Best Psychological Thrillers in 2022

Psychological Thrillers

Psychological Thrillers combine the genres of psychological fiction and thriller. It is a type of crime fiction where psychological narratives are placed in a thriller-like setting. There are many different examples of psychological thrillers. Read on to learn about some of them. And don't forget to share your favorite movies with others! Here are a few recommendations:

Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca

The mysterious death of Rebecca's husband Max De Winter has left a young, astonished wife with a terrible secret. Now, the young Rebecca must face the secret and deal with her housekeeper, the jealous and obsessive Mrs. Danvers. The housekeeper refuses to accept Rebecca as mistress of the house. In this suspenseful thriller, Hitchcock's signature psychological twists and turns are present at every turn.

The film is an excellent example of a master at work. In addition to its excellent script, Rebecca features some of Hitchcock's most memorable characters. A few shots are especially effective in enhancing the mysterious tone of the story. The cinematography, too, is a strong point. It shows that Hitchcock was not afraid to experiment with light and dark. His renowned work with shadow is evident in many places throughout the film.

Originally, the film's main plot focused on a young, idealistic woman who drowned at sea. The film's antagonist, Maxim de Winter, is a wealthy scion of a celebrity family, the head of Manderley estate in Cornwall. The new wife of Rebecca is a hired servant and the film's nameless void embodies the mental processes of a woman. She tries to sort out the secrets of the revered Rebecca and the passive-aggressive husband in an attempt to save her from the snares.

Dane DeHaan's Uncut Gems

If you've been waiting for a good action film for a while, you should consider checking out Dane DeHaan's UnCut Gems. This young actor is a career journeyman, having been in the business since the day he graduated from college. His piercing blue eyes, lanky frame, and husky voice make him an appealing choice for leading roles or folding in as an ensemble player. His acting chops are solid enough to carry a film on his own, and his believable and recognizable charm makes him an even more intriguing choice in a supporting role.

His first film, Good Time, debuted in 2017, and is an intense thriller that follows a thief's life over one night. The film's style is a brash combination of electronic soundtrack and red and blue filters, with Pattinson playing an unsympathetic bundle of chaos. The film earned a Palme d'Or nomination at Cannes. It also stars Jenny Slate, a comic stand-up act that's hilariously awkward and endearing.

Kiyoshi Korelitz's The Plot

A new book by Jean Hanff Korelitz is a clever thriller about literary sticky fingers. The traditional mystery of a purloined manuscript is the classic mystery trope, but this new wave of "who wrote it?" suspense stories is edgier and more socially aware, focusing on the power imbalances that lead to the rise of malefactors.

In The Plot, Jean Hanff Korelitz tells the story of a failed novelist. Jake Bonner's dead friend Evan Bonner once told him about a novel he was writing, but he never finished it. After Evan Bonner's death, Jake becomes a bestselling author based on the plot of the book he's written. But as his story progresses, he starts receiving anonymous messages from people claiming to know the plot of his own book in progress.

Tarsem Singh's Uncut Gems

In a career that has seen him deliver art-directed extravaganzas like "The Fall" and "Immortals," Tarsem Singh has landed on more down-to-earth material with his debut feature, Uncut Gems. Tarsem Singh's script was written by David Pastor and Alex Pastor, and his slick visual style adds a refreshing zing to a film that otherwise would've been a dull, cloying remake.

Jean Hanff Korelitz's Perfect Blue

While most literary thrillers feature compelling characters, Korelitz's latest book, Perfect Blue, is a different breed. This novel is a psychological thriller in the traditional sense, but the author also shrewdly conceals the plot from the reader. While the book's plot is a tangled web of secrets and deception, the book's propulsion is compelling.

I highly recommend reading this novel if you're interested in psychology. It's a page-turner about a Manhattan psychotherapist who finds herself confronting the dark truths about her husband. As the story progresses, you'll be swept along with the protagonist as she confronts the ugliest secrets about her husband. The protagonist, Grace, is a complex, enigmatic character who has a history of manipulating other people.

The Plot is a clever and audacious psychological thriller by Jean Hanff Korelitz. It features a former promising novelist who hasn't published a decent novel in years. Now he teaches in a subpar writing program where his most ambitious student, Evan Parker, has been teaching for several years. Their egos clash, and he's forced to make difficult decisions based on the demands of his students.

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