Best Teen & Young Adult Ancient Civilization Fiction eBooks in 2022

Ancient Civilization Fiction For Teens and Young Adults

If you're looking for great ancient civilization fiction for tweens and young adults, you've come to the right place. Here are some of the best books for young people to read about the ancient world. Some of the best options are Judith Geary's Getorix series, Caroline Lawrence's Roman Mysteries series, and the Mark of Edain by Pauline Chandler.

Judith Geary's Getorix series

In her debut novel, Judith Geary evokes the ancient world with its historical detail and enchantment. In Getorix: The Eagle And The Bull, a young Celt boy who has lost his father in a battle with the Romans finds friendship with a Roman soldier who spares his life. However, this new friendship is not without its complications. And it will leave the young reader drooling for the next two books in the series.

The book is designed for a broad audience and is suitable for anyone with a lively mind and little background knowledge. It is written for 12 to fifteen-year-olds and assumes a reading level of 6.4. This does not insult the intelligence of the reader, and the author deals honestly with death and the punishments of slaves. It also shows a unique, if uncomfortably realistic, view of the world in which we live.

Judith Geary's The Hippopotamus Marsh

The story of the struggle between Egyptians and Hippopotamuses to become Lord of the Two Lands is an epic tale and Judith Geary's TheHippopotamusMars is a compelling read. While it may not be for everyone, readers should not skip this story. If you are a fan of Egyptian history, this novel is an excellent choice for you.

Caroline Lawrence's Roman Mysteries series

Readers of middle grade crime fiction will enjoy the Flavia Gemina mysteries by Caroline Dawson. The series takes place during the short reign of Emperor Titus and features a group of friends who solve a variety of mysteries. In addition to solving crimes, the series explores the culture of young marriage. Despite the grim realities of Roman life, Caroline Dawson's novels stay appropriate for her target audience. Readers are encouraged to read all four books in the series in order to fully appreciate the layered plot.

This series combines mysteries of the ancient world with modern-day issues, presenting compelling characters and events that will appeal to readers of all ages. The earliest books in the series are The Enemies of Jupiter, published in 2001, and The Assassins of Rome, published in 2004. Young adults will also enjoy The Dolphins of Laurentum and The Slave-Girl from Jerusalem, which are both geared towards a young audience.

Flavia Gemina is a natural at solving mysteries. She lives in Ostia, a port city in Rome during the 1st century AD. She has been invited to stay with her uncle near Pompeii, where she finds a strange riddle. Flavia and her friends quickly become absorbed in the quest to solve the riddle. And the series is so much fun that a live-action television adaptation was made for it.

Many of Caroline Lawrence's books have been adapted for television. A couple of these have been made into television series, which featured Simon Callow as Pliny the Younger. The others were adapted into books for younger audiences and are available from online bookstores, including Powell's Books, The Book Depository, and While these books may seem too dark for a younger audience, they are still suitable for older readers.

Judith Geary's The Capricorn Bracelet

The Capricorn Bracelet is the first book in a series of linked stories centered around the time of the Romans in Britain. It focuses on a Celtic boy in Roman times who must find the truth after his friend is abducted by blue-painted men in Celtic helmets. The second book in the series, The Capricorn Bracelet: Games of the Underworld, follows the same Celtic boy, who is determined to discover the truth about his friend's abduction.

Other ancient-era novels for teens and young adults can be found on the internet. Author Caroline Dale Snedeker wrote a novel called Theras and His Town, which is aimed at younger readers. Other books include Lysis Goes to the Play (1962) and The Mark of Edain: The Story of the Iliad, which is a fictional story of a British girl who is enslaved by the Romans. Both books are recommended for readers aged 10 and up.

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