Best Steampunk Science Fiction in 2022

What Is Steampunk?

The genre of Steampunk has many definitions. There are some of the most popular types, including Gaslamp Fantasy, Clockpunk, Gaslight Romance, and Morlock Night. If you want to learn more about each one, read on! But first, what is Steampunk? I'll discuss a few examples. In this article, you'll learn more about the genre's history, influences, and definitions.


Clocks are an important part of steampunk science fiction. This style focuses on the inner workings of mechanical devices, such as clocks and time pieces. In steampunk stories, clocks represent the heart and the human race, and ticking analogously to our own heartbeats. It also highlights the fragility of human beings, as clocks may falter, skip, or grind to a halt.

A popular example is a steampunk clockwork gentleman. This incredibly elaborate piece of mechanical equipment is powered by air. The steampunk theme is present in other movies as well, such as Dinner for Adele, which stars Oldrich Lipsky and features various steampunk contraptions. Another example is Time After Time, which follows Herbert George "H.G." Wells and John Leslie Stevenson into the future. Stevenson is suspected of being the Ripper, and both men use Wells' time machine to travel to the future.

There are many subgenres of the steampunk genre. Many of these have their own distinct characteristics. The genre has become so popular that a subgenre called cyberpunk emerged in the 1980s, focusing on computer technology and social change. Cyberpunk stories often focus on low-life characters who live in a near-future world. In addition to steampunk, cyberpunk stories are often based on World War II technology.

Besides the eras mentioned above, steampunk can also be a part of recent science fiction. The stories usually take place in an recognizable historical period, such as the Victorian era or a fantasy Wild West era. Often, steampunk works take place in alternative histories of the Victorian era or the American "Wild West," but they can also be set during the Industrial Revolution.

Gaslamp Fantasy

While Steampunk science fiction is a popular subgenre of speculative fiction, gaslamp fantasy is a niche genre that few people have heard of. This subgenre largely defines itself by what it's not, and abides by this basic definition. For starters, gaslamp fantasy stories take place in 19th century Los Angeles. In this setting, characters are usually masked, and ghosts are a common theme. Similarly, there are a few elements of mysticism and ghosts in these stories.

The Conductors, by Leanna Renee Hieber, is a post-Civil War novel that falls under the gaslamp fantasy category. The story follows Hetty Rhodes, a former enslaved woman who ferried enslaved people to freedom as a conductor on the Underground Railroad. She and her husband, Benjy, use their magical powers to investigate murders that white authorities ignore. When Hetty's friend is murdered, they are thrown into an even greater mystery.

Another genre that falls within the steampunk and gaslamp categories is the Deadlands. It is a hybrid genre set in the Wild West, where evil spirits and other creatures try to remake the world. Mad Scientists design futuristic technology and run it with superfuel created from the souls of the damned. Hucksters bet with souls in order to win money in gambling, while gunslingers fight giant animals and shapeshifting cannibals.

Gaslamp fantasy also has connections with historical fiction and steampunk. Gaslamp fantasy stories generally feature magical elements or mythological or folklore creatures. The setting is often the Victorian era, but can be Victorian or Regency, or even alternate history. Unlike steampunk, gaslamp fantasy stories can be humorous, sad, or horrifying. While gaslamp fantasy is often set in Victorian London, this genre is typically set in the 19th century.

Gaslight Romance

Gaslight Romance is a genre that blurs the lines between history and science fiction. The genre has become a popular "quick fix" for authors of Steampunk fiction. Its premise is a steampunk story, but it's much more than that. The steampunk elements of Gaslight Romance make it a fun read for fans of all genres. The main difference between a Gaslight Romance and Steampunk fiction is the type of characters that dominate it.

One of the genre's forebears is the comic book series "Girl Genius." Its stories incorporate mad science, supernatural fiction, and recursive fantasy. Some stories are pure fantasy, and others are historical fiction. Examples of literary Gaslight Romance include Gaslight Grimoire and Girl Genius. These stories are not to be confused with Gothic Punk, which is a genre with modern settings and characters.

Victorian-era writers were obsessed with the British Empire. Their novels depicted the future filled with technological advances. Some writers even imagined flying machines in the future. While Victorian-era technology wasn't quite ready to be used, gaslamp romances often featured steam-powered technology. Gaslight novels have the same elements as steampunk stories, but are a different genre. The Victorian era was an important time period for science fiction and fantasy, and writers of the Victorian era drew from this period for their stories.

The genre has undergone many changes in recent decades. While many genres of science fiction have become more realistic, Steampunk requires a different reality. In other words, you can't simply take Victorian magic and apply it to modern science fiction. A steampunk-inspired novel requires a completely different world, and it needs time travel to make it more plausible. If you're wondering if Gaslight Romance is Steampunk, the answer is yes.

Morlock Night

If you love science fiction, you've probably read Morlock Night by K. W. Jeter. Written in 1979, this book features an underground science-fiction city, complete with steampunk-style architecture and machinery. The novel is also a fantastic read if you're interested in the history of steampunk technology. And if you love books, it's even better. Here's why!

The sequel to the renowned Time Machine, Morlock Night introduces the feared Morlocks, troglodytes who plan to take over Victorian London. But their use of a time machine creates a gap in time, which could result in the collapse of time itself. This could mean the end of the world, and indeed the universe. But who can judge when a steampunk novel should be good?

While the novel isn't exactly steampunk, it does represent an innovative approach to science fiction. The steampunk style has its roots in H.G. Wells' novel The Time Machine, which paved the way for future science fiction and inspired numerous sequels by other authors. However, if you want to experience steampunk science fiction in its most exciting form, you should read Morlock Night!

In addition to being an original steampunk novel, Morlock Night is also one of the first books to use the term steampunk. The time traveler's machine falls into the hands of a Morlock, which opens the door to a new hunting ground in Victorian England. The premise of this story is thrilling, as we meet King Arthur, Merlin, and an ancient Atlantean submarine. In addition to exploring the paradoxes of time travel, the story also examines the fabric of the Cosmos.

The Difference Engine

The Difference Engine is an alternative history novel written by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, and it helped to set the conventions for the genre. The story takes place in the future and the technology of the future is not the same as what we know today. In this novel, two different people from different eras fight for control of the world. In a steampunk world, one man is destined to rule the world and the other to be left behind.

The Difference Engine follows a punk philosophy, diverging from our own timeline when Charles Babbage created the first analytical computer. It parallels the Industrial Revolution with the computer age, and it revolves around the actions of a few individuals. A mystery surrounding punch cards ties the characters together. If you love steampunk, you should give this book a try. It's the perfect introduction to this genre.

One of the most popular steampunk science fiction novels is The Difference Engine, by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. The Difference Engine takes as its premise that Charles Babbage succeeded in building a mechanical computer. In this world, computers are warehouse-sized and filled with spinning gears, and they are used for everything from designing super-efficient steam-powered vehicles to creating social databases. It also makes sense to consider this novel when discussing the future of science fiction.

If you love mystery books and fantasy, you'll probably love The Difference Engine. This Victorian Era novel is a mix of mystery, alternate history, and science fiction. James Cameron would have loved this book! The author was a masterful creator and is a great writer. If you love steampunk, you'll be engrossed for years to come. And the best part is that you won't have to wait that long for the next installment.

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