Best Philip Pullman Teen & Young Adult Literature Classics in 2022

Philip Pullman Teen Young Adult Literature Classics

If you're looking for a great YA fantasy novel, consider picking up one of Philip Pullman's classics. His Dark Materials, City of Bones, Eragon, or Howl's Moving Castle. All of these books are well-written and will provide your teen with a unique and memorable experience.

The Giver

This Newbery Award-winning YA classic is a compelling tale of human sacrifice and morality. The Giver follows the story of an ordinary girl named Clary as she stumbles into a world populated by shadowhunters, humans with angel blood. These hunters protect the world from dangerous magical creatures. This book is full of action, adventure, and romance. It has been an important part of many teenagers' reading history. Not only is the story exciting and inspiring, but the writing is also incredibly beautiful and profound.


Eragon is a complex fantasy novel that follows a farm boy named Eragon, who grows into a fierce swordsman and battles alongside the dragon Saphira. The book is a classic in the genre of fantasy and young adult literature. It was first published when the author was just fifteen years old, and is now being re-released by Alfred A. Knopf.

During his quest to save his people, Eragon is aided by his new companion, the elf Murtagh. During his travels, he meets with the Varden leader Ajihad and learns about his plans to overthrow King Galbatorix. He also meets Orik, the dwarf king's nephew, who becomes Eragon's guide. He learns the ways of the Dragon Riders by learning ancient elvish language.

City of Bones

The first book in the Mortal Instruments series, City of Bones by Philip Pullman, was published in 2007. The series has gained popularity over the years, and the first film adaptation was released in August 2013. A sequel, City of Ashes, is slated to begin production in 2014.

This fantasy series is full of rich mythology and family drama. It's about a teenage witch named Alex, who has magical powers. When she accidentally resurrects her brother Fox, she finds herself disgraced by her community, and has to come to terms with her new abilities. The novel is full of cultural mythology and relatable family drama.

The world of Ashes is a rich, vivid, and mystical place, and the characters are complex, enchanting, and very human. The premise of this series is a world where humans can use elemental magic to overcome obstacles. In addition, the story centers on the power of a woman who has the ability to change herself.

As for the genre itself, there are many examples of YA literature that appeals to teens. Some of these classic books have been adapted into hit rom-coms. You can binge on them on Netflix. This series has plenty of cringe-worthy moments to offer, and the intensity of coming-of-age can't be beat.

Howl's Moving Castle

In the Academy Award-winning 2004 film adaptation, Howl's Moving Castle introduces the titular wizard Howl. The story is also notable for its physics-defying home and prickly fire demon Calcifer, but its real hero is Sophie Hatter, the eldest daughter who is cursed to look older than her real age by a witch. To stop the witch from destroying her, Sophie must find the castle and the wizard Howl.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

This novel has a complex plot that has many twists and turns. Young readers can get frustrated when their efforts are continually thwarted. The novel is not a cozy children's fantasy, but has plenty of uncanny moments. It features a haunted manor and other frightening situations.

A young heroine, Lyra Belacqua, tries to stop the kidnapped children from being subject to cruel experiments. She also helps Will Parry search for his father. In the process, she is drawn into a tumultuous conflict between the angelic forces of the Authority and the rebel uncle Lord Asriel. This gripping fantasy novel is an excellent read for teens and young adults.

A bestselling book, Miss Peregrine's Home for Children has been translated into over 40 languages. It is a powerful story about prejudice, stereotypes, and the human desire to belong. It is full of action and unexpected twists and turns and has won numerous awards.

A timeless book with a strong message for today's teenagers, this book will stay with them for a long time. Its themes of family, belonging, and freedom are universal, and its protagonists will find it hard to escape them. The story is incredibly gripping and makes you want to read more. Its witty dialogue and excellent use of language make it a classic for teenagers.

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park is a classic novel about a young love story. The story follows a pair of outcasts, Eleanor and Park, as they navigate their lives. The book is a beautifully written, heart-warming look at growing up and first love. It will appeal to both young adults and those who have recently started high school.

This novel is a cult classic about teenage life and the difficulties of growing up. It is a brilliant fable about prejudice, stereotypes, and belonging. There are unpredictable twists and turns throughout the story. This novel has been translated into forty languages and has sold more than 18 million copies.

The story begins in a fantasy world that is similar to our own. Lyra Bellacqua, a ward of an Oxford university, is a child thief and discovers a rift in the universe. As she travels through the world, she meets many colorful characters. The book has won several awards and is considered one of the best books for teens. It is often recommended as required reading in schools.

The first classic in young adult literature, 1984, was written by an adult. It was published in 1984, and demonstrates the importance of free thinking. This novel is as relevant today as it was when it was first published. It also deals with the complex challenges of sexual assault and rape.

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