Best Teen & Young Adult Arthurian Myth eBooks in 2022

Teen & Young Adult Arthurian Myth eBooks

If you're a young adult and looking for a great new book, check out the Teen & Young Adult Arthurian Mythe eBooks! The story is fascinating and is sure to keep you hooked for months. And with a new one coming out every week, you can have it right on your iPad! So what's next? Read on to find out! This article includes several recommendations for this popular myth book series.

Arthurian Myth by Roger Lancelyn Green

King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table is a retelling of the legends surrounding King Arthur, adapted by Roger Lancelyn Green. First published in 1953, King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table was intended for a child audience. The story begins with the sword that lies hidden in a stone. As young Arthur grows up, he sets out to become the rightful king of England. During his quest, he gathers the finest knights in England and invites them to a round table to tell about their adventures.

The Arthurian legend is filled with heroic figures and members of society, yet the author also makes the limitations of these characters known to the reader. For instance, Taliesin is a self-satisfied young man, while the wise woman has a limited perspective. The blacksmith, who also serves as a character in the book, is a villain in many ways.

Mythology is part of the "Ology" series from Candlewick Press, which includes books that are interactive and full of manipulatives and fold-out maps. In addition to the books' contents, "Ology" also includes a handbook with additional facts. Marcia Williams has also adapted Homer and Chaucer into comic strip format for younger readers. Its colorful illustrations make the story more appealing for the youngest audience.

Arthur's tale is also tragic. The story begins when Merlin steals him from his father Uther Pendragon and raises him in another land. When he draws the sword from the stone, Arthur becomes King of Britain. By defeating his rivals, he brings order to the land and assembles the Knights of the Round Table. However, the plots of his followers and the misdeeds of his family ultimately lead to his downfall.

Gillian Cross's adaptation of the story of The Odyssey is unforgettable. Even though it is a retelling of the story, Cross has preserved all of the adventure and suspense. Whether it is the tale of Odysseus' journey to Ithaca or the adventures of his companions, this book tells of the trials and tribulations he faces while trying to reach the island of Ithaca.

The Crystal Cave by T.H. White

The Crystal Cave by T.H. White, Teen & Young Adult Arthurian Myth eBooks by T.H. White is a re-telling of the Arthurian legend. It's written from the viewpoint of young Merlin, who is an illegitimate child of a Welsh princess. He would grow up to become a powerful magician known as Merlin.

The story is based on a poem by Thomas Mann. White is famous for his psychological renderings, and this is true with his novel The Once and Future King. Lancelot, who in Arthurian literature was a handsome hero, is ugly and his determination to become the greatest knight of the world is motivated by a deep sense of self-loathing.

The tale is set around 520 AD, thirty years after the Battle of Badon and ten years after the Camlann. The story is told from multiple characters. Flashbacks and narrated narrations reveal details of Arthur's life. This includes his battles with the Saxons. The reader will enjoy the adventure. And as a bonus, it's available in both audio and eBook format.

The Once and Future King is the fourth book in the series. The third book, The Sword in the Stone, was published in 1958, and the fourth book, The Candle in the Wind, has yet to be published separately. White's work was made into a Broadway musical, Camelot, in 1960. It was also adapted into an animated film, The Sword in the Stone. Despite his death, The Crystal Cave and The Book of Merlyn were completed and published after White's death.

Mary Stewart was a popular British author during the 1950s and 1960s. Her books were based on the Arthurian legend and crossed genres. The Crystal Cave was a best-seller, and was adapted into a TV series starring Robert Powell as Ambrosius. The series was so popular, that it became a best seller in Britain.

The Lost Years by T.A. Barron

The Lost Years by T.A. Barron is a five-book series about Merlin's early years, as a boy. It is a prequel to the Arthurian legend and explores Emry's mysterious childhood, adolescence, and path to magic. Emry was the first to pronounce Merlin's wizarding name, and Barron's imaginative portrayal of this character adds new depth and detail.

Throughout the story, we follow the boy as he grows up in the mountains of Colorado. The novel is full of ancient legends, beautiful beauties, terrible dangers, and attractive friends. The novel has echoes of Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles and The Black Cauldron, and is richly detailed and well-paced. Barron's writing style is classical and does justice to the vivid imagery of the novel.

The Lost Years by T.A. Barron is a five-book epic of Merlin's childhood and teenage years on the island of Fincayra. This book focuses on the development of Merlin from a bratty teenage boy to a wise wizard. It will make you want to visit the magical island and read the rest of the series, but it will also teach you about the character's ancestry and his role in the creation of modern-day magic.

The Shards of Excalibur by Ariane Forsythe

The Shards of Excalibur is a young adult fantasy series by renowned American author Edward Willett. It consists of five books about young adult characters. The story revolves around Ariane Forsythe, a Regina, Saskatchewan teenager, who discovers she is the heir to the legend of the Lake of Arthurian Lady. Ariane is in search of the five pieces of the legendary sword and must fight against Merlin, who disguised himself as the rich computer magnate Rex Major.

The story begins with a magical encounter where Ariane receives magical powers and is thrown into a battle with Merlin. The fantastic elements of the story work better than the more realistic parts, though some of the girls are laughably immature. The rest of the story is tightly paced, and characters exhibit authentic emotions. The ending is spectacular, and I highly recommend this book.

The plot is quite exciting and addictive. Ariane is a teenager who loves fantasy stories and reads books about knights and monsters. She is haunted by her mother's supposed descent into madness. Fortunately, she has an aunt who takes care of her, but she suffers from bullying and is determined to find the third shard. As the story progresses, Ariane must make some difficult decisions in order to save her mother.

The first book in this series is Song of the Sword, published by Coteau Books in Regina, Saskatchewan. The first book in the series, Song of the Sword, is a young adult fantasy about a girl named Ariane Forsythe who discovers she is the heir to the power of the Lady of the Lake. Willett has successfully blended Excalibur with fantasy and humour to make the series appealing to both women and men alike.

Ariane Forsythe's writing is filled with suspense and mystery. It depicts a perfect balance of mystery, likable characters, and suspense, with a touch of sarcastic humor thrown in for good measure. In the end, it's a thrilling and satisfying read. You'll want to get your hands on it.

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