Best Paranormal Angel Romance in 2022

Paranormal Angel Romance

If you're a fan of paranormal romance, you'll love this Paranormal Angel Romance. The main characters of the Paranormal Angel Series are Cassia, Adrian Mitchell, and Anna Whitt. They're all part angel, and their chemistry makes them irresistible. However, Cassia's heart belongs to two men who are not mortal. Cairo, the football team captain and all-around hero, is a part angel, while Thames is a demon with demon blood. The sisters' supernatural hunter, Faline, uncovers the truth about Cassia's dark past. The world is threatened by a mysterious angel hell-bent on taking over the human race, and only Cassia and her sisters can stop Judgement Day.


Alexandriel is a Guardian Angel who has not interfered in mortal affairs for 2000 years, but when an earthbound woman named Zara is kidnapped by demons, he rescues her, and falls in love with her. But when his power is taken away, he must live on Earth as a human, cutting him off from his connection to the Light. And while he tries to keep his new found love alive, dark secrets threaten to tear them apart.

Adrian Mitchell

Lindsey - a good girl - has always been different from everyone else, but when she meets angel Adrian Mitchell, her world changes forever. Their attraction is based on more than just physical attraction. Both of them have secrets of their own, and they are both drawn to each other for reasons that they don't fully understand. When Lindsey discovers that Adrian is hiding something from her, she must make a choice that could save them both.

In this powerful, paranormal angel romance, Adrian Mitchell must convince Lindsay Gibson that he is Shadoe, a human. But while he is trying to convince Shadoe that he is the one for her, he keeps losing her. He also must deal with a rogue vampire pack and a revolt of lycans to save Shadoe. But how can they make their love work?

Anna Whitt

If you enjoy paranormal romances, you'll love Anna Whitt, Paranormal Angel Romance by Anne Rice. Her debut novel explores the love of two opposites and the temptations that come with them. The young heroine must decide whether she can love someone enough to risk her life, or if the feelings she has for Kaidan aren't worth it. This paranormal romance will keep you reading to the end!

Anna Whitt, daughter of the demon Belial, is a special girl. She can see auras and see people's emotions. She's always believed that she was a Nephilim, but only now does she understand she's a Neph. She's also curious about her demonic father, who has spread twelve deadly across the earth. Anna's mystical abilities allow her to see auras and remembers her time in the womb.

The demon-demon duo is the ultimate bad boy, and Kaidan Rowe's twisted past makes him the perfect match for Anna. They're both in their mid-twenties and have different desires, but they can't resist the temptation of falling in love. The Dukes' evil ways make Kaidan the ultimate bad boy, and the two are forced to face an epic battle of the heart to win Anna's heart.

Fallen Angel Jim Heron

"Fallen Angel Jim Heron" is the third book in the popular series. As the fallen angel, Jim saves people from the seven deadly sins. He's a reluctant savior who risks everything in a deal with the devil. When he comes across the beautiful, haunted Devina, his fixation with her threatens to take him away from his sacred duty. As a fallen angel, can true love weaken the savior? Or does true love change the fate of both the woman and her future?

In Fallen Angel Jim Heron, the battle between good and evil is fought through a series of events. Jim has a supernatural ability and is sent to Earth to rescue seven souls. His mission is to help those people save themselves and stop eternal damnation. The storyline involves recurring characters such as fallen angels, Jim Heron, and Sophia Reilly. This series also features Christian themes and explicit sexual content.

While in the previous book, Jim Heron has a past as a military assassin. He has been chosen to be the champion of both angels and demons. This must be the result of something that drew the forces of good and evil to him. His character is mysterious and full of potential. His choices will shape the course of his life, as he must decide whether to help or destroy seven souls to protect his own.

Nicola Lane

Nicola Lane's paranormal angel romantic suspense novel begins in a hospital with her sister, who's dying of poison. When she arrives there, she discovers that her sister has fallen victim to the demon Koldo, who lives only for vengeance and hatred. The demon is determined to kill both sisters, so Nicola is destined to be his downfall. But when Koldo discovers her heart is broken and she is about to be the key to his deliverance, he'll take her soul to the demon and bring it into his.

Angels follows three angels, Gabriel, Ivy, and Bethany, sent to bring good into the world. Each angel has a specific skill, and each character plays several minor roles. The actor who plays nurse Emily is also the angel Gabriel protects. Meanwhile, the actor who plays Sister Ella Chapter also has a role as a homeless woman. The elasticity of these characters' identities is explored throughout the book.

Nicola Lane's paranormal angel romantic suspense is about love and acceptance, and the struggles of a young woman with trust issues are explored in a compelling story. Jeremy is a good choice for a man who wants to know his girl and be cherished. His devotion to Nicola is as strong as her love for her. The characters in this book have many qualities that make them ideal partners.

Kaidan Rowe

Anna Whitt, the daughter of a guardian angel and a demon, is determined to save her world from the evil Duke of Lust and his minions. But when her demon whisperers threaten her life and her happiness, she embraces her dark side and gains the unwelcome reputation of being a party girl. Against her will, she teams up with the handsome Kaidan Rowe, son of the Duke of Lust. The dangers of their relationship prove to be too much for her to resist.

The story begins with Kaidan and Anna's first meeting. Anna and Kaidan are friends, but she is more attracted to the handsome drummer, Kaidan. Anna is attracted to Kaidan's devilishly seductive smile and unhealthy dose of arrogance. Despite their differences, their romance develops into a passionate and satisfying romance. But Kaidan isn't as he seems on the surface.

While Fallen Angel paranormal romances have become commonplace in young adult literature, Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins has a different feel. In this book, the protagonist is an angel and the antagonist is a demon. Both are equally interesting and believable, and the story could last for several seasons. It's a good book for young adults and is recommended for paranormal fans. It's an addictive read.

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