Best Teen & Young Adult Animals Nonfiction eBooks in 2022

Nonfiction eBooks About Animals For Teens and Young Adults

If you're a teen or young adult, you'll love these Nonfiction eBooks about animals! Whether you're interested in undercover ostriches or the Syrian refugee crisis, there's a book out there for you. These titles are fun and engaging, and offer plenty of ideas to get you involved in the cause.

Undercover ostriches

The narrator of Undercover Ostrich believes that the ostrich is the master of camouflage, and readers will enjoy reading about the ostrich's many adventures. Ultimately, the author reveals the ostrich's true motivation in the final twist.

Syrian refugee crisis

If you'd like to start a discussion with your children about the Syrian refugee crisis, books are a good place to start. Children love stories about the difficulties of displaced people, and a book can give them a glimpse into the experiences of those who were displaced. However, talking about such a serious topic with a young child can be difficult. However, reading together can make the discussion much easier. For example, you can read the book Stones for Refugees, which is based on a true story about refugees. It is available as an eBook through Overdrive/Libby, or as an eAudio from Hoopla.

This book gives readers an inside look into the Syrian conflict. It also provides an overview of the various political issues in the country, including the rise of democratic movements and the beginning of the conflict. It's nonfiction, but it tells stories of life in a war zone, focusing on children's fears and living in shattered buildings and bunkers.

The first chapter examines the impact of intervention on Syrian children and adolescents. It also focuses on the experiences of men who are fathers to Syrian children. The author also explores the challenges of addressing child-specific protection risks. Ultimately, this eBook will provide teens and young adults with a deeper understanding of the Syrian refugee crisis.

Most children in Syria have never known life without war. The conflict has devastated their long-term health. They have lost their families to violence, suffered from inadequate access to education, and lacked access to healthcare and sanitation. In addition, they have poor housing, which increases their risk of respiratory infections and pneumonia.

The Syrian refugee crisis has caused the displacement of over 5 million people across the globe. Many of these people are now trapped in neighboring countries, including Jordan. With the increase in violence, the Syrian government fails to moderate its policies. After the conflict, World Vision expands its services in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon and establishes the Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan. This camp becomes home to tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.

Several books about the Syrian refugee crisis for young adults are now available. These include a fictional novel and non-fiction works. These stories give readers an idea of what it must be like for the people who are currently fleeing the war-torn country.

One book on the Syrian refugee crisis is by Somdeep Sen and Michelle Pace. Using new data and insights, this book shows the challenges Syrian children face. It explores the rights and struggles of Syrian refugees and shows the resilience and agency of these children. It is written by two people who have extensive experience in the area of asylum and migration in Europe. They will give you a unique insight into the issues facing these young people and their families.

The Syrian civil war began peacefully in March 2011 in Daraa, Syria. It was part of the Arab Spring, a social media-fueled movement sweeping the Middle East and North Africa. March 15 is now internationally recognized as the day when Syrians began their war.

Book review of the octopus

The Benefits of Being an Octopus is a debut middle grade novel by Ann Braden. Set in Vermont, the novel explores the realities of poverty, being a child caregiver, and middle school life. It has many classic elements of its genre, but also offers an original character perspective. It's a genuinely good read.

The author's experience visiting the New England Aquarium and SCUBA diving in Polynesian waters inspired this book. The book is both informative and touching, especially when you learn about the lives of the octopuses. The author also recounts stories of how octopuses have touched people's lives. One story recounts how an octopus helped a girl overcome depression.

This is a wonderful book for teens and young adults about octopi. The story is compelling and the characters are multi-spirited, intelligent, and affectionate. Sy Montgomery's characters are likable and relatable. Even the non-scientific Sy Montgomery portrays as Mother Nature is likeable and charming. The book is well-written and the story is well-balanced between fact sharing and story telling.

The Octopus Escapes is an attractive picture book, based on the true story of an octopus that escaped an aquarium in 2016. It celebrates the cleverness of the polite sea creature and its determination to get home. This book is an excellent choice for kids who love animals.

Octopus is an exciting, fun book that teaches children about Latino culture and the importance of family. It celebrates creativity, the Latino culture, and an adventurous spirit. The end of the story also provides a recipe for octopus stew, a glossary of Latino words, and an author's note on his early life.

Oscar the Octopus takes readers on a fun journey through the months. It uses pop-ups and touch-and-feel elements to engage the reader. The illustrations are delightful, with flaps and parts that can be touched. The book is also a great read for toddlers and preschoolers.

While the octopus is thought to be color blind, it can quickly camouflage its skin and blend into the background within three-tenths of a second. It also seems to be able to perceive light, and it responds to polarization and color.

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