Best Teen & Young Adult Art & Music Nonfiction eBooks in 2022

Books For Teens and Young Adults - Art and Music Nonfiction eBooks

Teens and young adults can get lost in the art and music world by reading nonfiction books on the subject. A variety of books are available in the genre, from the Yoko Ono biography to Grace Thomas' coming-of-age story. These books can provide hours of reading pleasure while teaching readers about important issues.

This Savage Song

Victoria Schwab, who has written several critically acclaimed novels for young adults, is back with a new book, "This Savage Song." Set in the divided city of Verity, where humans have turned into monsters, the book explores the varying shades of grey in society and explores how to stay safe and not become one. The story follows a group of survivors who try to survive the chaotic world in which they live, while others become the prey of the Corsai, mindless shadows with teeth and nails. The Malchai, or physical creatures similar to vampires, are also a threat.

Yoko Ono biography

Yoko Ono is a multi-faceted artist and peace activist from Japan. She's known for her work in the fields of performance art, film, and music. Throughout her long career, she's achieved international acclaim. Read her biography to learn about the many different aspects of her life.

Born in 1933, Yoko Ono was raised by her parents in a prosperous family in Tokyo. She attended school with two sons of Emperor Hirohito and attended Sarah Lawrence College in New York. After graduating, she moved to New York and met Toshi Ichiyanagi, a musician who would eventually become one of the most influential musicians in history. During her years in New York, she discovered the avant-garde arts scene and became fascinated with the avant-garde movement.

Throughout her life, Yoko Ono continues to release music, engage in concerts and write music for film. In 1969, she and John Lennon led a peaceful protest in New York City by lying in bed for two weeks to demand world peace. This protest was known as the Bed-Ins for Peace. Yoko Ono also began exploring the medium of motion pictures, making three short films in 1966. One of these films, 'Bed-In,' is a documentary film about Ono's honeymoon.

Yoko Ono's music was a mixture of avant-garde and rock, and she incorporated feminist themes into her songs. Her 1980s output included the brilliant 'Season of Glass', a response to the death of her husband, John Lennon. The optimistic 'I See Rainbows' was also released in 1982.

While her name is synonymous with The Beatles and John Lennon, Yoko Ono has a unique personality. Her art has influenced artists around the world, and she is known as an avant-garde superstar. She pushes the boundaries of the art, music, and theatre mediums. Her work has received much acclaim, and renewed interest is being paid to her biography.

Grace Thomas's coming-of-age story

Grace Thomas' coming-of-age story teaches readers about being independent and responsible. Her protagonist, Grace, faces many problems and comes up with a big idea to improve her life. She teaches girls that they can do anything they set their minds to. This book is suitable for young adults and doesn't contain foul language, violence or sexual content.

Grace Thomas is a 9-year-old girl with brown hair and blue eyes. Her outfits are inspired by French design. She plans to open her own bakery and the book will detail her visit to Paris. The American Girl company has also launched a campaign to end childhood hunger. With this effort, the company has already donated $50,000 to No Kid Hungry.

Grace Thomas' coming-of-age story combines a romantic and fantasy premise. Her protagonist is a fan of the boy band Fever Dream. After graduation, she feels like the only fan of the band. She can't imagine life without her online fan community, but she's not sure how to act when her IRL friends find out.

Grace Thomas' coming-of-age story is an intense and powerful novel. Originally conceived as a memoir, Graven Images evolved into a novel. The motif of the lost child is recurring throughout Thomas' fictions. This theme is woven throughout her books, including Real Mothers (1981) and Intertidal Life (1984).

Grace Thomas' coming-of-age novel explores the challenges of being independent. Young readers will be inspired by the stories of her friends. They encounter difficulties in starting their own business. Her entrepreneur grandparents run a bakery in her hometown and her aunt Sophia runs a Patisserie in France with her family. Grace's friends are encouraged to follow suit and start their own businesses, but their entrepreneurial spirit is challenged by challenges.

Hilary T. Smith's Wild Awakening

The storyline of Hilary T. Smith's Wild Awakening is an enjoyable one, and readers will enjoy the story of Kiri, a young woman who lives in Vancouver and is a gifted pianist. She practices her piano daily, rehearsing in the basement of her best friend Lukas's home. She is responsible and trustworthy and looks forward to spending time with Lukas.

The storyline is believable, and Smith's writing style is beautiful and realistic. Kiri is seventeen, and she plans to win the Battle of the Bands with her best friend, Lucas. While Kiri plans to win the competition, her crush, Lucas, falls for her. But before she can fulfill her dreams, a mysterious man calls her, saying that he's stolen her sister's things and he wants them back. But will Kiri be able to get her sister's stuff back?

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