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If you're looking for a little Occult Horror, then The Necromancers is the perfect film for you. The story is about a barrister named Laurie Baxter, who loses his fiance Amy before their wedding, and becomes obsessed with finding her. Unfortunately, the love affair ends with tragedy, but Laurie doesn't give up hope. The story is a creepy mix of supernatural horror and paranormal events, and you'll definitely want to watch the movie.

Burn, Witch, Burn!

"Burn, Witch, Burn!" is a classic example of Occult Horror from the late 1960s. It stars Peter Wyngarde as a professor who believes that his wife's magic is responsible for her career success. As his fortunes change, he must reevaluate his prejudicial notions. "Burn, Witch, Burn!" is a must-see Occult Horror movie!

The film is similar to JAQUES TOURNER'S CURSE OF THE DEMON, and shares the tug of war between the scientific and the magical. Both take full advantage of superstition and the idea that the universe is a shitlist. They also share a hunger for inky shadows and a debt to VAL LEWTON. If you're a fan of this genre, you should give Burn, Witch, Burn! a try.

Another classic Occult Horror film is Haxan, a 1920s Scandinavian silent film. Despite the title, the movie is not a documentary. Its "dramatic reenactments" feature a director playing the role of Satan. While it may not seem scary, the movie's depictions of sexual perversion were deemed graphic at the time. The result is a terrifying movie that is sure to scare you!

The Love Witch (2016)

The Love Witch (2016) is a campy, sexy Ocult Horror film that explores the dark side of sexy female fantasy. Elaine, played by Samantha Robinson, creates love potions and enchants men with her magic powers, ultimately leading to a series of hapless victims. But Elaine's insatiable thirst for love drives her to insane levels. The film explores the dangers of pathological narcissism and the consequences of female fantasy.

The film is shot on 35mm film and printed directly from the camera negative to achieve its Technicolor-thriller vibe. Director Anna Biller, whose credits include writing, producing, and directing the film, goes beyond pastiche to reclaim the sexy genre. Its cinematography combines elements of sexy genre filmmaking with the mystical and eerie nature of witchcraft.

The Love Witch makes a serious point about patriarchy, but that's a bit of a misnomer. The film plays up witchcraft as an anti-male system and is very much a satirical political piece, with men playing selfish crybabies and power-hungry rapists. Though narratively slight, the film subverts patriarchal society in interesting ways. While the film is a bit of schlock at first, it has layers of interest that can be mined.

The Golem (2018)

The Golem is an occult horror directed by brotherly duo Yoav and Doron Paz. The film follows a mother and daughter who live in a small Jewish village. Hanna is a young woman ahead of her time, eager to study forbidden religious texts and grieve over the death of her son. She is also unwilling to have another child and seeks to learn all she can about the God she worships.

The Golem has an interesting story. Originally, the Golem would be a monster made from clay and mud, but the producers scrapped that plan when they realized it would not fit the story. They then went on to update the story to appeal to a modern audience while staying true to its themes. Principal shooting took place near Kyv, Ukraine, in summer 2017 and lasted for a month. The film's outdoor set was in the middle of nowhere.

The Golem is a twisted version of the ancient Jewish story of creation and destruction. The story begins in an isolated town where a rabbi summons a Golem to protect the people. The Golem ends up killing the village and its inhabitants. When Vlad comes back, the Golem kills everyone in his path. The Golem cannot be killed by normal means.

Starry Eyes (2014)

This Ocult Horror movie is about a young actress who mixes up with the elite in Hollywood. This film is about the underbelly of Hollywood and the lengths people will go to get their faces on the big screen. However, this movie has some troubling subject matter and contains spoilers. Whether you are looking for a gruesome thriller or a disturbing cult film, Starry Eyes is a must-see.

The film's musical score is reminiscent of the music from John Carpenter's The Guest, and composer Jonathan Snipes creates a memorable and atmospheric piece of work. It's up there with The Guest's score, but there's also a recurring nursery chime that makes the film dreamy at first but sinister soon after. The movie's climax is an excellent example of this genre, and Starry Eyes is a must-see.

Starry Eyes is a horror film that combines occult themes with Hollywood dreams. It follows a young hopeful movie star named Sarah (Alex Essoe). But she's stuck at a fast-food restaurant with her selfish friends, and is unable to get a significant role. Her only hope is Erin (Fabianne Therese), a mysterious girl who steals her parts.

Dr. Occult

In this supernatural adventure, the mysterious and sinister Dr. Occult reveals his magical abilities, including the ability to become immaterial and cast illusions. Having studied under the Seven, he acquired these abilities as a result of his studies. Although he was rewarded with the Symbol of the Seven, he seems equally adept without it. This supernatural investigator is a powerful magus with deductive and magical abilities.

In the early 20th century, the character of Dr. Occult first appeared in the pages of New Fun Comics #6. The creators of Superman were the brains behind the character and subsequently helped develop his backstory. In the second series of the same name, the character later teamed up with the Justice League and the All-Star Squadron to fight supernatural threats to Earth. However, the two never shared a physical body and could not exist simultaneously.

The character was born in 1899 and attained immortality in the 1940s. He is a dark-haired Caucasian man dressed in traditional private detective attire. While his personality is heroic, he is compassionate. Ultimately, his actions save the world from the demon Koth. While battling the phantom, Dr. Occult saves the world in the process. The movie was a hit for audiences, and is still available to watch online.

Robin Hardy's The Wicker Man

Although The Wicker Man has been deconstructed by academics and remade with Nicolas Cage, the original remains a classic of British horror. Its unique style and eccentricity have made it one of the best-known horror films of all time, and the film has spawned several imitators and copies. The film has been hailed as an icon of maverick filmmaking, and author Allan Brown has written a fascinating book on the making of The Wicker Man.

In the book, Robin Hardy tells many fascinating stories about the making of the film, including the difficulties and triumphs of casting, the cast's reactions, and the eventual release of the film. Throughout, fans of the film will recognize many of the stories that are featured in the documentary. In addition to this, there are many references to the original work, including the League of Gentlemen, which is a spoof of the film.

Blood on Satan's Claw

Originally titled Satan's Skin, The Blood on the Devil's Claw has been renamed for the American market. This haunting occult horror film takes place in a rural English village where a farmer finds a strange skull with an intact eye and a patch of fur on it. As the mysterious monster emerges, a young girl grows a horrifying claw out of her chest, which begins to kill her.

The Blood on Satan's Claw is a British film directed by Piers Haggard. Set in 17th-century England, this occult horror film is a slow-burning tale of cult rituals, murderous children, and witch paranoia. While not overly frightening, this film has a mood and a certain air of creepiness that many horror movies are not able to achieve.

The film's themes are very disturbing, with many of the younger members of the cult taking part in horrific rituals and sexual acts. The film also features a disturbing scene in which a teenage girl is raped, while the older members of the cult watch in glee. It is a disturbing and eerie film that has been compared to many other occult horror movies.


The eerie atmosphere of this Occult Horror film is an unnerving combination of fact and fiction. It explores the beliefs behind familiars, demons, and witches. The first half of Haxan features a series of shocking events, including the death of a young girl. The film also reveals the perils of demon worship and religious fanaticism. But what makes Haxan so compelling is not only its creepy visuals but its complex plot.

The film was not a fringe art film, but instead was produced by a prominent Swedish studio. Svensk Filmindustri bought a studio in Copenhagen and refurbished it to produce the film. The production was overseen by Christensen, a noted director. Although the film's story is not original, it did inspire other occult horror films. Ultimately, the film's bizarre appeal is not lost on today's audiences.

The film explores the underlying problems of superstition, mental illness, and mental disorders. The film was produced in 1922, and it was banned in several countries. It depicted horrific violence and was banned in several countries due to its graphic content. The book itself is based on the Malleus Maleficarum, a 15th century German manual for inquisitors. It is made of 100% cotton heavy weight fabric with double needle hems.

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