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How to Use Sports Reference to Learn More About a Sport

Sports Reference is a company that operates several sports-related websites. Its most popular sports-related websites include and, which are both dedicated to baseball and basketball. While some of its content is limited, you can still use them to learn more about a particular sport. To make the most of your Sports Reference membership, you should log in to the website before starting your research. The information provided on these sites is accurate and reliable, but it's not necessary to use them to determine the score of an important game.


If you have ever wondered what makes statheads so obsessed with sports, you've probably tried to do the same thing. You have downloaded tables from a number of disparate sources and then merged them together to create a large dataset. This process, however, can take days. To make your life easier, Stathead has built an API to access all of their sports database sources. You can use it to search, sort, and export data in any way you want.

For sports fans, Stathead's subscription service is the perfect way to keep up with the latest scores and stats. It is a comprehensive source of information and is used by front offices and analytically-minded journalists. You can also search for splits and other stats in any of five different sports. With its ad-free service, you can browse in ad-free mode and have a smooth experience while you research.


If you're a sports fan, you've no doubt come across Baseball-Reference, the site where you can look up every major league player's salary and stats. You might be surprised to learn that some players have the most ridiculous nicknames. For example, Tracy Souter Barrett is known as "Dick," while former Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Dave Stieb is known as "Kewpie Dick."

Baseball-Reference's player page covers Minoso's career, from his time with the Negro National League's New York Cubans to his time in affiliated minor leagues and multiple Mexican leagues. You'll be able to appreciate just how comprehensive the site is by visiting his page. As a result, you'll see that Minoso ranks eighth among all hitters between 1951 and 1961, and he was just 26 when he played his first full MLB season.

Early baseball record-keeping wasn't nearly as accurate as it is today, and there are a number of players whose left-handedness is questioned. In fact, there are six players listed with "?" next to their name, indicating that it's unclear if they were right-handed or left-handed at the plate. Other Spiders include Sport McAllister, Ossee Schrecongost, and Highball Wilson. A fun name and a great player photo are also cited. And George Bristow has an awesome moustache.

While Baseball has become a global sport, it still lacks geographical diversity in the United States. Baseball-Reference has created a database that breaks down players by state, starting with 1851. In fact, more than eighteen thousand players have played in the major leagues since 1851. Of those, nearly half of them are from six different states and come from overseas. So while it may be interesting to know which players are from where, you're better off knowing that history.

College Basketball-Reference

In case you've been living under a rock, it's time to visit the College Basketball-Reference site. Among the more useful features are advanced stats, which track players' usage over time. The leaderboard on the website lists players' top-10 performances by various stats. In addition to stats, CBB-reference also has a player Span Finder. This is a new feature added to Stathead Basketball.

Currently, BBR has numerous social media accounts, but it's worth checking the site out first. It's owned by Sports Reference LLC, and its information can be found on multiple platforms. As of May 2017, the site includes rankings and news about the NBA, NCAA, and G-League. Among its social media accounts are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can also follow BBR on Twitter and Facebook. And if you want to keep up with current news about college basketball, you can check out its official blog.

College Football-Reference

You can find useful college football statistics at College Football-Reference, a popular online sports magazine. The site also features national media, official NCAA and NAIA pages, conference and division pages, rating systems, and comparisons. The following are just a few of the stats that College Football-Reference publishes. Each of these metrics has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should pay attention to them when making a bet.

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