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Paul Moore is a fifth-generation Oklahoman and a member of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. His career has included more than 150 commissions for corporate, private, and municipal collections. In addition, his work is featured in numerous international museum and collection collections. Read on to learn more about Moore and His work. Below are some of his most notable works and commissions. We hope you enjoy this brief overview of Moore's life and career.

Paul Moore

In addition to his works in the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian, Moore's work is included in the U.S. Capitol Collection, and numerous museum collections worldwide. In addition, the artist is in constant demand for monumental commissions. Over the course of his career, Moore has completed over 154 of these commissions, including the landmark Oklahoma Land Run Monument, which spans over 360 feet. The project took Moore over five years to complete.

A fifth-generation Oklahoman, Paul Moore has received international and national recognition for his sculpture. He was raised on stories of relatives who participated in historic events in the state. His grandfather grew up next door to Quanah Parker, whose youngest daughter made him baby moccasins. Quanah's generous spirit and love of sculpting inspired Moore to create his own works. He is a member of the National Sculpture Society and the Cowboy Artists of America.

In addition to sculpting, Moore has been the recipient of more than 130 commissions. The US Capital Collection features several of his works, and the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery has a Moore sculpture in its permanent collection. He also has a monument in Giebelstadt, Germany, which honors the founder of the Flying Doctors of East Africa. While sculpting, Moore has been honored with several awards, including the Anne Marion Best of Show Award, the Ray Swanson Memorial Award, and the Stetson Award.

The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is one of the most important venues for the exhibition of the artist's work. He is also a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society in New York and member of the Cowboy Artists of America. He has won numerous awards, including the Stetson Award and the National Sculpture Society's Leonard J. Meiselman Memorial Award. A PBS/OETA documentary titled "Paul Moore: Monument Man" won an Emmy for its documentary.

His work

The Paul Moore Museums & Collections feature the work of Oklahoman artist, Paul, who has received national and international recognition for his sculptures. Moore, a fifth generation Oklahoman, grew up hearing stories of his relatives' participation in important events in the state's history. His grandfather, Quanah Parker, lived next door to him, and his youngest wife made Paul moccasins for his newborn son. Throughout his life, Moore received numerous gifts from his grandfather, including a handmade baby moccasin. These experiences inspired him to pursue the arts.

Sculpture works by Paul Moore are often commissioned by public institutions. His work is held in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and the U.S. Capital Collection. Sculptures by Moore have been acquired by a variety of museums and institutions, including the Muncie Children's Museum. Paul Moore is also a founding member of the National Sculpture Society. For over four decades, Moore has received numerous awards. Among them are four Anne Marion Best of Show Awards, two Ray Swanson Memorial Awards, and a Stetson Award. His work has been recognized throughout his career, winning four Anne Marion Best of Show Awards, four Ray Swanson Memorial Awards, and five Gold Medals at the CAA National Sculpture Center.

Some of the major collections that showcase Moore's work include the US Capital Collection, the Brookgreen Gardens Collection, and the Oklahoma State Capitol. Moore's work is included in many museum collections around the world, including the National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. Moore has also been working on the Oklahoma Centennial Land Run Monument, a giant bronze sculpture that will be completed in November 2019.

His awards

Many of Paul Moore's work is on display in museums and collections around the world, and his portraits and monumental sculptures are among the most sought-after works in the world. He has won numerous awards for his work and has been honored by several organizations. Among these awards are the Governor's Arts Award and the National Sculpture Society Award. He is currently represented by Figarelli Fine Art Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Bronzesmith Fine Art Gallery & Foundry in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

He has also been honored with two Prix de West awards, including the Robert Lougheed Memorial Award, which recognizes his outstanding contribution to figurative sculpture. The Prix de West judges selected 98 artists for the competition, and Moore's bronze work won first place. The Robert Lougheed Memorial Award honors an artist who has made lasting contributions to American culture and art. This award honors an artist who has created original work.

Sculpture: Moore was nominated for two awards in the sculpture category. He thought he would win the James Earle Fraser award, but instead won the prize for the best bronze sculpture in the country. This is a big disappointment for Moore, who considers Steve Kestrel an icon and one of the best stone carvers in the country. Moore almost did not attend the closing ceremony because he wanted to stay home and ice his back. However, his wife persuaded him to go.

The Oklahoma Centennial Land Run Monument is a 45-piece sculpture in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City. The monument represents the spirit of those who rode the five land runs in the state of Oklahoma. The piece, which spans 360 feet, has been the recipient of two National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum's Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition. It is one of the largest bronze sculptures in the world and is on display at 200 Centennial Ave.

His commissions

Artist Paul Moore has been commissioned to create several works of art, including monumental sculptures for museums and public spaces. His work is held in numerous collections, including the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution and the US Capital Collection. The 46th Speaker of the House, Carl Albert, was the subject of a large sculpture created by Moore for the University of Oklahoma campus in Norman, Oklahoma. The artist is also the recipient of many commissions from museums and collections around the world.

A Muscogee (Creek) citizen, Moore was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In the past 40 years, he has created over 150 commissioned works for a variety of private, public, corporate, and municipal collections around the world. In addition to the private and museum commissions, he has received awards from the National Sculpture Society of New York, Cowboy Artists of America Show, University of Oklahoma, and the Cowboy Artists of America.

The work, "The Procession," was a commission for the University of Oklahoma, and it was sold during the opening weekend. The artist had lived in Santa Fe for 13 years before moving back to his hometown to revive the figurative sculpture program. The sculpture will be installed in the museum's permanent collection. This is the first time an Oklahoman has received this award. This is a tremendous honor for the Oklahoman artist, who now lives and works in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Centennial Land Run Monument is Moore's largest commission to date. The sculpture will span more than 16 feet in height, 36 feet in width, and 365 feet long. It will feature 46 life-and-half bronze elements. This monumental sculpture will be one of the largest free-standing bronze sculptures ever built, and will honor the spirit of land-running. A commission of this size and scope is likely to bring Moore much fame and respect.

His museum work

Artist Paul Moore has created an impressive body of monumental sculpture, including works that are featured in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and the U.S. Capitol Collection. His work is also included in the collections of numerous museums worldwide. The artist is currently working on the Oklahoma Centennial Land Run Monument, which will be one of the largest free-standing bronze sculptures in the world. Moore received several commissions from various organizations and institutions to create these large works.

Moore is an award-winning sculptor who has worked on numerous museum pieces and has received over 130 commissions. His works are included in the US Capital Collection and the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery. His work is also displayed in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, and the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery. Some of his museum pieces have been named in the National Portrait Gallery. While Moore is best known for his monumental sculptures, he is also a sought-after portraitist.

In addition to his portrait sculptures, Moore has been involved with several public art projects. His portrait bust of former Speaker of the House Carl Albert was accepted into the US Capitol Collection, located in Statuary Hall. It was the seventh Speaker of the House bust to be accepted into the collection, and it was the first sculpture by an Oklahoma artist. A monument to Mr. Moore was also installed in Giebelstadt, Germany, as part of a permanent exhibition there.

In addition to creating paintings and sculptures, Moore also creates life-sized movie characters, scores commercials, and works on set decorations for horror movies. His diverse artistic talents have earned him a place in the museum world, and he lives half a continent away from it. He has also been a popular neighbor for decades. But the world of the movies is not his only source of income. Those who love Moore's work may be surprised to learn that he's not only paints and sculptures, but also scores commercials.

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