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Rugby Biographies - Read Their Autobiographies

If you're interested in the sport of rugby, you may have already read a few of the Rugby Biographies. These are the accounts of famous players and teams from the past. Some of the more famous ones include the autobiographies of Eddie Jones and Michael Jackson. While you're reading these books, make sure to check out some of the best Rugby Biographies that were written by players themselves. These will help you understand what you can expect from their autobiographies.

Ed Jackson's autobiography

If you've ever wanted to know how an inspirational human became a total legend, Ed Jackson's autobiography is for you. This inspiring human's life story will inspire you and give you the strength to succeed in life. You'll learn how he made his fortune in the world of professional wrestling and how he used his tenacity to achieve success. You'll also learn why he is the ultimate legend in the world of professional wrestling.

While still a teenager, Ed Jackson spent many years playing rugby professionally, including at the University of Chicago. Unfortunately, he broke his neck in an accident in April, causing a spinal cord injury. Doctors told him that he would never walk again, but he persevered and surpassed doctors' predictions. His autobiography details the amazing journey that has transformed his life and those of others. While it might be easy to relate to his story, you'll be inspired by the story of his incredible recovery.

Despite his life-altering experience, Ed's autobiography has a positive effect on many. It offers an honest account of how he overcame adversity and fought back from injury. In this way, Ed is a motivational speaker who can inspire and motivate people to push through adversity. The story is inspiring and will introduce the importance of perseverance in every day life.

Eddie Jones' memoir

In his new memoir, England cricket coach Eddie Jones explains the importance of balancing calm judgment and empathy. It's not easy to define a coherent English identity. The media have tended to stereotype certain types of people. Jones has tried to put himself in their shoes but has met with a variety of responses. As a result, his memoir is a valuable read for anyone who follows cricket. But it's not for everyone.

In his book, Jones opens with a harrowing description of the moment when his team lost against South Africa. He had been telling his team to beat South Africa, but it wasn't to be. His teammates were stunned by the result and he was quiet on the team bus. This vulnerability makes his story all the more compelling. The book also includes an excerpt from Jones' memoir featuring Maro Itoje, another player who had a profound influence on him.

The author's background reflects the struggle he faced with alcoholism. In the early 1970s, Jones traveled to Heidelberg, Germany, to attend the World Science Fiction Convention. His illustrations were featured on the programme book. He was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist. This recognition led Jones to quit his advertising agency job and start a freelance career. Jones has written numerous books since then. If you're curious about his life and career, Eddie Jones' memoir is well worth reading.

Brian O'Driscoll's autobiography

When Irish rugby captain Brian O'Driscoll was contracted to write an autobiography two years ago, he vowed to wait until the end of his playing career. But now, he has signed a one-year extension with the Irish Rugby Football Union. His book will still hit the shelves in time for the Christmas market. Read on to learn more about O'Driscoll's life.

When O'Driscoll was captain of Ireland, he felt his position was slipping away from him. So he worked with sports psychologist Enda McNulty, a former All-Ireland winner from Armagh. O'Driscoll subsequently regained his former form. His autobiography is an interesting read and is worth the price of admission.

The Test is a fascinating book about O'Driscoll's early life and career. He recounts the milestones that shaped his life and forged the bonds with teammates that helped him reach the peak of his sporting abilities. In later years, O'Driscoll's personal life and rugby life converged to reinvent himself as a player. With this autobiography, O'Driscoll shows how he went from a boy to a world-class athlete.

Scott Gibbs' autobiography

While a Welshman, Scott Gibbs was an internationally renowned rugby player. His impressive career includes appearances for both rugby union and rugby league teams and has been inducted into the RugbyPass Hall of Fame in 2021. Gibbs was born on 23 January 1971 and began his career at Pencoed RFC. He also represented Wales at youth level and was chosen ahead of England captain Will Carling for two tests on the 1993 tour. Gibbs was also named Player of the Series during the 1997 tour.

While Scott retired from all forms of rugby in 2004, he has continued his passion for the sport, becoming a pundit on television and working as a coach. His autobiography offers a candid look at life as a professional sportsman. Gibbs discusses how he grew up to become a top-level rugby player and how he adapted to life's circumstances in the sport.

Gibbs began playing rugby as a youth for Pencoed RFC, and later became a part of the British Lions. He played in rugby union as a prop and has also played in rugby league positions. Gibbs is the richest rugby player in Wales and has won multiple international competitions. The autobiography is an enthralling read and he is set to become a successful author soon!

Carling's Men by Mick Cleary

Will Carling's men are world-renowned stars after the Grand Slam win. Under his guidance, England have become the strongest contenders in the northern hemisphere for the World Cup. Carling's Men by Mick Cleary is a superb biography of the great Welsh and British Lions No 8.

Think Rugby by Jim Greenwood

If you've ever wished to know more about the game of rugby, you should read Think Rugby by Jim Greenwood. It's an entertaining, thought-provoking book about the game's history. Greenwood's style is straightforward and witty, which should appeal to fans of the sport. However, if you're looking for a more academic book, you can opt for the Rugby Classics series by Bloomsbury.

Originally published in the early 1970s, Think Rugby is an influential book written by a legendary rugby coach. It has been updated several times and remains a classic in the world of rugby coaching. Greenwood has refined and improved his training activities and provided new insights into decision-making in the field. Whether you're an aspiring coach, or a seasoned pro, Think Rugby can be a helpful guide to help you improve your game and achieve victory.

The book follows the successful Total Rugby. Just as Total Rugby provided the pieces of an incredible rugby machine, Think Rugby shows you how to put them together. Greenwood details every step in detail and offers step-by-step instructions to put together a winning playing system. Not only is it an invaluable reference book for coaches, but it's also a great resource for players. The e-book is also highly recommended for anyone who is interested in improving their game.

David Sole's autobiography

Sole's autobiography is a must-read for fans of the Scottish rugby team. His decision to walk on to the pitch during the Grand Slam decider against England, 13 years ago, cemented him in the folklore of Scotland. Scotland won the match 13-7, bringing the Grand Slam home for the third time after winning it in 1925 and 1984. Sole made his last appearance for Scotland against Australia in 1992.

His early dreams of becoming a diplomat led him to study Spanish and Latin American social/political history at the University of Mexico. He later became a member of the South Dakota Young Democrats, which helped elect John Kennedy to the presidency of the United States. He was also an avid sportsman, and was offered a contract with the Chicago White Sox organization when he graduated from high school in 1961. Instead, he chose to follow his father to Mexico City, where he accepted a professorship at the Collegio Americano, a graduate school for young diplomats in the country.

Sole's output as a writer began to decline as the years went on. His columns became skimpier, and his fiction declined, with only the revised version of "Ashes of the Beacon" being published in February 1905. He also suffered a tragic loss: his son Day Sole died of pneumonia in March 1901. The autobiography is a must-read for fans of contemporary British fiction.

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