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The Pierre Daix Prize and the Pinault Collection

The Pierre Daix Prize was established by the Pinault Collection in 2015 and will be awarded in 2021. The prize is worth ten thousand euros and is presented to a work that relates to the history of modern and contemporary art. The winning work is L'envers de la medaille by Germain Viatte, published by L'Atelier Contemporain. It will be displayed in the museum's permanent collection.

Germain Viatte

Germain Viatte was born in Quebec City in 1939, and became an eminent museum director in his native France. Born in Québec, Viatte worked as an inspector in provincial museums and contributed to the founding of the Centre national d'art moderne and the Centre Pompidou. Viatte's book explores the relationship between opinion and the institutions that display art. Viatte's own work, including works by Piet Mondrian and Jean Dubuffet, has been exhibited in numerous public and private collections worldwide.

The Pinault Collection awarded the 2021 Pierre Daix Prize to the L'Atelier Contemporain publication L'envers de la medaille by Germain Viatte. The award, given to an artist or writer for their contribution to the history of modern and contemporary art, is worth ten thousand euros. The prestigious prize is awarded to works that explore the history of modern and contemporary art, and is open to subscribers of the Pierre Daix Museums & Collections.

The Pinault Collection also selects artists for their residency program. Francois Pinault, the owner of the Bourse de Commerce de Paris, signed a five-year lease to install an impressive contemporary art collection in the building. The Pinault Collection is also responsible for the organization of the Prix Pierre Daix, a prize for emerging artists worth ten thousand euros, to reward exceptional young talent.

Francois Pinault

The French businessman Francois Pinault was born in France and spent his childhood years in rural areas. After dropping out of school at the age of 16, he worked for his family's timber business. The rural accent made him the target of tease from upper-class children. He joined the military during the Algerian war in 1956 and later returned to his family's business. After his father's death, Pinault sold the timber business.

The museum will have more than 200 works of art from his personal collection. It is considered Europe's largest private collection of modern art, with major works by Picasso, Rothko, Henri Moore, Joan Miro, and Jeff Koon. It will also hold temporary exhibitions focused on contemporary art. The museum's permanent exhibition space will include works from Pinault's own collection and from other art collectors.

Francois Pinault has also financed the creation of the Pierre Daix Prize, a prize given every year for outstanding studies of modern and contemporary art. The prize was first presented in 2015 and is awarded to an art historian who has contributed significantly to the writing of the history of modern art. The Pierre Daix Prize is a major honor and consecrates the fraternity between art history.

Pierre Daix

Founded by French art historian Francois Pinault, the Pierre Daix Prize is presented to an author whose work exemplifies an exceptional approach to the study of modern and contemporary art. In 2016, the prize was awarded to Remi Labrusse for his book Prehistoire. L'envers du temps, published by Hazan editions. The Pinault Collection is currently involved in the restoration of Victor Hugo's house on the island of Guernsey.

The award recognizes the best book on contemporary art and its history written by a contemporary artist or writer. The prize was founded by Francois Pinault and is endowed with ten thousand euros. The prize recognizes a work dedicated to the study of modern and contemporary art, which is often the focus of museums and collections. Subscribers to the Pierre Daix Prize can read the acclaimed work and receive $10,600 in prize money.

L'envers de la medaille

L'envers de la medaille is a painting by French artist Germain Viatte, published by L'Atelier Contemporain. The painting, which was imported in 1819, was originally called 'Apollon Lycien', and is dedicated to the ancient Greek god. It was discovered in 1987, when a Paris art museum commissioned a drawing by Denis Coekelberghs. In 1990, Hans Naef published a book on the painting. This painting is now part of a private collection and is still in good condition.

Francois Pinault began his collection in the 1970s, purchasing his first painting by Paul Serusier. His collection quickly expanded to include works by Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Fernand Leger, Yves Tanguy, and a Piet Mondrian piece. The collection is also home to contemporary art by artists like Damien Hirst, Paula Rego, and Andy Warhol.

Aside from the famous Ingres portrait, the exhibition includes several other works by the artist. The museum is home to dix tableaux by the artist. They were once in the Luxembourg museum before being transferred to the Louvre. One of these works is the Vu of Louis XIII. A few other notable works by Ingres are on display, including the 'Salute to the Royal Art' by André Gide and the famous 'Voice of France' by Jean-Auguste Renoir.

L'envers de la medaille is another piece by Daix. He created the original paintings for this collection with the support of the Arts Commission of the Centre national du livre. The original paintings are in French, and were created to reflect his heritage and the evolution of the art world. The book is a testament to the artistic brilliance and creativity of Daix.

Bourse de Commerce

The architectural design of the Bourse de Commerce is truly unique. The structure is comprised of 10 exhibition galleries and reception/mediation spaces. The Bourse de Commerce includes an auditorium with 284 seats, ideal for concerts, conventions, and other events. The building is also home to a Studio, which can be used for video-sound installations and screenings. While there are many things to see and do in Paris, the Bourse de Commerce is a must-visit destination!

The Bourse de Commerce is ten meters high and 140 metres long, spanning over three stories. The structure is adorned with more than 1400 metres of toiles. The construction of the museum began in 2003, after the French coronavirus pandemic caused the project to be delayed for a year. The opening of the museum will mark the French capital's new status as the seat of the Pinault empreinte.

Located in Paris, the Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection, curated by Francois Pinault, is a must-visit for art lovers. The museum is home to over 10,000 pieces of artwork by nearly 380 artists. Visitors can see paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos, and even sound works, as well as installations and performance works. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Art History Institute of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini

The Art History Institute of the Fondazione Giorggio Cini is located in Milan, Italy. The foundation was founded in 1951 and was named in honor of the Italian entrepreneur Giorgio Cini. Cini died in August 1949. His family has been preserving his memory ever since. The art history museum is an excellent choice for art lovers, both local and international. To see a comprehensive collection of art works from Cini's personal collection, pay a visit to the foundation's website.

The Institute is dedicated to research, education, and communication on art history. Among its diverse endeavors are the conservation of venetian paintings and a wide range of photo archives. The Institute actively coordinates seminars and conferences, and curates significant exhibitions. And because Cini's art has been preserved in other private collections, the Institute of Art History is an important venue for art historians.

The Foundation's eight Research Institutes include the Art History Institute, the History of the Venetian State, Literature, Theatre, Opera, and Venice and Europe. In addition to the eight main departments, the foundation hosts several seminars and exhibitions. The Institutes also support the development of art history through a collaboration with other organizations. They have an active international network and invite experts from all over the world to participate in their programs.

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