Best Study Aids & Revision Guides in German in 2022

Study Aids & Revision Guides for German

You should be looking for Study Aids & Revision Guides for German. They are essential to improve your language skills. Make sure to finish your homework on time, and make sure to look for revision resources. The more you practice, the more you'll understand your new language. This is also the case if you're studying for an exam. However, there are many resources for revision and homework available online and offline.


GCSE Study Aids & Review Guides in German are essential for students taking the exams. These useful books can help you to understand the material better and achieve your targets in the exam. With their practical approach, these books are useful tools to help you with revision. Some of them also contain vocab sections, which are useful for learning test terms. The other revision aids include set texts and targeted translation practice.

A good revision guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the course and give exam tips. For GCSE German, CGP has a comprehensive language guide. It covers the course material in depth, contains exam style questions and offers useful vocab lists for each topic. CGP Exam Practice Workbook will match the book you choose. A good revision guide will provide you with plenty of tips to score well in the exam.

AS/A Level

AS/A Level Study Aids & Revising - German focuses on helping you achieve success in the German examinations. These revision guides are intended to support your studies and act as a final approach to your examinations. They cover a wide variety of topics, from vocabulary and grammar guides to novel studies and study checklists. The Oxford Literature Companions for A Level Languages provide comprehensive analysis of set texts, including plot, characters and themes.

As an AQA student, you can purchase a German revision guide that covers the foundation level syllabus. The book features exam-style practice questions and revision advice. It also has a dictionary and grammar section. The book also contains practical advice and vocab lists for each topic. These revision aids are available at very competitive prices, so make the most of them by getting your hands on one.


For the best results, revising by immersion is the most effective way to learn a language. If you don't know anyone who speaks German, read up on the language. Revision resources are essential for this purpose. Some revision materials are specially designed to teach specific aspects of the language, while others are not. BBC Bitesize is an excellent revision tool that offers topics in the areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

This CGP German GCSE revision guide covers all aspects of the AQA Grade 9-1 German course, including the language skills you will need for exam success. It includes exam-style practice questions and advice, as well as useful vocab lists for each topic. It's also packed with engaging activities that will help you understand the concepts covered in the exam. AQA-approved, this guide includes audio for revision.


For GCSE students who are preparing for the examination, revision guides and homework aids in German are essential for success. These resources include key areas of reading, writing and grammar, and also include interactive quizzes that test students on the topics they've studied. GCSE revision aids and homework aids for German also come in the form of textbooks, videos and websites. These study tools can be used by students in class as well as by teachers for their own study.


Whether you're studying for an upcoming exam or studying for your first language, you'll benefit from Study Aids & Revision Guides for German. Study Aids for German provide a comprehensive review of key grammar points and vocabulary, as well as targeted translation practice. In addition to revision guides, there are also set text guides. Both provide comprehensive coverage of the language's syllabus. To make the most of your study time, consider purchasing a revision guide or two.

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