Best Speech & Pronunciation eBooks in 2022

Speech & Pronunciation eBooks

Among the best-selling and most-read Speech & Pronunciation eBooks, Clear Speech 4th Edition is a must-have for students. It offers extensive pronunciation practice directly correlated with the Conventions of Standard American English. It focuses on the most common sounds and masters rhythmic patterns in spoken English. It also teaches students to place their tongue and lips correctly. With over 3,000 pages of audio, this eBook is sure to help you improve your English skills.

Practice Book

English Phonetics and Pronunciation Practice is a comprehensive reference and practice book for improving your English pronunciation. It covers the essentials of pronunciation, including intonation, stress, and rhythm. It includes many exercises, both receptive and productive, and has a range of audio materials in CD and cassette format. Students will learn the correct pronunciation by doing these exercises with a partner or in small groups. It is suitable for both classroom use and independent study.

Designed for students of English, this book teaches pronunciation in common situations. It also emphasizes the relationship between pronunciation and listening comprehension. Its Teacher's Manual features innovative ideas for teaching, detailed procedures, and additional activities, as well as an answer key. It also contains two audio cassettes containing material from many exercises, and a clear listening test. The audio materials are suitable for classroom, laboratory, or self-study.

Level 1 Student's Book

Clear Speech, Second Edition is an innovative and highly successful course for teaching pronunciation. It is geared toward intermediate and advanced students of English and focuses on intelligibility, rhythm, stress, and intonation. It is a great tool for students who are serious about improving their pronunciation. You can find a sample chapter here. The Clear Speech series has proven to be extremely effective and useful for students of all levels.

The student books are accompanied by audiocassettes that reinforce the concepts taught. The audiocassettes include listening segments that range from short simple dialogs in Book 1 to a variety of formats in Book 2. Some have background noises, while others are simulated telephone answering recordings. The audiocassettes also come with instructions for cassette tapes. The student book begins with a discussion of an illustration and continues to reinforce the vocabulary and pronunciation. There is also a section where students can participate in student-centered activities that reinforce the language-learning process.

Clear Speech: Second Edition is a comprehensive, highly successful course in English pronunciation. It is aimed at intermediate and advanced students and emphasizes intelligibility, rhythm, stress, and intonation. The book provides audio and video lessons for students to practice speaking, reading, and writing. Each unit ends with an assessment that helps you determine how well you're doing in the course.


RULES for speech and pronunciation is a groundbreaking program for intermediate to advanced students of American English. This course addresses 23 frequently confused rules of pronunciation and accent modification. These rules include /t/ variations, syllable length, stress, grammar, linking, and other aspects of pronunciation and word formation. The course also contains over five hours of repetition exercises to help readers master the rules. While the content is comprehensive, it can be difficult to follow the instructions without some assistance.

Accent Modification

If you're having difficulty speaking English, you might want to check out one of these two Accent Modification eBooks for speech & pronounciation. Change Your Accent is an easy-to-follow, systematic method for reducing accent. Non-native speakers of English might be missing out on business opportunities due to their accent. This eBook includes step-by-step exercises, analysis, and skill-building materials to help you achieve your goal of accent-free English.

The American English Pronunciation eBook includes 3 charts and audio. It also comes with a free shipping to the U.S. and Canada. It provides you with detailed explanations of how to pronounce words and phrases in an American accent. This eBook also features helpful videos and audio that help you practice your speech in a natural way. While Accent Modification eBooks can help you improve your accent and improve your speech, you should consider finding a book for specific purposes and follow instructions carefully.

Regardless of the kind of eBook you're looking for, practice is an essential part of accent reduction. Learn to mimic the way actors speak and focus on how they use rhythm to sound like a native English speaker. Pay close attention to which words are stressed in each sentence and stress those parts that are important. Learn to stress important words in a sentence instead of accenting every word. Check out YouTube videos to learn more about Englishlanguagerhythm.

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