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Writing a Paranormal Romance Novel

The paranormal romance genre is a subgenre of romantic fiction that focuses on the themes of love and the supernatural. It combines elements that are not fully explained by science with themes from the fantasy and speculative fiction genres. Whether it is a vampire or a ghost, paranormal romance is an enchanting genre to read. Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing paranormal romance:


Paranormal romance has many similarities to the classic Gothic fiction. Both types of romance involve supernatural elements and forbidden love. Paranormal romances usually involve a mortal hero and supernatural heroine who fall in love and struggle to survive. The main plot usually brings them together at some point in the book. As the story progresses, the romance becomes more important until it all comes together to form an HEA. While paranormal romances may seem easy to write, they take just as much time and effort to complete as any other genre.

Unlike other fantasy genres, paranormal romances have a modern and accessible language. Characters may be vampires, aliens, or magically winged warriors, but they still live in our world. This makes them relatable to readers. There are several genres of paranormal romance, but this one stands out from the rest. The following are characteristics of paranormal romances. If you are planning to write a paranormal romance, you should know about the following characteristics:

Young heroines in books are predisposed to fall in love with a supernatural male. Greek mythology has many examples of these stories. The god Zeus, for instance, impregnates different kinds of human females. As a writer, it's important to keep in mind that paranormal romance readers are demanding and expect a twist. The modern setting of paranormal romances can offset the mythological element.


A few examples of paranormal romance are Ghost, Miracle on 34th Street, and May-December Romance. These are genres that include stories about love between departed lovers and dream sequences between the departed. Many of these stories are not true to life, but are entertaining. In addition to the examples above, you may have heard of other genres that are similar. Some examples include ghost stories and fairytales, ghostly events, and love scenes between ghosts and spirits.


Before writing a Paranormal Romance novel, make sure to think about its plot. The plot of a paranormal romance novel should center on the relationship between two characters, with the paranormal aspect being emphasized in world building. A formulaic plot can be overused, but only if the author has a compelling reason for breaking it. The Twilight plot, for example, was rehashed in many YA paranormal romance novels.

While the plot of a paranormal romance novel is the main focus, the details of the world must be built gradually, layer by layer. This is where a good fantasy writer can come in handy. Keeping in mind the basics of writing a paranormal romance novel is critical for its success. Here are some tips on how to write a good paranormal romance:

A good paranormal romance novel will have a love story between a human and a paranormal character. The hero and heroine will face varying challenges on their way to finding each other, and the story should conclude with a happy ending. The paranormal romance genre seems simple, but it requires just as much effort to write as other kinds of fiction. The key is to find a way to tell this story that will keep readers interested and engaged.


Paranormal romance is no exception. It involves a lot of world-building. In paranormal romance, the world is created using the story's setting and the people who inhabit it. The setting is crucial in the story because it allows readers to suspend their disbelief and imagine themselves living in the world of the story. World-building is not the same for every story. There are different ways to build a world, so you have to figure out what works for your story.

If your story takes place in multiple worlds, you can create a detailed map of each world. You might include details about the ease of transportation between the different worlds, how different cultures view magic, or the various myths and traditions that exist in each one. You should also know about the political systems and the ways in which each world interacts with each other. By making your worlds as believable as possible, your readers will be able to connect with your characters.

You can also create new idioms and figures of speech for the novel. You may want your characters to curse one religion while another practices polytheism. Or you can have them refer to historical figures in your fictional world. One example is the idiom "Galaxy." In Asimov's Foundation series, people believe in a Galactic Spirit as a god that makes technology work. It is important to make your worldbuilding as accurate as possible, but at the same time, try not to go overboard.

Places that scream romance

The main plot of Paranormal Romance is the love story, which is the core of the genre. In the early parts of the story, the heroine and the hero are in different situations, and as the story progresses, the romance plot takes on greater importance. Often, it is the HEA that drives the plot forward. In Paranormal Romance, the love story is a strong thread, allowing the reader to follow the story through the various twists and turns.

Because of the high level of realism in a romantic novel, the main character is often an attractive man. A typical protagonist in a paranormal romance novel is attractive, wealthy, intelligent, and invincible. But paranormal romance authors take this a step further by giving their characters supernatural qualities. This way, the reader is allowed to experience this same feeling, and be drawn in by the characters' charm.

Ways to write

While many writers start with the romance, there are several ways to write a paranormal romance novel. First, you should have an outline for your paranormal romance novel. This outline will help you create the structure of your novel and identify key plot points. Paranormal romance novels often begin with a romantic subplot, and this can be a great way to break the rule of the genre. Make sure your paranormal plot points lead to the romance plot points, and that your characters achieve a happy ending.

Second, it is important to avoid the deus-ex-machina trope, which involves a character solving a long-standing conflict without consequence. Because the romance genre focuses on resolution of conflict, this trope should be avoided. Instead, your characters should have human-like traits and weaknesses, so your paranormal romance stories will not seem so unrealistic. In addition, you should try to incorporate as many realistic details as possible into your story, as well.

Third, make your heroes and heroine flawed. Paranormal romance fans can't stand perfect heroines. Instead, they want flawed heroes and heroines who don't follow the rules. This way, readers can relate to them and buy into the story. And finally, paranormal romance writers don't have to be scientists! Paranormal romance writers can draw on their own experiences and research to create a unique and compelling story.

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