Best Simonetta Agnello Hornby Crime, Thriller & Mystery in Italian in 2022

Crime Thriller Mystery in Italian

Simonetta Agnello Hornby was born in Palermo in 1945. Her first novel, La Mennulara, was published by Feltrinelli in 2002 and was a literary success. It won the Italian Pen Prize for Novel and the Stresa Prize for Fiction. Her second novel, The Nun, won the Italian Pen Prize for Fiction. Hornby currently lives in London.

The Almond Picker

In Simonetta Agnello Hornby's debut novel, The Almond Picker, the main character is dead. The novel starts with the death of La Mennulara, a servant of a wealthy Sicilian family. Her mysterious past fuels the novel. It was a bestseller in Italy.

Hornby is a celebrated author in Italy and Spain. The book is set in 1960s Sicily, a time of violence and complex society. It tells the story of an Italian woman who fought for her freedom. Hornby was born in Palermo and studied law in England. Currently she lives in England, where she serves as the president of the Tribunal of Special Educational Needs.

Gianrico Carofiglio

Gianrico Carofiglio is a prosecutor in Italy who specialises in fighting organized crime syndicates. His work has led him to require bulletproof cars and bodyguards. He has also been involved in the destruction of slavery rings and corrupt medical practices. However, Gianrico Carofiglio has always wanted to write fiction. He recently published a crime thriller called Testimone inconsapevole, which was originally translated as 'Involuntary Witness'.

Giallo crime thrillers and mysteries are usually written in Italian. The word giallo means yellow, and for a long time it was the color chosen for Italian police thrillers. Today, this term is also used for crime thrillers and mysteries set in Italy. In this series, Gianni Castiglione, a violin maker and restorer, is involved in a number of crimes involving violins.

The book is a tense and suspenseful crime thriller that depicts modern Italy. The death of Clara is ruled a suicide, but her half-brother, Andrea Camilleri, and Marco Malvaldi are among the main characters. The cast also includes Fabio Stassi, Gaetano Savatteri, and Andrea Manzini.

As the title suggests, this book is set in Italy, which is a country of contrasts. The country has 20 patchwork regions. Through the story, readers will discover what makes life in Italy so complex and fascinating. In Inspector Achille Peroni, who is also called the "Rudolph Valentino of the Italian police," the reader will gain a better understanding of the country's diverse culture.

Unlike most crime thrillers, this one doesn't revolve around a cop or a police investigation. Instead, it focuses on a showgirl's quest for fame in Italy. She is the center of attention on Italian television, but the male hosts do all the talking.

Despite being set in Sicily, Gianrico Carofiglio's characters also have a love of good wine and good food. In addition to his erudite writing style, he often sprinkles his books with historical and literary references, which encourages readers to do some extra research. While this is not a prerequisite for enjoyment, it adds intellectual value to the tales.

'A Lifetime of Art' is the latest Italian crime thriller by Gianrico Carofiglio. In this crime thriller, Flavia di Stefano, a special assistant to the head of the art-theft squad in Rome, is sent on a dangerous mission to recover a stolen Titian portrait. Flavia's new art dealer, Jonathan Argyll, also becomes her friend. Despite the ill humor and danger that she is apprehensive about, Flavia's romantic interest reveals itself.

Giorgio Faletti's I Kill

Giorgio Faletti's I Kill charts a series of grisly murders in Monte Carlo, and features a serial killer who removes the victims' faces and collects their souvenirs. While the city is not traditionally associated with temperance, it seems like the perfect setting for a serial killer who has a particular fetish for collecting souvenirs.

Giorgio Faletti began his career as a stand-up comedian, and in the 1970s, he made a name for himself as an eccentric character on the television show Drive In. He also penned songs for Italian artists, such as Milva, Mina, and Angelo Branduardi, and competed in the Sanremo Festival with his own songs. In the 1990s, Faletti became a star in Italian film production, which helped him gain recognition in his native country.

The collection features stories written by nine authors, all set in modern-day Italy. Each story has a unique style, but they share common themes. These themes include corruption, obsession with success, and "the foreigner" (often the un-Italian mafia, or Chinese criminals masquerading as Croatians). Some stories are darkly funny.

The author has translated the novel into nine Italian vernaculars, but the quality of the translations is not always consistent. Sometimes, the translations read like they are one hundred percent Italian. Other times, however, the stories are translated into British gangster slang with an Italian accent. In these cases, readers would benefit from knowing the language in its original form.

In I Kill, Giorgio Faletti has created a mystery that will have readers wondering what the killer's motivation is. His enigmatic killer announces his murders through desperate phone calls, and his victims' bodies are mutilated and their faces removed. The book is set in Monte Carlo, and features a large international cast.

If you want to read a crime thriller mystery in Italian, you'll want to pick up this book. It features several stories by Italian authors. You can choose between The Last Gag by Sandrone Dazieri and Giorgio Faletti. In this novel, an ex-stage performer is reluctantly drawn into an investigation into his former comedy partner. Meanwhile, he is trying to build a relationship with a woman who is ambitious for her son.

This Italian crime thriller mystery isn't for everyone. Although it has its fair share of dark themes, it's also fun. The killer's identity is finally revealed after two thirds of the novel, which is a definite plus. The characters are well-drawn and the story is intriguing enough to make you want to revisit it again.

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