Best Superhero Graphic Novels in 2022

Superhero Graphic Novels

There are two main categories of Superhero Graphic Novels: original graphic novels and trade paperbacks. These two categories each have about 12 pages, although the list below may not reflect changes made since the article was written. Depending on the genre, there are also multiple subcategories within each category. In this article, we'll focus on original graphic novels. For more information about the various categories, see our list of pages for Superhero Graphic Novels.

Chris Ware's Building Stories

For a graphic novel that feels like a board game, consider Chris Ware's Building Stories. This unconventional work consists of fourteen booklets and books, each detailing a different story about the life of a nameless, one-legged woman. Although the books are meant to be read sequentially, you can also read them out of order. Building Stories is an excellent introduction to Ware's work.

Despite the dark subject matter, Ware challenges our preconceived notions of what storytelling is and the limits of the medium. He draws inspiration from childhood games and from the work of Marcel Duchamp, a pioneer in the field of art and architecture who broke rules of the elitist world by exhibiting found objects. His famous "Box in a Valise" (1935) was a mini-artwork in itself.

"Building Stories" explores the duality of loss, whether it is the death of a beloved person or a loss of a significant object. Like Philip Larkin and James Joyce in Dubliners, Ware's works deal with the duality of loss, making ordinary objects seem profoundly poignant. It makes it clear that nothing is more ordinary than loneliness, despair, or dying, if you are willing to look at it closely.

The physical variety of Building Stories is remarkable. Ware creates several formats, including magazine-like pamphlets, journal-style magazines, and newspaper-style newspapers. This diversity of formats allows the author to explore different narratives and characters. The book's format also argues for the creative potential of paper and its ability to facilitate storytelling. A gazette-style book requires a different physical relationship with the text than a novel would require, making the reader's interaction with the work utterly unique.

Noelle Stevenson's Nimona

In her debut novel, "Noelle Stevenson's Nimona," author Noelle Stevenson explores the role of gender in the supernatural world. Her characters seem oblivious to the rules of gender. Although she addresses difficult moral questions, the story is also full of humor. Her art is expressive and her use of color is deep and varied. The book's dedication to "all the monster girls" is touching and suggests the author's affection for the girls.

In Nimona, narrator Noelle Stevenson blends elements of mad science and medieval concept to create a story that is both exciting and compelling. The story begins with some humor, but gradually slacks off as Nimona uncovers more of her past. The protagonist, a shapeshifter named Nimona, is a powerful and impulsive person with an interesting past.

Stevenson started work on the character during her senior year at Maryland Institute College of Art, where she studied graphic design and illustration. She later began publishing the Nimona webcomic, which doubled as her senior thesis. The book was published by HarperCollins in 2015, and it has since been translated into 16 languages and made into an audiobook. Nimona explores themes of queerness and identity, and academic analysis has pointed to the fluidity of identity in modern society.

Noelle Stevenson's comic is a perfect example of this - a work of art that is subversive and sharply irreverent. It's also a story of gender equality in the world of comics. Noelle Stevenson's dazzling art was a catalyst for many women's careers. The film adaptation of Nimona has become a huge hit, and Stevenson has received multiple Eisner Awards for her work.

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons's Watchmen

HBO's Watchmen premieres this Sunday. It's based on the smash-hit graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. The story begins with a murder mystery and a group of super-powered heroes battling an all-powerful blue-skinned entity with humanity's very existence hanging in the balance. However, the plot gradually evolves into a darker story, which explores the meaning of power and the limits of our power.

Watchmen is an excellent graphic novel for a newcomer to comic books. The book introduces interesting characters with a solid backstory and a compelling plot. Though the heroes are mostly past their prime, this doesn't take away from their likability, and the artwork is phenomenal. Moore and Gibbons created a graphic novel masterpiece that will endure for decades to come. This is a must-read for any fan of comics.

The graphic novel fizzes with ideas. Moore and Gibbons's story line was complex and layered, drawing heavily on symbolism, irony, and multiple perspectives. Gibbons's art contributed to the uniqueness of this work. A book like Watchmen is a must-read for any comics fan. Its characters are unforgettable and the series is well-deserved of its status.

Although the graphic novel was created by two creators, the movie and TV series only credit one or the other. In reality, there's a long-standing feud between Alan Moore and DC Comics, and the story is an extension of this. However, in the end, the story is a compelling and emotional read. The plot of Watchmen is as thrilling and complex as its characters. There is no other comic book like it.

Alan Moore's Barton vs the Russian Mafia

This four-volume thriller is a classic in its genre. It features low-stakes action and narrative experiments, as well as gorgeous visuals by David Aja. Moore's work has always been characterized by its dark noir feel, and the artist has consistently made overwriting look like eye-popping set pieces. Its characters are complex, and they will inevitably make you laugh and cry.

Comic books by Alan Moore are often considered works of art. His graphic novels are among the best examples. His eerie, mysterious, and often macabre style are unparalleled. Moore has already proven his mastery of superheroes and genre fiction in his other works. Barton vs the Russian Mafia is no exception. Moore has done a great job of deconstructing the myths of superheroes and making them seem less heroic.

Alan Moore's Hawkeye

The Justice League's superheroes have long been a favorite of comic book fans, and now they're getting a sitcom treatment in Alan Moore's Hawkeye. In the upcoming December release of Hawkeye, Kevin Maguire will take on the role of Hawkeye, who will hold onto his sense of humor despite his penile obstruction. Hawkeye's comic book series will continue on Disney+, where fans can enjoy more adventures with the character.

The sixth issue of Alan Moore's Hawkeye continues the storyline of the series. This time frame becomes more prominent, with narrative and formal strategies emphasized. This theme is echoed in the book's conclusion, as the book is structured around Barton's theme of "making home."

The collection includes issues one through five, which helps identify the beginning and end of the David Aja era. The first issue lacks story interest, with Javier Pulido struggling in the first few pages and Clint Barton looking like a paper doll in a few places. But in the action sequences of issue five, Javier Pulido recovers his dignity. Hawkeye must track down the tape before it's released.

In addition to his work as an author, Moore is also an anarchist, a ceremonial magician, and a cosmetologist. His novels and short stories often contain occult themes, and his spoken word works include avant-garde occult "workings" with The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels. However, the name Alan Moore has been linked to his comics has caused some controversy.

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