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The Rick Steves Series - Travels in Europe

The Rick Steves Series includes a wide variety of travel guidebooks and tours. Each one has been created by a travel writer, activist, and television personality. His philosophy is to discover the less-touristy areas of a destination and immerse yourself in the culture. In his travel guidebooks, you can explore the most beautiful locations and most authentic experiences, while learning about the history and culture of a region. You'll also learn about hidden treasures that tourists don't know.

Art of Europe

The Rick Steves Series Art of Europe takes you to the cradle of art and culture in Europe. Set in six parts, the series traces the history of art in Europe, from prehistoric cave drawings in Scotland to the grandeur of Michelangelo's dome at the Vatican. You'll also discover the artistic genius of Van Gogh and Picasso. The six-part series has six unique episodes each focusing on a different period of European art history.

The art of Europe is rich in history, and Rick Steves has done a stellar job of telling that story through art. His books explore the history of art and architecture and the role they have played in shaping modern society. You'll also learn how these developments affected the landscape and culture. Whether you're interested in art, architecture, or religion, you'll find something to inspire you in Europe. There are so many great works of art in Europe that you'll be captivated by a single book.

The Rick Steves Series Art of Europe is now available nationwide on APT. Originally presented on public television by Oregon Public Broadcasting, the new relationship will include international licensing and catalog management. Rick Steves doesn't expect any changes to his programs. The new partnership will be beneficial to the Art of Europe series, as it's an extension of the acclaimed traveler's passion for sharing his experiences. But he does want his fans to enjoy the experience of seeing his work.

Travels in Europe With Rick Steves

Since the Nixon era, Rick Steves has been spending 100 days a year in Europe. He had logged zero minutes abroad between March and September. The ban on traveling to Italy led to the cancellation of thousands of tour bookings, but it also forced Steves to rethink his own plans for travel. Since then, he has been a full-time tour guide and has hosted virtual events and public television shows. Travels in Europe With Rick Steves is a great way to see Europe on a budget.

The program's production company has created more than 400 ad-free video clips to give viewers a comprehensive view of European history, geography, and culture. For instance, the Africa special delves into the challenges of extreme poverty and how to alleviate it. In the show, Rick Steves explores innovative solutions for these problems, from ensuring access to clean water and education to helping people build their futures.

"Travels in Europe With Rick Steves" has become one of the most popular travel shows on public television. Each episode is hosted by Rick Steves, the best-selling author of travel guidebooks. The program features scripts and travel details, as well as shorter clips of episodes. This season's line-up of episodes is available here. And if you want to see more, check out the full schedule of Rick Steves' Europe.

Rick Steves' guidebooks

During his first travels to Central America, Rick Steves wrote a ferocious tract called "There's Blood on Your Banana," which he then delivered to every member of Congress. It was a controversial move, but Steves stood by his decision. His words have been echoed by millions of people ever since. His messages have shaped the collective life of the planet. And he continues to ruffle feathers with his latest work.

Despite his age, Rick Steves still spends four months per year in Europe, researching new guidebooks and filming his television show. While not travelling, he enjoys playing piano and relaxing in his family cabin in the Cascade mountains. His wife, Mary, and daughter Jackie keep him busy when not on the road. The couple have three children and a dog named Pip, so they are not in the least bit embarrassed by Rick's presence.

While many travelers are put off by his cynicism, the guides still have their place. They provide a wealth of information and recommendations, which is part of what makes Rick Steves so popular. In addition to his guidebooks, he also has his own website, Rick Steves Audio Europe, and the Rick Steves Classroom Europe database. In addition, he hosts a variety of public television shows and has produced numerous free resources. His newest specials will be released in February and fall 2020.

Rick Steves' European tours

If you're planning to travel to Europe, it is a good idea to book your tour with a well-known tour guide. Rick Steves has been around Europe many times and has a YouTube channel with videos on travel and tour guides. In addition to his YouTube channel, Steves has written several travel books, including Rick Steves' Europe, Germany, and Scotland. In addition to his tour guides, Steves has traveled throughout Europe and is a first-rate resource for travelers looking for a unique and memorable vacation.

The meat and potatoes of Rick Steves' Europe tours are the organized bus tours. The savvy traveler packs in Europe's top experiences in two weeks. Highlights include the Renaissance capital of Florence, romantic canals of Venice, and a hike in the Swiss Alps. The tour also includes time to meet the locals in authentic settings. While traveling with Rick Steves, you will have the opportunity to connect with people from all over Europe.

Winter vacations in Europe offer a unique opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of the continent. Many of Rick Steves' tours include the best value in winter vacations in Europe. Tours departing in December and February offer small, intimate groups, excellent itineraries, and all sightseeing. Whether you are looking for a family vacation or an adventurous solo travel experience, Rick Steves' tours offer the perfect itinerary.

Rick Steves' books

The Rick Steves Series of travel books is written by Richard John Stephens Jr., an American travel writer, activist, and television personality. His philosophy is to visit the less-touristy areas of travel destinations and immerse oneself in the culture. While reading his books, you'll discover how to experience local life in a new city. Read on to discover the most popular destinations in the Rick Steves Series!

The first book in the Rick Steves Series was written by an electric typewriter, and illustrated by Steves' college roommate. Although the first edition was rather rough around the edges, it sold out quickly and was eventually professionally typeset. Steves married his wife Anne in 1983, and together they have two children. Since then, the Steves' have been active in several social-justice causes. For example, he has worked to improve the quality of life for people living in poverty.

The Rick Steves Series also includes a wealth of practical travel advice. Many readers of the Rick Steves Series are familiar with his popular radio show, "Travel With Rick Steves," which is broadcast on public radio. His popular public radio show is also syndicated nationwide. He's also released a six-hour miniseries called "Rick Steves Art of Europe" and has plans to air it on public television nationwide in 2022.

Rick Steves' television programs

American Public Television (APT) will distribute Rick Steves' Europe series nationally. After presenting the Rick Steves Series television programs on public television in Oregon, the network has now expanded its relationship with Steves. OPB, which previously presented the Rick Steves programs, is now taking a step back and will be responsible for the Europe programming catalog and international licensing. Despite the change, Steves says there won't be any major changes to his programs.

Art lovers will also enjoy the six-part Art of Europe television series, which will debut on public television in October. The program features visits to Michelangelo's masterpiece in the Vatican, prehistoric tombs in Scotland, and the Grand Tuileries in France. The program also explores the evolution of European art, featuring different programs for each period of history. This way, viewers can get a comprehensive overview of the development of European art throughout the centuries.

The Rick Steves series includes both books and radio shows. A one-hour special, "Europe Awaits," will be produced on July 20, 2021, and will feature breathtaking views of the Alps, as well as scenic train rides. A 90-minute pledge event will be held simultaneously. In addition to a one-hour special, the series will include pledge-premium information and promotional media. The series will also include a special episode focusing on Mediterranean cruises.

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