Best Romance Collections & Anthologies in 2022

Romance Collections & Anthologies

If you're looking for a new series of romantic novels, consider checking out Romance Collections & Anthologie and bestselling authors like Jennifer Egan and Kate Morton. You may also be interested in historical fiction. For example, Mistletoe Christmas, Used and Bound, and Dark and Stormy Knights are all excellent books. In addition, they have a rich selection of short stories, making them a great place to start.

Mistletoe Christmas

If you are looking for a book full of holiday cheer, you may want to check out Mistletoe Christmas Romance Collection & Anthologies. This collection features four Christmas romance stories, each featuring the sweet season of Christmas. Aside from the historical stories, the authors of this anthology have woven the winter season with sweet romance. These are the perfect Christmas reads to add some holiday cheer to your day!

If you are a romantic, mistletoe is the perfect way to share your feelings with someone special. In this collection of Christmas romance novellas, you'll find romances involving a widowed woman and a rogue & a misfit. The romantic stories range from historical to paranormal. Mistletoe Christmas romance is perfect for fans of historical romances! You'll find some of the best love stories in this book!

The first book in the collection, Mischief & The Mistletoe, is a heartwarming story of a widowed woman's quest to find a husband. Louisa Harcourt has spent the last decade avoiding the Revelry because she has a duty to her family. However, she has to be there for her father's funeral, and a handsome Ton lord has his eye on her. But when she returns home to direct her grandfather's famous revelry, she discovers that he is a handsome and charming stranger. The two are soon swept off their feet when their feelings begin to stir.

There are many different Christmas romance stories in Mistletoe Christmas Romance Collection & Anthologies. Each story has its own romantic twist, so the book doesn't feel overcrowded. The characters cross over between stories, making it a perfect anthology. Some of the stories are a happy romance while others have a dark and depressing plot. Some of these stories are sweet and naughty, while others are not.

Used and Bound

If you are a lover of the dark romance genre, then you'll probably appreciate the collection of stories from the new writer of the series Used and Bound. This anthology of short stories is full of hot and steamy love stories. The authors featured in this collection include J. D. Robb, Brenda Jackson, and Julie Murphy. You'll want to pick up a copy of this book as soon as possible.

In addition to the popular used romance titles, you may also find reprint editions of older novels. The House of Romance Trio series had 18 books in its series, and featured the phrase "3 Great Romances" prominently on the covers. These novels were bound together as a single book, and were numbered from #101 to #112 in Doug Sulipa's catalog.

The series also featured many reprints of older books. The Harlequin American Romance line lasted for 5 years and was a successful continuation of the popular romance line. This line reprinted older books from #400 to #899, but with different artwork. The Harlequin American Romance line lasted until November 1987. Some books were reprinted in the Harlequin Classic Library.

Dark and Stormy Knights

In this anthology, nine dark defenders embark on a dangerous journey. These modern-day knights do dark things to protect humanity, but only when it's for good reasons. Nine of the hottest paranormal authors bring us all-new tales of these supernatural knights. They're packed with magic, mystery, and mayhem. Read this collection to see which knights you'll root for!

The first anthology features shifters and leprechaun princes. Three of the stories include a shape-shifting tigress and jaguar duo who solve a murder case, a warrior princess who tames the Beast of Blackmoor, and an archaeologist who finds the vampire's resting place. A third anthology follows a masked vampire who tries to kill his own son.

The Bridgertons

The Bridgertons series has a diverse set of stories spanning three centuries. The Bridgerton family is a classic example of Regency society; they value family above all else. This series is divided into three varying parts, each featuring a different family member. The first book of the series is called The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After, and it features new chapters about each happy couple. It also features witty dialogue and bickering siblings.

Daphne Bridgerton is the fourth Bridgerton sister, and her upcoming wedding is overshadowed by her sexy debutante, Simon Bassett. Their fake courtship turns into true feelings, and they must confront their sexy feelings to find happiness. The Bridgertons: Romance at its best

The second Bridgertons novella series includes answers to many fan questions and provides a glimpse into each character's life. This book also contains second epilogues, which provide insight into the lives of beloved background characters. The Bridgertons Romance Collections and Anthologies include more than thirty novels from the Bridgertons series. It is worth checking out these collections if you enjoy reading historical romances and want to experience the Regency ambiance in a cozy setting.

The Bridgertons series is the perfect book club pick for new adult romance lovers. With a wide range of characters, you're sure to find a novel you'll love. Whether you're looking for a contemporary romance or a classic regency, there's bound to be a perfect novel for you. And don't forget to check out the new release of The Bridgertons Romance Collections and Anthologies.

The Ultimate Protector Pack

If you are a fan of Khloe Summers' mountain men series, then you may want to check out The Ultimate Protector Pack. This collection of ten mountain men romances is full of steam, humor, and great characters. I also enjoy these books because they do not have cliffhangers, which is a huge plus. And since you'll be reading ten books, you'll have plenty of time to finish them all.

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