Best Sword & Sorcery Fantasy eBooks in 2022

Sword & Sorcery Fantasy eBooks

If you enjoy reading Sword & Sorcery books, this article is for you. In this article, I'll give you some recommendations on the best eBooks that will satisfy your desire to explore the world of Sword & Sorcery. The books listed below include novels by Charles Saunders, Tanith Lee, and Karl Edward Wagner. We also cover some of the best eBook stores that will offer you the latest releases in these genres.

Sword & Sorcery books

Sword & Sorcery books are an excellent choice if you're looking for a fun, high-action adventure story. These books feature swashbuckling heroes, wizards, rogues, and clerics. They're ideal for families and people of all ages. Many writers are writing both genres and many are equally popular. Read a Sword & Sorcery eBook today!

In addition to Sword & Sorcery fantasy novels, there are several short stories and novels in the genre. The Elric of Melnibone series by Michael Moorcock has become a classic. The series was later collected in two volumes: The Stealer of Souls (1963) and Stormbringer (1965). Other writers have tackled the genre, including Fritz Leiber, who coined the term "Sword & Sorcery."

If you enjoy Sword & Sorcery stories but are worried about the cost, there are a number of free Sword & Sorcery fantasy ebooks available. These eBooks are available in many formats, and will appeal to people of all ages and experience levels. You can read them anywhere you have a high-speed internet connection. Sword & Sorcery fantasy eBooks are a great way to spend a free afternoon or evening.

Novels by Charles Saunders

A fan of classic fantasy fiction will love Imaro by Charles Saunders. Initially conceived as an anti-Tarzan fantasy novel, this series takes its cues from African culture, history, and mythology. Although the novels were out of print during the 1970s, Nightshade Books republished the first novel in 2006, revised it, and replaced one story because of its disturbing implications. Saunders' writings are set in a world that is different and unique to the African continent.

Saunders is the author of the Imaro series and Nyumabi Tales, two fantasy novels about an African-inspired Conan the Barbarian. His Imaro series and Nyumabi Tales series both feature a heroine named Dossouye. In honor of the author's death, the Sword and Sorcery group on Goodreads has done a groupread for him through December.

The first novel in the quartet, "Tales of Neveryon," deals with slavery, gay culture, and power dynamics in a fantasy world. The third novel, "Flight from Neveryon," explores the AIDS epidemic and ties it in with the theme of revenge. Readers will love the richly detailed characters, intricate plots, and twisted worlds in this swashbuckling series.

The Trail of Bohu, "Nyumbani Tales," and "The Imaro" are the bestselling Conan novels, with millions of readers worldwide. Saunders' Imaro series is his best-selling Sword & Sorcery novel. The Naama War, a sequel to the Imaro trilogy, is another favorite among fans of fantasy fiction.

If you're looking for a classic S&S book, look no further than the e-books published by the website. You can download Charles Saunders' Sword & Sorcery novels, and even listen to audiobooks if you prefer to read in the comfort of your own home. Sorcery novels are great for any collection, as they provide a rich world that combines magic with mystery.

The Library of Alexandria is a secret society of magicians and sorcerers, and every 10 years they select six of the brightest young mages. One of those members has to die to protect the Alexandrian Society. The Library of Alexandria is full of secrets, but the characters don't care. What matters is the prestige of being a member of the Alexandrian Society.

Novels by Tanith Lee

Sword & Sorcery is one of the genres in which Tanith Lee excels. Her novels, which have received acclaim from critics and readers, span several genres. Aside from sword & sorcery novels, Lee has written several short stories. In this collection, sixteen of her tales of sword and sorcery are collected. Tanith Lee has been called the "Princess Royal of Heroic Fantasy" and "the Empress of Dreams."

She writes her novels in a two-week span, often drawing inspiration from films, music, and prominent public figures. Her first adult novel was rejected by several publishers, but eventually acquired by DAW Books of America. Her work is inspired by Jane Gaskell's novel "The Serpent," which takes on the themes of sexual romance and psychology. Her first adult novel, "A Sword in the Stone," was rejected by many publishers, but was eventually published by DAW Books of America.

The Empress of Dreams, a collection of short sword and sorcery fiction by Tanith Lee, was published by the independent publisher DMR Press in January 2021. The stories were published in various anthologies and span Lee's forty-year career. The title was derived from a letter of praise written by Donald A. Wollheim, co-founder of DMR Press, who published Lee's first S&S novel, "The Emperor of Dreams."

"The Castle of Dark" is another bestselling novel by Tanith Lee. It features an imprisoned damsel, a spooky castle, a magical harp, and a mysterious secret. Lee's world-building is unique and inspired by classic fairy tales and other mythologies. Ultimately, her novels are both fun and terrifying!

In the first novel, Elephantasm, a dark fantasy with supernatural elements, the protagonist is a young woman who has been shipped off to an exotic estate to work as a scullery maid. Through her work as a scullery maid, Annie Ember learns about a world that is far from light and hope. The second novel, Eva Fairdeath, takes place in a future where pollution has poisoned the land and ruins civilization. While Eva is trapped as a slave, she encounters a mysterious stranger with a gun. This stranger is a death merchant, but he gives her hope.

Novels by Karl Edward Wagner

If you're a fan of medieval fantasy novels, then you'll love the selection of novels in Karl Edward Wagner's Sword & Sorcery Fantasy eBooks. His books have a rich history, and readers will enjoy the epic stories of powerful knights and mighty women. Many readers will also enjoy the timeless story of the immortal statesman and warrior, Kane.

The author, who died in 1994, was one of the most prolific fantasy writers of all time. He has won many awards, including the British Fantasy Award for Best Short Story in 1976 and the World Fantasy Award for Caroosa. He also received the Thu Phoenix Award in 1978. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with his wife, Barbara Ruth Mott Wagner. He enjoys sports and drinking Jack Daniels Black Label.

A fan of pulp fantasy may be interested in reading one of Wagner's eBooks. The author is a master of fantasy and had a passion for publishing horror stories. He edited several horror anthologies, including The Year's Best Horror Stories series. In the 1970s, he also co-authored a series of Conan novels with Berkiey/Putnam, called The People of the Black Circle. While his books have been widely published, he hasn't been writing as much as he did.

The Last Wolf is a great way to introduce Wagner to readers. The story also highlights the evolution of Kane and makes Wagner's books difficult to find. Many Wagner Kane paperbacks and horror anthologies sell for big money on eBay and used book outlets. However, Centipede Press has reissued his works, but they're expensive. And if you're not into horror, try his S&S books.

Kane is a fictional character in Sword & Sorcery Fantasy books by Karl Edward Wagner. This fictional character is famous for his adventures and has a trail of battles and ruins to follow. He eventually ends up in a destroyed city where a half man and a waif live. The Book of Kane contains short stories that feature the character Kane. The stories are also full of the covers of future books featuring Kane.

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