Best Police Procedurals in 2022

Police Procedurals

Police Procedurals began their evolution with Sidney Kingsley's frank play, Detective Story, which won a Pulitzer Prize. It chronicles the life of a precinct detective team in the New York Police Department. This drama set the standard for police procedurals and became a benchmark for the genre. In addition to dramatizing the lives of police officers, police procedurals also feature diverse casts and compelling plot lines.


If you're a fan of police procedurals, you'll probably enjoy the recurring character Molly Dawson. Price, a muscular actress who owns a gourmet deli, is most comfortable playing the role of a police officer. She first starred in an episode of "Law & Order" in 1991, and soon became a mainstay of this genre. In 1999, she was cast as the lead in the crime drama "Third Watch."

Unlike the fictitious police procedurals that are based on real cases, this series follows a female cop named Molly. She makes rookie mistakes, but the character of her husband makes it all worthwhile. His cynical and overbearing behavior is particularly annoying. He's enraged over something that happened to his wife Eliza years earlier, and makes everything about his feelings. Luckily, Molly's personal life is much more complicated than that, and she's a wonderful protagonist.

During the first season of the series, the Murphys are newlyweds. In a shocking twist, the gang targets the Sullivan family because of the recent big arrest Daniel made. As a result, Daniel and Molly agree to take their infant son Liam out of the city. The Sullivans spend time with friends Sid and Gus, who are studying art in the City of Light. As Molly and Daniel navigate through the city of lights, they become prime suspects in the murder of a gang member.

In this series, Molly is expecting her first child and a housewife. She's restless and irritable during her pregnancy. Her boyfriend, Daniel Sullivan, is a police captain who's dealing with Chinese opium gangs in the city. However, Molly cannot ignore the disappearances in her suburban town, and soon she finds herself in hot water again. In the end, she's in danger of her life.

Detective Chief Inspector Serrailler

As a police detective, I find myself drawn to detective procedurals, and I'm always eager to see how the gangs in these shows tackle a case. This one is no different. This series follows Detective Chief Inspector Serrailler, the chief inspector of the Lafferton CID. He investigates the murder of a young addict after discovering a syringe in his arm, and his investigations lead him to the murderers.

This new series from the author of "The woman in black" features Simon Serrailler and his sister, DS Freya Graffam. Simon and Cat come from opposite sides of the law and have complicated family histories. Their mother was a drug dealer, and her father a convicted murderer. However, despite being a police officer, Serrailler and his sister are a likable and entertaining team.

While the plot is straightforward, the story takes a dark turn. Simon Serailler, the police chief of Lafferton, is back in this series after a short break to go shopping. As his new manager, he must now handle a new set of challenges - drugs are spreading from the countryside and the local teens are being targeted. However, he must also face the harsh winter back home.

A detective chief inspector of Scotland Yard, David Brock, is assigned to the most serious cases. He is joined by his partner Kathy Kolla, a rising police inspector who has been a Sergeant and Inspector. Together, they work to solve cases in every corner of London and abroad. Their investigations often lead them to the heart of the matter. However, they are not the only people who suffer from dementia.

Detective Lewellyn (Lew) Ferris

In the latest novel in the "Lew Ferris" series, the police chief finds himself a target for an unscrupulous crime ring. Detective Lew Ferris is up against a formidable opponent in the upcoming sheriff's election: former activist Pete Ferris. Pete's body is found in the woods, with a bloody pry bar. Grace McDonough's body is discovered in her car, at the bottom of the river, and her son, Noah, is found murdered as well. With all three deaths possibly connected, Detective Ferris reaches a critical conclusion that his investigation is ineffective.

The series begins with a mysterious death on Loon Lake. The chief is short-handed after the coroner is reported AWOL. Before the chief can stuff a Thanksgiving turkey, bodies begin to surface. A bizarre case of credit card theft and a dysfunctional family is soon added to the mix. The case quickly gets more complicated than anyone expected. Detective Lewellyn (Lew) Ferris gets the job done, but not without some unexpected help.

A former dentist, Doc Osborne, joins the investigation team. He has a vested interest in the case since his late brother was murdered. The case becomes even more complicated when a young woman begins to believe she is her birth mother. As he battles the media and the press, his life becomes more complicated than ever. He finds himself caught between a career as a sheriff and a love life.

In this spin-off to the Loon Lake Mystery Series, the chief of police, Lew Ferris, decides to run for sheriff. The mystery begins with the death of his brother. Lew's investigation is complicated by the sudden death of a wealthy landowner. Though it appears to be the result of a drunk driver, suspicious circumstances raise further questions. The son of the landowner is suspected of being a sexual predator.

Navajo Tribal Police

Navajo Tribal Police is a law enforcement agency on the Navajo Nation Reservation. This law enforcement agency was first established in 1872, after the Navajo were forced to leave Fort Sumner and walk to Canyon de Chelly. The first chief of the Navajo police was Manuelito. Before 1975, civil law enforcement was handled by the Federal Law and Order. But in 1989, the Navajo Nation Police was revived, and many Navajos were free of captivity.

The Navajo Tribal Police novels have been adapted to the screen four times, and deserve more attention. Three PBS movies have been produced, including the recent The Dark Wind, starring Robert Redford. AMC has also picked up the series, with executive producers Graham Roland, George R.R. Martin, and Robert Redford. Both are executive producers, and the TV series will be multi-season.

Francisco was born for the Hashtl'ishnii (Mud Clan). His paternal grandfather's clan was Todich'ii'nii, while his maternal grandmother was Bilagaana. Francisco's wife is half Navajo. Among the problems he encountered while serving as a police officer were the long response time and lack of officers.

In the past, BIA criminal investigators and patrol officers were under the jurisdiction of BIA's Division of Law Enforcement Services. In recent years, the Bureau of Indian Affairs took over patrol authority under the BIA's Division of Law Enforcement Services. In addition, the BIA's lack of funding for these programs has posed a major barrier to effective policing on Indian lands. However, tribal law enforcement is working with other federal and state police agencies to provide services to Native Americans.

Detective Paul Oborne

Fans of detective fiction will be delighted to discover that Police Chief Lew Ferris, a fly-fishing expert, is the unofficial deputy of his best friend, retired dentist Detective Paul Oborne. In his series, Detective Paul Oborne investigates a gruesome murder, bringing the perpetrator to justice and solving the mystery at hand. In his first case, he discovers the remains of a woman, as well as mysterious bite marks on her shoulders. Detective Oborne's work with the police department has been the subject of more than one mystery series.

The books have a recurring cast of characters, including cool-headed Lieutenant George Hastings and ambitious rookie detective Bobby Cain. The cast also includes a variety of recurring characters from the southwest England police department, including Detective Chief Inspector Desmond Iles and Assistant Constable Colin Harpur. As with most good detective novels, the books are complemented by a dazzling supporting cast. The recurring characters also provide a sense of continuity.

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