Best Shojo Manga in 2022

Shojo Manga For Girls and Young Women

In Japan, Shojo Manga are comics geared towards adolescent girls and young women. In fact, shjo manga are the primary categories of manga. Here are some examples of popular titles: Banana Fish, Bee and Puppycat, and Inuyasha. You'll feel enlightened by the stories that are included in this genre. We've even listed some of our favorites below! Have fun reading!


A popular anime and manga series, Inuyasha is a popular manga and anime that started life in Japan and has since expanded its popularity worldwide. Although critics say the series merely follows the conventions of Shonen genre manga, this is far from the truth. Its unique storyline combines supernatural elements with action-packed fights, as well as a deep romantic subplot that Takahashi has thoughtfully thought out.

Inuyasha's love interests are also well-developed in this series. The love triangle between him and Kagome is the primary focus, but the story is far more than that. In addition to the romance angle, Inuyasha and Kagome have a larger plot and adventure companions. Moreover, the titular character possesses the Shikon no Tama, a jewel that can restore four souls.

The first season of Inuyasha was broadcast on Adult Swim in 2002, while the second season premiered on Toonami in 2014. The manga series was released in the United States and Europe by Funimation, and is now considered one of the most popular anime series of all time. Its original manga series was adapted into four films, including The Final Act, which ran on Yomiuri TV for 26 episodes from October 2009 to March 2010. The manga is also adapted into various types of merchandise.

Kagome is the previous heroine of Takahashi. She is skeptical and short-tempered, but she possesses a hidden strength she did not know she had. Inuyash's gradual transformation is realistic, and it feels like a natural progression from Kagome's past. Kagome has been a loyal and devoted friend to Inuyasha for over two decades.

A novel take on the shojo isekai formula, Inuyasha also includes Feudal Fairy Tale elements. The series uses popular myths to develop a deeper character arch. It also uses the Warring States as a backdrop for the story and the Band of 7 as the characters. The series also explores the complexities of human nature and the boundaries between good and evil. It transcends many genres and ages and is a classic for both adults and children alike.

Banana Fish

Although technically a shoujo manga, Banana Fish is quite dark and features nuanced characters and complex narratives. As such, the book would seem to fit better alongside a seinen series such as Akira, but the manga's synopsis and cover scream "epic crime thriller." That being said, it does have crossover appeal. Here are three reasons why. 1. Banana Fish is an incredibly unique manga entry

* The series was reprinted in 1985. Although Banana Fish features gay characters, it also maintains the shonen ai element of the genre. The shojo art style is often characterized by wholesome, cute, and cute characters, but Banana Fish eschews these trappings to focus on gritty crime, hard-boiled detective elements, and action scenes. The series was a hit in Japan when it first started publishing in 1985.

The story centers on the teenage gang leader Ash Lynx. He was once a boy toy for mob boss Papa Dino Golzine, but he earned his turf through years of being his man's "boy toy." This mob boss invested his money in a new drug called Banana Fish, which causes people to explode in homicidal fits and even suicide. Ultimately, the series revolves around his quest to get back his life.

One of the most popular shojo manga of all time, Banana Fish lasted from 1985 to 1994 and was very popular in Japan. It was a popular series in Japan, and the name may have been influenced by J.D. Salinger's short story A Perfect Day for Bananafish, although it is unclear. Also, Banana Fish spawned several mini-spinoffs.

Although not a typical BL manga, BANANA FISH has influenced other manga genres. In particular, it has homoeroticism and homosexuality in the manga. Many readers have said that Banana Fish is a great example of crossovers between shojo and shonen manga. The series is very dark and provoking. A fan of this manga will probably find it entertaining. So, if you're interested in learning about shojo manga, consider reading it.

Cells at Work

In the anime Cells at Work, you'll learn about the various functions and personalities of cells. While you might think that a white blood cell is just a tiny piece of the human body, they actually have a lot more to do than that. In fact, these tiny cells can help the body fight bacteria. This anime series also has a great amount of action and a healthy dose of humor. Whether you're looking for a cute, science-related anime series or a funny manga, this series has something for everyone!

You can read the original series or find a new series in an anime subscription service. If you're looking for something a little different, try Cells at Work on Netflix. The series shows the various functions of cells and the immune system. It's similar to an episode of The Magic School Bus, but it's geared to a slightly older audience and will have more knives and blood. You can also find the manga on Amazon and Comixology. There are a number of sequels in the series that follow the same basic storyline.

Cells at Work in Shojo Manga focuses on the human body, with an emphasis on bacteria. The manga's characters don't resemble shonen manga villains or animalistic forces. Instead, the characters in the series are cute, plucky, and very likable. The plot is often centered around the innate qualities of cells. The manga also features many younger versions of the main characters.

In addition to the manga itself, it is worth mentioning that this series is being adapted for the big screen. The anime will be a huge hit in the United States, and its English adaptation is coming out early next month. However, this manga is only available in English for now, so it may take a year or two for the next volume to arrive. That said, it's definitely worth checking out.

In CELLS AT WORK, the normal cell becomes irritated with its routine duties and neighbors. It befriends a strange cell wearing a mysterious hat. The Stranger, it turns out, is infected and is replicating a virus in its hat. In order to kill the virus, the immune cells wipe out the Stranger and identify it as a Rhinovirus. Then, the NK Cell shows up to save the Normal Cell.

Bee and Puppycat

The first episode of the Bee and Puppycat Shojo Manga is about an impulsive 22-year-old woman named "Bee." She gets fired from her job after sleeping on the job. She walks home when a PuppyCat appears out of the sky. The two then meet in the Fishbowl Space, where Bee has to battle a group of aliens. After meeting with the aliens, Bee gains a new power called clothing reassignment from TempBot. Each mission changes her clothes. Bee hates water and has no desire to take a bath.

The series is also available on YouTube and is written and illustrated by Natashi Allegri, a storyboard artist and writer for the Adventure Time TV series. In addition to Bee and Puppycat, Allegri also created the character Fionna and Cake, which starred in a six-issue miniseries last year. Initially created as two five-minute episodes, Bee and Puppycat first found a home on YouTube's Cartoon Hangover. The series was funded through Kickstarter and has a massive fan base worldwide.

The story revolves around two separate sides of the same coin. Bee and Puppycat are both socially awkward, and Bee's relationship with Deckard is strained by her feelings for Deckard. Deckard is a chef, and his romance with Bee complicates his decision to pursue his career in cooking. The relationship between Bee and Deckard also causes the two to fall apart, with Deckard attempting to fix Bee's mistakes.

The Bee and Puppycat series is not a mainstream anime; it's an all-ages-friendly comic with few dialogues. The story is told primarily through images, and the comic book versions often have big panels with large text. The style of Bee and PuppyCat is unique among Shojo Manga, with its realistic depictions of animals, humans, and the supernatural. The characters are portrayed as a mix of fantasy and reality.

The story begins with the Bee and PuppyCat being forced out of their apartment while the landlord fixes their toilet. The two of them then decide to use a TempBot as a television screen and find a new life on the Cat-Head Planet. While Bee is shunned by the cats, PuppyCat becomes a beloved pet and is often saved from the felines when they attempt to bathe her. Eventually, the pair must take temporary jobs to pay bills and make ends meet.

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