laurie Halse... is an incredible debut novel that will capture readers' imaginations and inspire them to become lifelong readers. The author grew up in Syracuse, New York, and went to an elementary school there. As a child, she was terrified of reading, and teachers helped her learn to read by hiding library books in textbooks. Her life has been a roller coaster since then, but now she is determined to finish school and become a successful writer.

The Bully (Bluford Series) by Paul Langan

The Bully is a novel by Paul Langan that follows a boy named Darrell Mercer. Originally from Philadelphia, Darrell moved to California to find a better job. He spent months in fear of his new school's bully, Tyray Hobbs, but things change when he meets the intimidating teen. Darrell must decide whether to run away from the bully or fight back.

There are five books in the Bluford High series, and a sequel to "The Bully" called "The Gun." Each book has a different premise, but overall, the story is a compelling and absorbing read. I highly recommend this book to young readers and adults alike! The Bully (Bluford Series) by Paul Langan comes highly recommended. I hope you enjoy The Bully as much as I did.

The Prodigy

The Prodigy is a compelling novel that captures the pressures of growing up as an athlete, from parental pressures to bullying. The book is a riveting read, and will keep you reading well past the end. As an introverted valedictorian, I was devastated when my advances went unnoticed and I fell for the bully in my class. But, I never thought that my big mistake would mean that I would have to leave town. So, I devised a plan to succeed. A big mistake would mean that the opportunity I had been pursuing would be gone forever. I had no idea how much drama was going to follow me for the rest of my life.

"The Prodigy" by Kathy Blanco is a memoir about being bullied and has become a standard book in many schools. Its author experienced being bullied and spent years dreading school. Her story is incredibly relatable and is a great way to examine your own behavior. In this book, we see how powerful words and actions can be, and how we can use them to empower ourselves and others.

Vicious: A Memoir of Bullying by Hope Vanderberg is another important book on the topic. This ebook features essays from teens dealing with the issues of bullying, including relational, physical, and cyberbullying. The stories presented in this book are incredibly real, and the young audience will be deeply moved by the stories. The Prodigy is an excellent book for younger readers, and will give them the courage to stand up to bullying and make the necessary changes to ensure a safer and more accepting community for all.

Life at School and in the Community

These two nonfiction eBooks offer strategies for dealing with bullying at school and in the community. They explore ways to keep teens and adults safe while also educating school administrators and staff about the issue. These two books are both written by young adults, but are equally accessible to teens. In both books, the main character has suffered a lot of bullying. They have been subjected to various types of bullying and have developed resilience and self-awareness.

Letters to a Bullied Girl by Olivia Gardner and Life at School and in the Community by Emily Buder and Sarah Buder both provide strategies for dealing with potentially toxic friendships. While these two nonfiction eBooks are written for teens and young adults, they are both extremely helpful to parents, educators, and children of all ages. For teens and adults who are dealing with bullying at school, these eBooks will help you identify bullying behaviors and provide advice on how to protect your child.

This book is written by Dan Savage, an author and syndicated columnist. In his book, Savage and Miller openly discuss their experiences of bullying as teens and their subsequent lives of success and self-acceptance. The It Gets Better Project, which he founded with Terry Miller, has now gained more than twenty million views and more than 6,000 videos.

It Gets Better

The topic of bullying is not new, but recent developments have made more people sit up and take notice. While the topic has always been relevant for both the victims and those who are bullied, it has become a much more common one in recent years. In order to combat this growing epidemic, authors have created books that explore the issue of bullying and provide practical tools for children to cope with it. In It Gets Better, Carrie Goldman shares the true stories of several young adults and children who have faced peer victimization.

This book is written by a columnist who had dealt with bullying as a child, and shares her story in a clear, powerful way. It details how bullying can affect one's identity, and provides tips for dealing with bullies. Vicious also includes tips for young queer guys to combat bullying, and includes personal accounts of the author's own experiences. Though the book is not for everyone, it will be an excellent choice for teens and young adults who want to learn how to stand up to bullies and accept their identity.

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