Best Romance Graphic Novels in 2022

Romance Graphic Novels

If you're a lover of comics and graphic novels, you might be interested in the many titles out there that are packed with comics content. The term "graphic novel" is used broadly and refers to both fiction and non-fiction works. Listed below are five of our favorites: Slow News Day by Andi Watson, Rock and Roll Love by Misako Rocks!, Lore Olympus by Gareth Ennis, and Goong: The Royal Palace by Park SoHee.

Slow News Day by Andi Watson

If you've read "Sex and the City," you've probably heard of Andi Watson, a talented writer and illustrator who is relatively unknown in the United States. Her newest work, Slow News Day, is no exception. Although it owes much to that book, the story is less simplistic. Katharine is a young Californian who goes to England for her internship. There, she clashes with the stereotypical "British" reporter, Owen.

A successful artist, Watson is best known for her critically acclaimed romance comics. Her unique style of drawing is often compared to the style of mid-century magazine illustrations. While her stories may seem simple at first glance, her characters' relationships are complex, layered, and often full of emotion. Even if you've never read a Watson graphic novel before, you'll find plenty of humor and emotional insights within the pages.

Rock and Roll Love by Misako Rocks! by Misako Rocks!

The debut manga book "Rock and Roll Love" by Misako Takashima is one of her best. The self-taught Japanese artist grew up in Japan and came to the United States as an exchange student. Her first break came when her illustrations were featured in The Onion's "Savage Love" column. Since then, Misako has published seven books in the United States and Japan. In addition to being a published author, Misako teaches manga privately as well as in several schools in New York.

"Rock and Roll Love" is based on the author's life. The story follows a shy teenage girl named Aki, who discovers an unusual bicycle while cleaning out her grandfather's garage. Later, she learns that her cousin had been murdered by a vicious biker gang, and she becomes "Biker Girl" - a street-smart bike racer with a mission to avenge her cousin's death. A critic for School Library Journal called the manga "cinematic" and a "lighthearted" read.

After arriving in the U.S., Misako finds herself confused by the cultural differences between her home country and the United States. The host family and her daughter Natalie help her adjust and cope. A rock concert is a great way to celebrate her new life, but she suppresses her feelings. She's not sure if she can trust Zac as a boyfriend, but she becomes a rock band fan's best friend. However, as Misako gets to know Zac better, he begins to give her mixed signals.

Lore Olympus by Gareth Ennis

If you are a fan of fantasy novels and comic books, then you have probably heard of Lore Olympus by Garetth Ennis. The graphic novel is a bestselling book that has earned worldwide acclaim. It has received critical praise from all over the world and has been adapted into both movies and comic books. This comic book version is available both for free and for purchase. For those who prefer the free version, you can purchase volume one online now. If you haven't read the book yet, you can purchase volume two on Oct. 5 and start reading the story in autumn 2021.

The story of Hades and Persephone is retold in a modern world, with luxury cars, corporate email, seven dogs, and a standing therapy appointment for Kronos, the god of death. Persephone, meanwhile, is a wide-eyed, naive girl who tries to fit in with her new life as a mortal in this world of gods.

Persephone is a sheltered daughter of a helicopter parent. Her mother hides her from society. She is given to a sworn virgin to help her in her journey. As a result, she attends university, but she finds herself conflicted with her new life and relationship with Hades. In the meantime, she is haunted by the ghost of Demeter, an ancient goddess who is only a memory from Persephone's past.

Persephone's quest to be a perfect maiden goddess is complicated by her attraction to Hades. As Persephone grapples with her past, she is unsure how to keep her head above the water. Hades, on the other hand, struggles to cope with his past and struggles with his lonely life in the Underworld. In the end, both Hades and Persephone struggle to make sense of the complicated political dynamics of Olympus and their new relationship.

Goong: The Royal Palace by Park SoHee

In Goong, the protagonist is an astute ballerina and a talented dancer. Her mother has a vendetta against the couple and is determined to make their lives miserable. But despite her love for Shin, Hyo-rin still rejects the proposal of Shin, and the story of their first night together continues. While she might be resentful that her lover is marrying a beautiful and intelligent woman, her true feelings for Shin are revealed in this heartbreaking novel.

Yul is Shin's cousin. He was forced to leave the country a few years ago, but he returns to claim the throne and the crown princess, Chae-kyung. However, his desire to reclaim the crown and his love for Chae-kyung force him to use devious tactics to get what he wants. However, this does not go as planned.

The story centers on the Crown Prince of Korea, Shin. He appears cold, and reluctant to get married. But his desire to marry Chae-kyung piques his curiosity, and he slowly opens his heart to her. Chae-kyung's enthusiasm for Shin causes him to fall in love with her. But despite her desire to marry Shin, the King's family wants him to remain with his mother.

Chae-kyung is a high school girl. She attends the same high school as the crown prince, Shin Lee. She is kind, innocent, and honest. When the two meet, Chae-kyung accidentally witnesses Shin proposing to his girlfriend Hyo-rin, and learns that she will marry him. In the end, she becomes the Crown Princess of Korea. However, Shin's father seeks to remove Shin's royal title.

Bride of the Water God by Mi-Kyung Yun

This ultra-romantic saga began in 2006, and it has since reached 16 volumes. It has won awards in Korea and the United States, and it has a loyal following of hundreds of fans. In fact, Bride of the Water God was named "Manhwa of the Day" by an audience of over two million people. In this review, we'll take a closer look at this manga series.

The plot of the novel focuses on Soah, a young girl from a poor village who has been chosen as a sacrifice to appease the Water God Habaek. Soah is unaware of the fact that she will be sacrificed unless she meets a king. The king, who possesses a powerful magical ability, has been searching for someone to serve as his wife for years, but he's a wolf, not a human. The wolf, however, is a more seductive creature.

The plot is based on the fairy-tale Beauty and the Beast. Soah's father has sold her to a town to be sacrificed, but she ends up living in a magical castle. She's surrounded by eccentric characters, including her mysterious hubby, Habaek. Soah is unsure of her future, as her father has promised her to his other half.

Mura is a wealthy family member who lives in the Water Kingdom. She is in love with Habaek and is resentful of Soah for being unrequited. She also dislikes Yeo-wa when she appears in the Water Kingdom. Her past ties with the Emperor and her relationship with the Water God make her a complex character, who has a secret agenda of her own.

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