Best Teen & Young Adult Bullying Issues Fiction eBooks in 2022

Inspirational Teen & Young Adult Bullying Issues Fiction eBooks

For the ultimate in inspirational, motivational, and uplifting reading, there are many options for Teen & Young Adult Bullying Issues fiction eBooks. One example is It Gets Better, based on a viral video by columnist Dan Savage, which shares a hopeful message for LGBTQ youth. Other titles in this genre include All the Rage by Romy Grey and Vicious by Elaine Slavens.

It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living by Dan Savage and Terry Miller

The book, It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overlooking Bullying, and Creating a Life You Love is a New York Times bestselling memoir that has been translated into several languages. The authors, Dan Savage and Terry Miller, have worked to help thousands of teenagers overcome the negative effects of bullying in school and their communities. They have also started a global storytelling movement called It Gets Better Project. The book contains countless examples of teenagers who have overcome bullies and found their own way to success.

The book also features powerful stories of young people who overcame difficult challenges, including bullying and sexism. Dan Savage, the editorial director of a weekly newspaper in Seattle, and Terry Miller, a DJ and event promoter, have been mentors for LGBT youth for years. Their own experience as openly gay adults may give them the courage they need to face their bullies.

The Prodigy by Joe Loughran

The introverted valedictorian was devastated when her advances went unnoticed and she fell for the class bully. Her big mistake ended up driving her to another town, but not before he devised a plan to win the class of 2015 and make the world proud. Failure would mean losing the chance of a lifetime, but he never imagined the ensuing drama and tragedy.

All the Rage by Romy Grey

All the Rage by Romy Grey is a compelling tale of a girl who goes through the abominable crime of rape. But the town refuses to believe her, and she is surrounded by bullying and mockery as she fights to protect other girls. This teen rape story is provocative and timely, provoking a necessary discussion on teenage rape.

After being accused of rape, Romy Grey is branded a liar, despite her innocence. She is constantly bullied by her former friends and is forced to take refuge in a diner outside town. Her only chance of finding peace is to talk to the handsome grill cook Leo. But is she ready to face the consequences?

All the Rage by Romy Grey is a powerful YA novel about the consequences of bullying. The story is based on the real experiences of a high school senior. She starts her senior year without her best friend Magda, who committed suicide after months of bullying. Four popular boys in her school gang-raped Magda, but they get off without sentence. Hadley can't stand by and watch them get away with it.

The author also addresses cyber bullying in All the Rage. This novel contains numerous essays from teenagers dealing with bullying. It covers topics like cyberbullying, recognizing the bullies, and dealing with fear. The authors also provide tips and strategies that are useful in dealing with bullies. It is also a good read if you are a parent or a teacher.

Vicious by Elaine Slavens

If you're looking for a story that will help your young adult cope with bullying, you should consider reading a fictional novel. This list of books on bullying includes picture books and high school novels, as well as topics for discussion and significant quotes from the text. This list is organized alphabetically by title, though many titles cross level distinctions. Fortunately, the author focused on books published since 2000, and included about 300 annotations to each book.

The stories in this book are written by teenagers and are also relevant to today's youth. Teens who are experiencing bullying are not the only ones affected by it. Parents and teachers can also benefit from this list. Teens and young adults who are dealing with bullying are encouraged to read these fiction eBooks. These books are designed to help teens understand the different types of bullying and provide them with the tools necessary to stop it.

Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers is a powerful story about a popular and feared high school student. Regina falls out of favor and is the target of vicious bullying. A former victim of bullying, she finds comfort in the arms of an old friend. Another young adult novel is Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. A summer event affects Melinda's freshman year, and she is the victim of classmates who torment her through rumors and exclusion from clubs.

A middle school student is sent an e-mail from a suspicious address. The e-mail opens to a website dedicated to him, where he finds pictures of himself in the locker room, picking up girls in the hallway, and even a list of his name. After this, he must decide if he will pay back the bullies or lose his schooling suspension.

Life at School and in the Community (Teens: Being Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender Series) by Elaine Slavens

Despite the rise of the gay community, there are still many barriers to equality for LGBT teenagers. In addition to prejudice, many LGBTQ teenagers face social pressures to come out as gay. A new study suggests that the average gay male is six years older than his cisgender counterpart. While the study does not look at the effects of homophobia on LGBT people, it is relevant and enlightening.

Among the books in this series are None of the Above, which follows a teenager who discovers that she is intersex and must live her life differently. In this novel, 13-year-old Amanda Beeson meets a boy who seems uncannily like her. Meanwhile, Fat Angie discovers that her sister was captured in Iraq, and is the school's resident laughingstock. Meanwhile, Freak Show is a contemporary story about a teenage drag queen. He struggles with bullying and falls in love with a football player.

Life at School and in the Community is another title in this series. It is written by a young transgender teenager, who has experienced bullying at school. This book includes helpful tips and strategies to stop the bullies. It also discusses the various forms of cyberbullying, how to handle harassers, and what rights LGBTQ teens have. It also includes stories of LGBT teenagers, both victims and perpetrators.

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