Best Paranormal Suspense in 2022

Paranormal Suspense Books

If you love reading and are interested in the genre of Paranormal Suspense, you are not alone. There are thousands of different books in this genre, but most share a common protagonist. While these protagonists are typically ghosts, demons, or other supernatural creatures, each book has a unique story and premise. Here are some of my favorites:

The Haunting of the Bluefield Plantation

The Haunting of the Bluefield Plantations is a suspense and paranormal mystery novel by Heather Graham. The setting is a creepy plantation in Wicks Hollow, Michigan, where new residents experience strange occurrences and encounters. The haunting mystery takes place on the eerie property and surrounds the family's eccentric aunt. The family and the house are both haunted by ghostly spirits, and a series of events unfold as Lou uncovers the mysteries of the plantation and her new relationship with Ben.

The Darkest Secret by Alexandria Clarke

"The Darkest Secret" by Alexandria Clarke is a chilling novel of the paranormal. A paranormal detective, Calamity James, has returned to her small town after a decade to solve a missing person case. Blackmailed by her local sheriff, she agrees. But when she catches a ghost in her home, she realizes that her past is much more than she ever imagined.

The book starts off in an abandoned house that overlooks a bluff in a small town. Bailey and Bodhi Taylor move into the house, but quickly discover that the house is haunted. But is it really haunted? Or is it merely a bad omen? What is happening in the house? How will they solve the mystery before the ghosts destroy their home?

"The Darkest Secret by Alexandria Clarke is a debut mystery by an American writer. Set in two time periods - 1964 and 2019 - it explores the material world, and the history of its inhabitants. Set in Victorian-era Hastings, the novel also features a polyglot translator's account of her childhood in Ukraine, and the history of that country's 20th-century dictatorship. The plot's fate is unknown, and the novel's characters must work together to rescue the allotment, or else they'll end up dead.

A reorder of the children's classics. Set in war-torn London, the novel follows the mind of a young woman who grows increasingly disturbed as the book progresses. Clarke's debut novel explores transitions - gender and friendship - and science. With a fascinating twist in the end, readers will be intrigued by what happens next. The Darkest Secret by Alexandria Clarke is a paranormal suspense novel worthy of praise.

The novel is set in Kabul in 2003. A British ex-policeman, Belsham, teams up with his brother, Higgins, a former UN security advisor in Afghanistan. The characters in this "fast-paced" paranormal suspense novel must deal with werewolves, vampires, and the truth about the secret society. The book also includes a richly-detailed world full of enigmas and secrets.

The Rook

In this supernatural suspense, Myfanwy Thomas, a high-ranking official in Britain's secret service, wakes up in a London park with no memory. Suddenly confronted by mysterious paranormal adversaries, she must fight to regain her memory and uncover the truth about her past. But she doesn't know what her abilities really are. The series premieres Sunday, June 30, on Starz.

The first book in the series is The Rook, which was published in 2012. It has a sequel, Stiletto, which focuses on other characters from the universe. In Stiletto, Myfanwy Thomas wakes up surrounded by dead bodies. She discovers that she is a supernatural secret agent, and someone is out to kill her. To save herself and her loved ones, she must navigate a new life and uncover her past. You can find free online chapters at the official website.

In The Rook, Daniel O'Malley introduces a supernatural character, Myfanwy Thomas. She is an operative for the mysterious Checquy, a shadowy British government organization whose chain of command is made up of chess pieces. She must battle dark forces and regain her memory while recovering from amnesia. The novel is not only a good read for fans of paranormal suspense, but also for readers who like urban fantasy.

The Rook in Paranormal Suspenser plays a high-ranking administrator who is unable to remember her past self. However, she is a clumsy and insecure human. Her past self writes letters to her, detailing plans for her body's future. This supernatural ability makes her the target of a rogue bishop named Grantchester. In order to prevent Myfanwy from revealing herself, she kills two Gestalt bodies and is captured.

The Haunting of the Bluefield Plantation by Terri Reid

The Haunting of the Bluefield Plantations is a suspenseful and paranormal mystery novel by Heather Graham. The plot revolves around the titular plantation, where a young woman named Diana Iverson inherits the property from her eccentric aunt. As the new resident of the home, Diana soon finds herself the target of strange happenings. But is there really anything haunting the Bluefield Plantation?

The Plantation was established in the seventeenth century. It was owned by John and Nancy Alderson, and the family had four children. The McCormicks had four children, William (1765-1836) and Florence (1789-1879), who were married to John R. Ballengee, and Rebecca (1789-1879). In addition to John, their children were Samuel (1765-1836), David (1714), and Elizabeth.

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