Best Teen & Young Adult Aliens Sci-Fi eBooks in 2022

Sci-Fi eBooks For Teen and Young Adult Audiences

Aliens are not the only genres in which you can find eBooks for young adults. This genre also includes Fantasy, Horror, and Science fiction. In fact, if you're looking for an eBook that will make you feel like a kid again, you should definitely try Emily Henry's book. It's a perfect fit for fans of Stranger Things. In the book, a girl named Franny is part of a team that investigates local ghost stories and legends. This group even films a U.F.O.


If you're looking for a sci-fi ebook for teen and young adult audiences, you've come to the right place. Listed below are some of the best books for this age group. You can read one book at a time, or you can pick up a series and read it all in a single sitting. For more information on a specific series, check out the list below.

The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin is a science fiction novel about an alien colony on the planet Ekumen. This planet is home to a society without fixed gender. When Terra sends a Terra native to this planet, she must deal with her rigid notions of gender. This novel is a feminist classic, and was the first to depict the role of women in sci-fi novels.

Another sci-fi novel is A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine. This political space opera features technology that allows readers to carry their ancestors in their minds, gaining insight from their wisdom and memories. It is the first book in the Texicalaan duology, and fans are waiting eagerly for the second installment. Peter F. Hamilton has also written a sci-fi novel, Salvation Sequence.

Science fiction

While the genre's name suggests it's intended for teens, science fiction for teens and young adults is actually quite different from science fiction for adults. The focus on young people as the main protagonists makes this category unique, and its characters tend to be more optimistic. As a result, many critics believe the books' authors are deliberately trying to instill optimism in their readers. The protagonists are often uninterested in family life, but often they use it as a motivation or context.

The early days of science fiction were marked by pulp stories (pence dreadfuls, dime novels). These cheaply produced texts were packed with thrilling adventures. They were the first novels to be marketed to teens, and Heinlein's work is widely regarded as the first science fiction for young adults. Heinlein published twelve science fiction novels between 1947 and 1958, including The Invisible Man (1949). The novels in this genre were written by writers who were influenced by the popular pulps.

YA readers can explore the worlds of tomorrow in novels by Neal Shusterman. His Arc of a Scythe series for teens is an excellent example of a sci fi novel for teens. Set in an alternative future, the story follows two teenagers on their journey to adulthood. The second book in the series, Thunderhead, continues the story. For those seeking a contemporary sci fi novel, this is the perfect choice.


For those who like to read a good book, you can start with The Stand. This classic work of science fiction has more than 1,000 pages and continues to sell like hotcakes. In this book, a human population is decimated by a deadly flu called Project Blue. As a result, many factions emerge, both good and bad. Teen and young adult readers alike will find this story engaging and absorbing.

For readers who like to explore the future, there are a variety of genre-specific books available. Teens and young adults can pick up science fiction books aimed at aliens and other fanciful characters. Matt Ruff's sci-fi horror offers a debilitating portrait of racism. The best sci-fi titles span the literary world and range from classic classics to recent releases. Whatever your taste in sci-fi, there's a book for you.

Some of the best books are for teens and young adults. The premise of aliens invading earth is a popular one, and readers will enjoy stories about how humans react. The author of The Hunger Games, who was a famous science fiction writer, has written several young adult novels, but the violent nature of his work has gotten some critics mad. But even critics can't deny that teenagers have always preferred stories with violence.

Fantasy meets science fiction

Unlike the stale and predictable fairytales of our past, fantasy and science fiction are not meant to be realistic. Despite their popularity, many teens have difficulty coping with the realities of their daily lives, and find refuge in these stories. In this sweeping fantasy, young readers will learn what it takes to overcome poverty and oppression while embracing the potential of their imaginations. While some books feature fantastic creatures and futuristic technologies, others will focus on real-life themes, such as the effects of war and the rebirth of civilizations.

A great source of fantasy and science fiction for young adults is Ransom Riggs' series of books. Combining vintage photography with fantastical storytelling, his books explore the supernatural worlds of the past. The premise of this novel is that Jacob never believed in his grandfather's stories of a magical orphanage. But when he starts having nightmares about it, he is sent to a remote Welsh island to investigate. There, he meets a mysterious group of children, including one who has been caught in a time loop.

Another sci fi novel aimed at younger readers, Spacesuit, mixes noir and adventure within a futuristic vision of space travel. It treads the line between hard and soft sci-fi, and features a gutsy teenage main character. This novel is the sequel to The Suns Will Rise series, which features a different teenage hero, and another sequel titled Between Burning Worlds. Despite its shortcomings, the novel is still a solid read that will make your teens feel enthralled with the future.

Book reviews

If you enjoy reading Sci-Fi novels, you might like to try the books written by Neal Shusterman. The Arc of a Scythe series features an African-American girl named Dana, who lives in 1976. When she accidentally travels back in time, she finds herself surrounded by the inhumanity of her ancestors. Because she cannot control the time she's traveling, she is forced to face increasingly dire situations.

The sequel to The Arrival series, Stories of Your Life and Others, is equally thrilling. This sci-fi novel is based on the work of Carl Sagan, one of the greatest science ambassadors of the 20th century. The story revolves around a scientist named Ellie Arroway, who spearheads the mission to contact and communicate with other civilizations. As Ellie begins her journey to the alien world, she discovers the complexities of life on another planet.

This book is one of the most popular and influential science fiction novels ever written. It was adapted into a film by director David Lynch. It takes place in a futuristic world 20,000 years in the future. Humankind's survival depends on the availability of Melange, a substance that has the power to extend human life and interstellar travel. The Blazing World is also a feminist classic, and has been cited as an inspiration by Alan Moore.


As technology continues to grow, readers of adult science fiction are waking up to the fact that the future may be much more chaotic than the past. They may have grown tired of learning new habits and are now more sensitive to the consequences of rapid change. As a result, much adult sf is pessimistic about future technology and romanticizes the rural past. While this is an unavoidable part of human life, readers of young adult sf are likely to enjoy the worlds that these books describe.

Science fiction for teens isn't just about monsters or space travel - the genre is diverse and engaging. There are books for young adults that are just as thrilling for teens as those for adults. From books by Stephen King to short stories written by young authors, there are many options for readers to choose from. There are plenty of books available on the Internet for young readers. Some authors have curated lists of titles that are suitable for both young and old readers.

A good place to start is with a novel by Emily Henry. The title has many echoes of Stranger Things, so fans of that show will love this book. Franny is part of a group of investigators who investigate ghost stories and local legends in Ohio. The group eventually manages to film a U.F.O. in the process. The author also has a series of sci-fi romance novels for YA readers.

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