Best Scottish Historical Romance in 2022

A Scottish Historical Romance

The three young princesses of a secluded kingdom high in the Pyrenees have vanished. Only a brave prince can bring them home. Robert MacKenzie is a dangerous man in Scotland, and is dazzled by the enchanted beauty of one of the princesses. Can he save his beloved and bring them home? Only time will tell. Find out how it ends in this enchanting Scottish Historical Romance!

Lynsay Sands

The debut of a new series by New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands is An English Bride in Scotland. It's the first book in a new series set in the Scottish Highlands. The plot of this historical romance follows the story of a Scottish princess and her English lover. But will it be enough to keep readers engaged? Or will the Scots rebel against the English? Only time will tell.

Greer, a devoted mother, is fascinated by Saidh's courage and wants to make her an honest woman. But Saidh is in danger and is the target of an unseen enemy. To save her daughter, Greer must find a way to keep her family and her sworn vows. Lynsay Sands, Scottish Historical Romance trilogy comprises four novels and three novellas.

Annabel is happy to be married to Ross, a Scottish laird. She needs to learn how to run a castle and how to be a proper wife. She's good-looking and kind to Ross, and he's protective of her when her life is in danger. But she doesn't realize that Ross will be there to protect her. The plot continues in To Marry a Scottish Laird.

Maya Banks

If you love erotic and steamy historical romance, you'll love Maya Banks' Scottish Historical Romance series. These stories feature a woman who falls in love with a Highland highlander, complete with a feisty Scottish warrior. The book is set during the 17th century, and readers will find it reminiscent of the books of Julie Garwood. But unlike Julie Garwood, Banks' characters are not weak or insufferable. They are passionate and sexy together, and their relationship grows stronger with each passing day.

Among the author's other books, 'Glenmore Manor' by Maya Banks, is a historical romance with a Scottish twist. Set in the highlands during the 17th century, this novel has a strong sense of historical romance. Its strong character development is a perfect backdrop for a romantic adventure. And its sweeping, swashbuckling plotline is reminiscent of the romances between Scottish and English noblemen, which makes it a perfect choice for readers of historical fiction.

Dorothy Dunnett

A highly acclaimed author of contemporary Scottish historical fiction, Dorothy Dunnett lives in Edinburgh, a city steeped in historical romance and a cherished literary place for many readers. Her books have made her a household name and her home in Edinburgh is a sandstone semi-detached Victorian villa just ten minutes from the city center. As a former civil servant, Dunnett was a press officer for the Scottish government. Her books are full of passion, adventure, and intrigue.

The popularity of her works made Dunnett a beloved author. She wrote many mystery and historical fiction novels, including the famous Lymond Chronicles series and the popular House of Niccolo series. Her work has also spawned fan magazines and conventions, and she also wrote a Macbeth novel, King Hereafter. And she remained true to her Scottish roots and devoted readers who have poured over her novels.

Lynelle Fenwick

Allison Butler's new novel, Lynelle Fenwick, is a sexy Scottish Historical Romance featuring an English woman and a Scottish Laird. In this story, the young Lynelle Fenwick is plagued by a curse placed upon her head after her mother died in childbirth. Her village healer died, leaving Lynelle to care for herself. But, her father, a wealthy English lord, has abandoned her after his death. Lynelle must make a decision between saving her half-brother or risk being slain by the laird, who has been encroaching on her family's lands.

Lynelle Fenwick, a medicine woman, is the daughter of an English lord and is considered cursed by her small community. Her father has never forgiven her, and she has spent years living with a healer. When her half-brother is captured by an evil Scottish clan, she saves him with her skills. She then offers to become a healer in return for her brother's freedom.

Catriona Kincaid

Catriona Kincaid has spent the last ten years living with her uncle in England. Desperate to restore her clan's honor and restore the name of her clan, she finds a mysterious man called Sir Simon Westcott, a notorious rogue and naval hero. Catriona is determined to rescue her family, and Sir Simon agrees to marry her on the condition that she will give him half her dowry and annul his marriage to another nobleman.

As a Scottish historical romance, Catriona Kincaid's novels are infused with an enchanting Scottish ambiance. She is fiery, funny, and never a dull moment. The story begins with her mother's return from Scotland with a handsome souvenir. As the two begin to fall in love, Catriona finds herself having to plan the annual Highland Games, a festival that is considered an art form in her own clan.

When her uncle reveals that she had doubled her dowry to make herself more attractive to Simon, she is determined to marry him. When Simon offers to take the money and freedom of his niece, she agrees to his terms and makes the marriage. However, a small band of outlaws halts the settlements and keeps the clan's land in the Kincaid family's possession.

Ronan Sutherland

In this Scottish Historical Romance, Ronan Sutherland, a fierce warrior in the army of William Wallace, is determined to free Scotland and protect the future king. His ardent desire to protect his people and his future bride is tested by the death of his beloved sister and his uncle. He's been seeking one woman who can break the curse, and he's sent to the future to find her. After just one glimpse, he knows that this woman is the one.

Known as The Priest, Duncan Mackay was a sinner and a paid mercenary before meeting Lady Heather Sutherland. But once she meets Duncan, she changes and decides to fight for her people. But the beautiful, strong and seductive Lady Heather Sutherland has other plans. She's betrothed to a handsome rogue warrior, and she wants him more than anything. But the man she's betrothed to, Gahan, knows the truth.

Freya MacKay

In her second novel, "Freya MacKay, Scottish HistoricalRomance," Sue-Ellen Welfonder explores the turbulent world of highland clans and women's rights. Her passions are animals, nature, and the quirky. She lives in southwest Florida with her husband and cat, Snuggles. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, running, and reading historical and paranormal romance.

Isabel Buchananan is fiery and hilarious. Her mother has recently returned from Scotland with a handsome souvenir that has her heart pounding. After she finds out what he has brought back from Scotland, Isabel must race against time to plan the annual Highland Games while trying to save her mother. This is where their passions collide. A Scottish Historical Romance, "Freya MacKay: The Legend of the Highlands" is a fun and spirited read that will keep you turning the pages.

Lady Evina Maclean is the daughter of the laird and a healer. She's heard of Rory Buchanan's ability to restore life to wounded warriors, but she has never heard of his good looks in waterfalls. When Buchanan is unconscious, Lady Evina is left with no choice but to drag him unconscious to her castle and fall in love with him.

Bethoc Matheson

The story of Bethoc Matheson begins when she discovers that her father is not who he claims to be. The life Bethoc has led was not happy, and her brothers don't look anything like her. But, after years of planning to escape, she discovers that she's not alone. She is worried about her sister, who she is not certain is still alive. Bethoc decides to use her strength to protect her sister.

When Isabel's mother returns from Scotland, she brings home a handsome souvenir. Soon afterward, Isabel becomes infatuated with him, and the two begin a romance that is based on true love and passion. But, the two must be cautious as their love for each other grows stronger. They must battle the evils and sabotage of their love. But first, they must survive the Highland Games!

The Scot Beds His Wife is the first novel in this series, and it's a novel from the bestselling Scottish Historical Romance series. The book is set in 1850, and the characters are fiercely romantic. Sir Callum MacMillan is a fierce Highlander, and his seven brothers are unrelenting Lotharios. However, his men are not without their flaws.

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